Baba/Dhan/Dhanwar. The Gond tribe of Bastar is one of the most famed tribes in India, recognized for their exceptional Ghotul system of marriages. Match Making Service for Munda Tribe people. The Munda people are an Austroasiatic speaking ethnic group of India. Our members consists of all Munda Tribal people, with each profile verified so that you get the best Munda bride/groom on our platform. With the listing of the Munda people as Scheduled Tribes, many are employed in various governmental organisations (particularly Indian Railways). They numbered about 1,150,000 in the late 20th century, mostly in Bihār and Orissa states of northeastern India. Surnames in Munda Tribe. Munda freedom fighter Birsa Munda began the first protest marches calling for non-payment of rents and remission of forest dues. [7], Robert Parkin notes that the term "Munda" did not belong to the Austroasiatic lexis and is of Sanskrit origin. Most Indian Hindus see the Munda as outside the caste system. Surnames. Individually, ethnic designations are (with important alternatives in parentheses): Korku, Santal (including the Mahali Subgroup), Munda, Ho, Bhumij, Birhor, Asur, Turi, Korwa, Kora, Kharia, Juang, Sora (Saora, Savara), Gorum (Parenga), Gadaba, Remo (Bondo, Bonda), and Gataq (Didayi, Dire). In sacrifices, he is commonly prais… Some even name their child after a rite of passage, a life event, a dream, or an accomplishment. The tribe has lent its name to the Munda branch of the Austro-Asiatic language family, and sometimes Munda is used to designate the many tribes of the region (e.g., Munda, Santal, Ho) that speak Munda languages and share common spiritual and cultural values. [18][citation needed], The Munda people have elaborate rituals to celebrate birth, death, engagement and marriage. Leonard is a graduate of IIT Guwahati and is passionate about providing technology solutions in IT and Web domain and runs Migids Group of Internet Companies. He found honey, but in trying to extract it, his hair and body were completely smeared with the liquid. The main language spoken by them includes "Munda" or "Killi" , Santali and Mundari. Some folk dances of munda are Jadur, Karam susun and Mage susun. Subscribe and receive notifications of new tutorials by email. There are total 38 notified STs in the state, many of whom have been pushed into the periphery in the course of history. Ever wanted to know what your Mundari surnames really mean. Chenchu Tribe: Living in the hilly regions of Andhra Pradesh, the Chenchu tribe understands love! Hispanic (Mexico): unexplained. Found near Rajmahal Hill & Chhota Nagpur Plateau. Munda refers primarily to a group of Languages, but the tribes that speak those languages have collectively become known to scholarship by the same name. Clans among Mundas are known as Killi which is similar to Sanskrit word Kula. Bading. One unique thing about the tribe is how they derive their surnames. Some clans are: Involved in agriculture, the Munda people celebrate the seasonal festivals of Mage Parab, Phagu, Karam (festival), Baha parab, Sarhul and Sohrai. Munda are patrilineal and clan name descends father to son. In primordial times, the creator was called Haram (हड़म) and the same Haram is also known as Singbonga(सिंगबोंगा), who is the God of the Mundas. Some of these names (especially Kharia, Sora, and Gad… Munda people in Tripura are also known as Mura, and in Madhya Pradesh they are often called Mudas. 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Many of the modern surnames in the dictionary can be traced back to Britain and Ireland. Here is the list of books 50 books written on Munda Tribe (the most ancient tribe in India) and their language Mundari. Marriage. Santhal Tribe. However, one unique thing about the tribe is how they derived their surnames. Beyond this, Oraons observe village and clan exogamy. Omkar, P.(2018). Adidharam (Hindi:आदि धर्म) by Ram Dayal Munda and Ratan Singh Manki, in Mundari with a Hindi translation, describes Munda rituals and customs. The birth of a boy is celebrated as an earner for the family, and the birth of a girl is celebrated as a family caretaker. The naqareh is a principal musical instrument. is the most trusted match-making service portal dedicated to the Munda Tribe people. Munda, Munda Lohara, Munda Mahalis; Mundari; Omanatya; Oraon; Parenga; Paroja; Pentia; Rajuar; Santal; Saora, Savar, Saura, Sahara; Shabar, Lodha; Sounti; Tharua Slovenian: nickname from the dialect word munda (of uncertain origin), used as a name for a bull. Surguja and Jashpur– Munda The main tribes of the Chhattisgarh are as follows:- Gond- The etymological significance of the term Gond is derived from the Teleguconnotation”Kond” meaning hill. Their presence in texts compiled in the upper Gangetic basin late in that period suggests that Munda speakers were there at the time. The vast movement of people that followed the Norman Conquest of England of 1066 brought the Munday family name to the British Isles. The surname Mundaha is the 2,755,941 st most widely held last name globally, held by around 1 in 151,815,303 people. They inhabited a much larger territory in ancient India. [13], In the late 1800s, during the British Raj, the Mundas were forced to pay rents and work as bonded labourers. surnames: Topno, Barla, Aind, Hemrom, Guria, Herenge, Surin, Horo, Sanga and Samad. Mundariversity: Online Academy For Mundari Language and Culture. They are one of India's largest scheduled tribes. Identification. [14], Nomadic hunters in the India tribal belt, they became farmers who were employed in basketwork and weaving. The last name occurs mostly in Africa, where 96 percent of Mundaha live; 96 percent live in West Africa and 96 percent live in Atlantic-Niger Africa. With the listing of the Munda people as Scheduled Tribes, many are employed in various governmental organisations (particularly Indian Railways).