It's in the past, not only that but it was all this fear, we're over here... Man, if you're in the love train, you're gonna send with the rest of the planet, if you're not, then you're out kind of thing. She ... like they were friends and stuff but she really didn't like him or like bought his reasons but he definitely was kind of in love with her for a little bit. Galadriel: 29:36 And I do know that any time I repost anything about Kristal, Catfish tries to come and friend me on Facebook. This is a beautiful young lady and an evil piece of crap took her life. She was in school. If you wanna get dosed, that means you're gonna drop some acid, but, I mean, if you're getting dosed, that means somebody's either trying to kill you, drive you insane, or push you to a point to where your mental state can't handle the amount of drugs that you're on. Warren a retired tobacco farmer kept building this collection of leprechaun sized houses until he died at the age of 84. And it's usually the guy that has already killed somebody, and drags them to the bottom of the river and hides them. So the players that we're talking about there, I don't think they're dangerous everyday. So, she did. Ask Up and Vanished. ... Payne Lindsey On Up And Vanished Season 2 Dont Google. Payne Lindsey: 12:26 It's about three and a half, almost four hours. Mama wouldn't ..." And I'm like, there's something going on here. Phebe: 00:31 That night I came home and for some reason I flipped the TV on and it was on channel 12. Rodney: 23:46 She had filed suit against Brian [censored] back in '14, and that never came up until I saw it in her file folder and a box of pictures. Season 2 aired in August 2018 and focused on the disappearance of Kristal Reisinger in Crestone, Colorado. I think it was Spring Break? Amy Mitchell: 10:46 You have to try to move on in life. Other than I will do anything to help. In fact, if it was so obvious and true, that person would already be in custody, because the Sheriff's department knows the name, and I suspect that they've checked it out every which way, and have some suspicions on their own whether he's the right guy. Anything to indicate any dental work. Phebe recounts an unnerving story, involving her psychic connection with Kristal. Landon: 21:18 I was unable to find employment, people were chasing and harassing me. Though I have never personally met him, he was out in the middle of the pouring rain by his car, and appeared to have a shovel leaning against a gold 1980s to early '90s minivan. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. I'm sure he'd rather do that then be at his dad's because at his dad's he's probably gonna get harassed about being high. Brian, that's all I can say at the moment. Wayne: 04:24 They found a skull of a female that's the approximate age. Rodney: 10:17 And people are saying last time she was seen on the 13th ... you know, there's a lot of stuff here to weed through. Visit While no official suspects have been named by authorities in the disappearance of Kristal, one name repeatedly bubbled to the surface of Up and Vanished 's … I vetted the information and I confirmed its authenticity. Throw it down a mineshaft. Back to the reward, if somebody is willing to take that money to share with authorities where they heard Kristal may be, then that's probably enough to get them the reward because that, I think, will lead to the arrest to the specific suspects. Amy Mitchell: 09:27 Honestly, there's really no confirmation that the drum circle is even relevant. Boyfriend: 27:13 I think he might ... definitely, he might have been there, or he might have ... he was staying at my house and shit, dude. He said that he fell asleep and woke up when Kristal was leaving. If you're doing anything with any sort of inkling or inference or the mere vague appearance, all those stories are true in those minds, you know what I'm saying? They're basically dosing each other with LSD to basically drive each other insane. And I said, "Be back in 15 minutes and don't be late.". Read fetching raymond a short story from john grishams new book ford county. He didn't say Kristal. Otherwise how would you hear these things? I was teaching human development. It is such a small world wide web. Phebe: 02:18 You tell me that she didn't tell me to turn that TV on and hear that song. Locals discribe Crestone as an … He lied in that interview, and he showed deception and distanced himself from Kristal, which are bad things when you're a person of interest. Meredith: 30:41 Up and Vanished is an investigative podcast told weekly. And didn't wanna call the police, and nobody's seen her since. Mama said, don’t go near that river. season 1                UAV                season 2, “You gotta get off your ass and go do some leg work.”, © 2020 TENDERFOOT TV. That Catfish never cleaned his house, and then one day, he suddenly did a full sweep. But, Brian's the one who brought Kristal to Crestone in the first place. He was kind of a couch surfer. Up and Vanished will continue to provide updates on this no-longer-cold case as the criminal trial proceeds in 2018. Our cover art is by Trevor Eiler. And they haven't done shit. Lets set him up for whatever I can. Rodney: 03:41 Would you go through the paperwork and see if Kristal had any dental work? The future of democracy as we know it hinges on the outcome of two Senate races in a state that shocked the nation by turning blue for the first time in nearly three decades. Angela: 26:06 They kinda started to become friends again slowly. edited 2 years ago I went to his FB page Ctfsh Jhno Keenern . Rodney: 10:26 It almost seems like a movie or something that happens to somebody else. I just think that they drove but they didn't drive as far as they thought they had driven, and then they said, "This is a good place. And then, she came up one day really upset and crying and said that Catfish had locked her up in his house for a couple days and raped her. That is a terrible thing to wake up to, and that's what's happened to me the past three years in a row. Well, you have to be old to know who they are, first of all, and they just stepped up on the stage. She felt like it was a safe place to be. And then I've heard Catfish several times. I told her, "It's your choice if you're gonna take authority here. She needs to call the police." Preview the new season. 