Then they threw this thing called Expected Schoolwide Learning Results, ESLRs, into the mix. I want it to be internalized. I also hold an authorization to teach middle school and high school English. Is that still the goal? Determine Integration Plan. They know there are five questions for each grade level. In Christian schools, we want to guide them towards Biblical thinking; in public schools, we can ask questions that will cause them to consider these important questions for themselves. With those, the first part of the model is something we call focus questions. The easiest way to do that is by asking powerful questions, open-ended questions that really make you think. Integration Objective Determine c) Closing [recap, transition or assignment, etc.] Students will identify the layers and characteristics of Earth’s atmosphere. One of the phrases you'll find in my book, and one of my characters says, "You know fishes. Themes of books can either reveal Truth or untruths. Okay, so what makes a Christian? Students will understand that they are to and will be able to converts weights and measures accurately. The exclusion of a Christian worldview from the curriculum is not just limited to lessons on the history of Christianity. The curriculum for this BJU Press Biblical Worldview (KJV) lesson plan can be found by using the following link~ BJU Press Biblical Worldview Homeschool Kit (KJV Version) By BJU Press. You're just creating blocks. We still want to build the worldview that we want students to have, and to lead them along the path. Select Biblical Worldview Component 4. I'm like, "Okay, this is doable. You can use it in a lot of things that are going to get kids thinking about these types of questions. Is the Bible something that we “intentionally insert” in our curriculum? What is biblical integration? How does the topic fit into one of the following categories: God, creation, mankind, moral order, or purpose. Some of the things that people have in their Christian worldview are controversial. [Linda] That's such an important encouragement to end with, because we are called to do what we can, but sometimes we take on the burden of the results, too, and those aren't ours. This task is the very heart of Christian education. What do I want my students to become? Students will compare and contrasting the Truth and untruths in Hinduism with Christianity. Things like that will lead them to start answering where truth comes from in their mind. Biblical to be integrated Leaders have a moral responsibility to realize that their personal choices (good or bad) affect the nations they are leading for good or evil. Students will be able identify how the choices of the hero lead to corresponding consequences. Biblical Worldview Focus Question: How does _____ … If you wanted to, you can break that down even further. Create a lesson plan in your subject-area, which integrates the Biblical Worldview Integration method Simply stated, biblical integration is taking a lesson objective and/or lesson outline, and teaching it from a Christian perspective. Government is a godly structure for the dispensing of God’s protection and justice. Biblical worldview integration begins with a mindset that leads to outward actions, not the other way around. There are three areas on the lesson plan worksheet than may be difficult as one begins to learn how to plan a lesson from a biblical perspective: Students will explain how cocaine affects the brain. Ask questions that you don't answer. Sometimes that is done by writing the objective first, then the biblical principle. Adults are working on those questions. The following lesson plans and discussion starters are a few ways that science can be biblically integrated. At times, they contradict. But what questions can you ask them to focus on worldview? Write out a biblical principle that encompasses the lesson objective or reveals the Truth behind the lesson objective. Regarding history textbooks … [Linda] That's awesome. You're not even taking time away from your subject matter to answer these questions, right?

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