[15]. Surnames - Munda Matrimony. This page was last edited on 20 January 2021, at 10:23. Mundari is known to be a very rich language spoken by Munda Tribe people, who primarily live in India (in the states of Jharkhand, Orissa), Bangladesh and Nepal. The Mundas are one of the aboriginal peoples found in the Chota Nagpur region of eastern India. Lota-pani is the engagement ceremony. His roots are at Village Marcha, in Khunti District in the state of Jharkhand.To know more about him visit, मुण्डारी Tutorial Website में आपका हार्दिक स्वागत है |. Mundari belongs to the family of Austroasiatic languages. The Munda are one of the largest tribal people groups of India. [23], Jesuit priest John-Baptist Hoffmann (1857–1928) studied the language, customs, religion and life of the Munda people, publishing the first Mundari language grammar in 1903. [9], Munda religion is known as Sarna dharam which is distinct from any other dominant religions such as Christianity, Hinduism or Islam. [10] The Munda people initially spread from Southeast Asia, but mixed extensively with local Indian populations. Singbonga (सिंगबोंगा), the God of Mundas, is neither the sun nor a God that would dwell in the sun, though he is in the Heaven of Sarnaism. My name is Ankita Bara and I belong to the Oraon tribe of Jharkhand which has been recognized by the government of India as one of the Scheduled Tribes. Men and women engage in forest product collection, cultivation, small business and agricultural as well as non-agricultural jobs. The first edition was published posthumously in 1937, and a third edition was published in 1976. Most of the clans have a fascinating legend which is related to the origin and the nature of the clan. It is an honorific name given by Hindus and hence became a tribal name. [20] There are some other types of patthalgari also:-, In a 2016 research paper on subsistence strategies of Mundas in a village of Sunderbans in West Bengal, it was found that many people migrate out of their residences because of poor economic conditions and landlessness. These tribes are also sometimes called Kolarian. Note: This website is strictly for matrimonial purposes only and not a dating website. If this website has helped you, you may consider supporting the initiative of spreading Mundari literacy. They are one of the Scheduled Classes, which means the Munda are guaranteed places in education and government jobs. Munda people are the most ancient of tribes (Adivasis) living in India, they are known to be living here before the Aryans came in. A peculiar thing about the tribe is the way it derived its surnames. Here we have compiled a list of Mundari surnames along with their meanings. Leonard Topno & Abhilasha Horo, Bengaluru. Bajrai. According to tradition, people of same clan are descendant of same forefather. Both sexes participate in dances at social events and festivals. is the most trusted match-making service portal dedicated to the Munda Tribe people. Similar surnames: Mund, Monda, Kunda, Bunda, Landa, Buda, Mundo, Banda, Manda, Renda [24], This article is about the Mundari speaking ethnic group. Every Native American tribe has a different naming tradition. The names are derived from the legends of the past. With the help of Menas Orea, Hoffmann published the 15-volume Encyclopaedia mundarica. They lived in Derbyshire.The name, however, is a reference to the family's place of residence prior to the Norman Conquest of England in 1066, Mundeyville, Normandy where they inhabited the Abbey of Fecamp. Marriage, considered one of the main rituals of life, is a week-long festivity. *Let us know in the comment section if we have missed out any surnames. The surname Dodrai is attributed to the lineage of the man, who once ventured into the forest in search of honey. They … 3rd Largest tribe of India. [citation needed] Munda refer to their dance and song as durang and Susun respectively. They speak a language of the Munda family and appear to have moved gradually into their territory from farther north. Munda Tribe women of West Bengal. [8] According to R. R. Prasad, the name "Munda" is a Sanskrit word means "headman". [18], They have many folk songs, dances, tales and traditional musical instruments. A person or a family may be engaged in multiple occupations, often undertaking risky visits to the forests and rivers. In some tribes, a baby is not named until he is born and in others, a child can be named only when he/she reaches puberty. Munda Tribe: The way the Munda tribe derives their surnames from the legends of the past. ... his name became Dodrai and his lineage acquired the surname! West, the Mundas claim origin in Uttar Pradesh, and a steady flow eastward in history as other groups moved into their original homeland. There are some evidences of the Mundas kingdom in the Pre British times. Thank you Mundamatrimony for helping us find eac A Munda is defined by his/ her surname, which is based on natural elements such as trees, animals and birds. The name translates as 'The homestead of Munda', an early personal name which probably derives from the Norse - Viking word 'mundi', the modern 'Monday'. The titleernative name of Munda is 'Heriki'. They predominantly speak the Mundari language as their native language, which belongs to the Munda subgroup of Austroasiatic languages. All I am trying to say is my surname is infrequent- a minority. By Leonard Topno Munda Tribe 0 