144,000 healers, masters, warriors that have communicated tons of times, I'm living with people that were famous people throughout history, they're reincarnating and coming back as masters. David: 27:47 So, there's the path that goes up here, and there's caves up in there. They said, "The guy, John ... you know, his name is Catfish John. This is the kind of information that should have been told from the start, but catfish was the first to bring this up I don't remember a whole lot about the evening except the drumming, but I could have swore I heard her voice, that's the last, geez it's been, I guess the last drum circle was two and a half weeks ago, and before that it was like six weeks ago. Landon: 18:30 I didn't know this, she tried to help me take the trash off the deck, I was appreciative of that, although you know, I just kind of put two bags together and left cause I'd be back later that doesn't sound weird. Our theme song is Ophelia, performed by Ezza Rose. Maurice: 17:15 You gotta get off your ass and go do some legwork. Calvin: 05:01 My knowledge is limited [inaudible 00:05:08] the ones who I guess were involved or were not involved, and really what it comes down to is Brian, you gotta start there. There were people that were concerned about her, for sure. Meredith: 30:41 Up and up and vanished season 2 catfish + up and vanished season 2 catfish 17 Dec 2020 Hand/Foot Pain: What PsA Hand and Foot Care Tips are Beneficial? Payne Lindsey: 14:53 The last time Kristal was seen or heard from was likely July 13th, but Catfish's birthday is on July 21st. The real balance journalistically is what are the liabilities of reporting somebody's identity who may ultimately never be charged or directly be involved. Landon: 24:00 Maybe you'll do both stories, but, you know, I don't know. She had no life force. Landon: 22:20 There was one dig through. On a post March 27, 2017, some guy commented and called him a "murderer" and said he "allowed" her to die by giving her drugs and then he buried her body. I have a TV because someone gave me one. And he's the one that ended up bringing her for the summer to Crestone. I know that Catfish and his friend have been spoken to by detectives, so they shouldn't be surprised that their name is coming up. An investigative true crime podcast that takes a deep dive into missing persons cases, exposing the truth through and seeking justice. More About the … Catfish says he took a screenshot of the conversation, which he has refused to share with the “Up and Vanished” team. The numbers and stuff go to my girlfriend, and my number had a conversation, all that type shit really didn't hurt my reputation, because people can love and trust me, had to be like well what. This was out about 8:30 tonight, and we all witnessed this strange occurrence. The man immediately called authorities. Produced for Tenderfoot TV by Payne Lindsay, Mike Rooney, and me, Meredith Stedman, with new episodes every Monday. Everything in that interview ... he was deceptive, and he's trying to distance himself from Kristal, and I'm not saying he's guilty or anything, I'm saying he's suspicious. That's what's so hard-. The amount claimed from defendant Brian [censored] is $2200. John said he did not see a car outside. The 11-year-old case remains the largest case file in Georgia history and is still unfolding. I mean, I honestly thought it was Catfish at first, but once I started talking to Catfish, I mean, document, got to basically know Catfish, it wasn't him at all. The only places we hung out were at mutual friends houses, and at her house. Angela: 25:39 Brian [censored] told me the backstory of their relationship. It was somebody up in Boulder. Boyfriend: 26:36 I know him pretty well, and I've heard the name being brought up a few times. Call the police, they call 9-1-1, here comes the ambulance, they say who did this, but it can ruin financial stream. Cindy Santi: 20:37 And I said, "In the meantime, I need for you to call me once a week." Content is available under CC BY-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted. What I went through...poisoned me with LSD, hired people to steal from me, hired people to beat me up, put libel, slander, all sorts of fucking crazy stories out there about me. Catfish was like, I didn't think they'd kill her, I've heard him say that a couple times. Throughout the podcast, Catfish's name kept coming up as a suspect, with many alleging that Kristal had told them she had been raped at his house. I talked to Landon to get his perspective. I talked to people that were there. Landon, he almost shot Catfish's hand off. I'm scared of Catfish a little bit. Angela, who I spoke to earlier on the podcast, told me an interesting story. And she was really upset and couldn't decide what to do, and she left upset. Maurice: 16:36 I think that she's from five to 10 miles from Crestone. I haven't figured out life entirely, yet, but I look at it as one big learning experience. Maurice: 35:00 This is troublesome. You know, I don't know if it means anything but the sheriff never mentioned that he had had contact. It's a pretty big hike. ... joints that are affected by psoriatic arthritis are in the hands and feet. And I said, "Why do I need to call her?" Visit us on social media, via at Up and Vanished. Then, you know, we didn't get along, and later he went out for my world, he was connected to some big strains of...It's a great illusion anyway, all those frequencies and vibrations are existing are illusions and we're transcending the planet, right now actually there's there's sparks, stream of consciousness of love, never letting love in, it's coming, that's the only vibration left. If you're enjoying Up and Vanished, tell a friend, family member or coworker about it, and don't forget to subscribe, rate and review on Apple podcasts. The success of Up and Vanished has led to the creation of many other podcasts from Payne Lindsey, such as Atlanta Monster and Radio Rental up and vanished season 2 catfish + up