Comments. Alfred Basumatary 17,212 views. Many Munda terms occur in Vedic texts believed to have been written between 1500 BCE and 500 BCE. Munda The Munda are a tribe belonging to the Chotanagpur plateau, spread across, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Tripura and West Bengal. Most northern Munda languages belong to the Kherwarian sub-group found in Jharkhand, Bihar and West Bengal as well as in some areas of Orissa, Bangladesh and Nepal. Munda Tribe Village of Madhya Pradesh India - Duration: 12:25. The Munda's were a tribe of some importance in the centuries after the end of the Roam Conquest of Britain in 412 a.d. He is eternal, omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. [citation needed], Munda people of Jharkhand also follow the old age tradition of Patthalgari i.e. Our members consists of all Munda Tribal people, with each profile verified so that you get the best Munda bride/groom on our platform. Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and were benefitted by it. Ram Dayal Munda, a member of the tribe, has been awarded the Padma Shri award too. Although there are no subcastes among the Oraons, the Kudas ("navvies") and Kisans ("cultivators"), having their distinct occupations, tend to marry among themselves. The Munda Tribe before entering the Chotanagpur plateau was divided into a number of clans. Nomadic hunters in the India tribal belt, they became farmers who were employed in basketwork and weaving. Munda tribes are the largest tribe of India. Barha. [12] According to Barbara A. Tribe meets white man for the first time - Original Footage (1/5) - Duration: 14:38. Most Munda live across northeast and central India. Clan among Mundas are of totemic origin. [9], According to linguist Paul Sidwell, Munda languages arrived on the coast of Odisha from Southeast Asia about 4000–3500 years ago and spread after the arrival of the Indo-Aryans in Odisha. आशा करते हैं की आपको इस वेबसाइट की माध्यम से मुण्डारी भाषा सीखने को मिलेगा | Happy Learning !! For example the Ho/Munda kingdom of Chota Nagpur, and the Bhumij states, especially Barabhum. Widow marriage is common. Apart from the Asur, Kora, Mahali, and possibly Turi, all Munda groups have positive marriage rules. The members of the tribe are not backward or restricted to their villages and have earned laurels in the fields of sports, politics, literature, revolutionaries, etc. He writes blogs and makes tutorials about Culture and Language of Munda Tribe - one of the oldest known Adivasis in India, from which he comes. It was also found that younger generation preferred to engage as migrant workers outside the village and often outside the district and the state. Source: Dictionary of American Family Names ©2013, Oxford University Press. Each Munda tribe surname has an interesting story behind it. stone erection in which the tribal community residing in the village buries a large inverted u shaped dressed headstone on the head side of grave or entrance of village in which is inscribed the family tree of the dead persons. Bage. Bhumij are a tribal or Adivasi people who living primarily in West Bengal, Odisha and Jharkhand, mostly they live in… "Santhal tribes present in India" like Jharkhand, Odisha, and West Bengal... Belavadi. The Munda also reside in adjacent areas of Chhattisgarh as well as in portions of Bangladesh. Some seasonal festivals have coincided with religious festivals, but their original meaning remains. In West Bengal, the tribes comprise more than 5% of the total population of the state. MUNDA-TRIBE HISTORY: Mundas are the tribal communities from the south East Asia. Munda people follow the their own indigenous Indian religion referred to as Sarnaism. Santali, its major language, is spoken by one of the largest tribal populations of India.Surpassing seven million, they are the third largest Austroasiatic group after Vietnamese and Khmers. Dali Takka, a monetary gift to paternal guardians, is generally paid before the marriage. The Munda people are patrilineal, patrilocal and patriarchal. [11], According to R. S. Sharma, a historian of ancient and early medieval India, pre-Aryan tribals who spoke the Munda language occupied the eastern region of ancient India. Ho, also called Larka Kol, tribal people of the state of Bihār in India, concentrated in the area of Kolhān on the lower Chota Nāgpur Plateau. Similar surnames: Cundari , Munda , Mundahl , Mundorf , Funari , Munday , Muscari , Mander … The Mundas and Their Country, by S. C. Roy, was published in 1912. Thus, most of them stay isolated from the mainstream society and culture. Oraons are closely related to the neighboring Munda tribe, and the headman of an Oraon village is called munda. [19] The supreme deity of Mundas is Singbonga, meaning the Sun god, who according to them, saves them from troubles. With time each and every clan split up and most of them adopted a different name. Millenarianism in the tribal belt started with him, and he is still revered in Jharkhand, with villagers in his home village worshipping him as Birsa Bhagawan. Aind/Dungdung. [citation needed], An ointment of scented oil and turmeric is applied to the face and body after death. Bagsuri. Did you know that Padma Shri award winner Mr. Ram Dayal Munda is a member of the tribe? The Munda are found in the northern areas of east India concentrated in the states of Jharkhand, Bihar, Odisha and West Bengal. Sarnaism reveals the belief in a God called Singbonga. And like “bara” means a banyan tree, so is every tribal surname … He led guerrilla warfare to uproot British Raj and establish Munda Raj.

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