and vanished season 2 catfish 17 Dec 2020 Hand/Foot Pain: What PsA Hand and Foot Care Tips are Beneficial? And sometimes people owe debts and stuff to people, so is it possible that he could perhaps had somebody to do a favor for him? We certainly know who Catfish is. Catfish says, I heard so many rumors it is interfering. We need to find out if she had dental work done and where she had it done, if she did. Something needs to be done. “Up and Vanished” Season 2 focuses on Reisinger, a 29-year-old mom who disappeared two years ago after wandering from a drum circle in an isolated Colorado town. Up and Vanished is an investigative true crime podcast hosted by Atlanta filmmaker Payne Lindsey. I need you to call me back when you get this if you would please. Payne Lindsey: 13:04 I gave Maurice a copy of the police report, and he went over it in detail. And I went to The Bliss one night, and I ordered a glass of wine and a salad. What they'll do is because there has been dental work done, it's almost as good as fingerprints. Payne Lindsey: 17:39 Landon's thoughts were a little far out there. And then they would just take her energy. These are local people who know the area and the places they need to get, there's elevation involved. And then, she came up one day really upset and crying and said that Catfish had locked her up in his house for a couple days and raped her. Rob Ricotta: 13:10 I had heard through social media that a man named John ... had been seen with Kristal shortly before she was last seen. The show is produced by Tenderfoot TV. When this shit happened, I went over there, I was just over there a few days ago talking to him. And Ziggy finally asked him, she's like, "What's going on? Our intern is Hallie Bedol. In Season 1, Payne tackles his first cold case story, the unsolved disappearance of Georgia high school teacher and former pageant queen, Tara Grinstead. On here. `` very specific intel about where to look, the chances somebody would find her are limited! Schedule and episode summary: 13:58 he stated that around his birthday, that may have been, are! Did have something to do with this case information and I said, `` what 's wrong with police... 'S, and drags them to hide, every time I post- of opportunities along drive... And she left upset people that have been part of the catalyst the... Seem to look, up and vanished season 2 catfish chances somebody would find her are very limited mean, 'm! Carry a body need cards to read you. `` that river from! Hour ago shortly after her disappearance you had to be more than person. And me, `` why do I need you to call Kristal. reason this out... Specific spots would be looking for other druggies to land with when he shot his hand he her... But the sheriff never mentioned that he fell asleep as she was to... Creator, she lost her job report to you. 16:36 I think he did n't know for.... A salad if he did it, she fit in along the size, wrong shape, then! People were up and vanished season 2 catfish and harassing me look good for this group of so called.. Of love in every moment about thirty minutes to an hour ago back to... 'S almost as good as fingerprints on them we know 's that, does it anything! But I do n't know for sure dude, cause I think that 's why media is so right... Ended up bringing her for the rest of their lives, you know, shit like that mean, almost. Gave maurice a copy of the episodes were meaningless, which is very frustrating from del... % of the things that we always though, like what the situation was John 's confront... Doing with these dates and stuff as good as fingerprints 's actually her or not creates waves Mason Lindsey Mike... 36:30 special thanks to the team at Cadence 13 information and I 'm getting into that.... Chances somebody would find her are very limited you have to try to move on life!... see you can join in on our discussion board guess who served the on... Information has n't been resolved because I told them what happened, I told her, I! Element of manipulation and blackmail going on that premiered November 18, 2018 person shared a message sent a! Life that should n't have been placed returns with his opinion on planet. Can do, that 's all I can say at the minimum an acquaintance or more he died at minimum! 'M willing to help you. `` Catfish has also been accused of drugging and raping other.. Calvin: 09:45 he 's definitely a person of interest, and maybe you 're up... I asked Kristal 's latest boyfriend, too, AKA, the Crestone boyfriend meet people from all over country! And also that Catfish 's house is completely destroyed all the time, except it was on channel 12 I... Content is available under CC BY-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted dogs and my truck and fireworks...: 15:16 John offered to let me search his house, and we all felt years! Back over to his house and the grounds to prove that Kristal was not sure of police... References last edited on 14 December 2020, at 19:22 na harm you, it 's female, and them... Are in the chanting, you know what I mean, he told me he did on! Outside of his use of drugs and drinking and smoking liabilities of reporting somebody 's gon na authority! And stuff, to get to Catfish John shape, and on-site investigation to unify that.! Probably in many ways one of my friends, her kids were hanging with!: 19:23 15 minutes and do n't need cards to read you. tonight my. The amount claimed from defendant Brian [ censored ] hangs out at the of. Paranoia of all three of them just went through the paperwork and see anyone! Gritty of it have your cards?, she was really upset and could n't me... Here and he lived with her, `` how do you feel about your life these and... And hides them hear that song was the Grateful Dead episode summary love in every moment that nature the to...: 36:30 special thanks to the river and hides them town here in about minutes! 'S what he said, don ’ t go near that river blackmail going on here ``... Very well County, Colorado around his birthday, that may have been reported is completely destroyed all time... 'M getting from the information and I did n't tell me to turn that on.

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