Buka stew Recipe. This recipe shows you how to make efo riro, a yoruba popular soup. Watch the tutorial below: Fry the tatashe peppers till there's no more water in it. Remember to boil the tougher meats first, then add the softer ones. This should 2. It can be awful to chew little bits of sand in the soup so wash and wash thoroughly. Always make sure that you use a pot big enough to accommodate your wraps and water that will cover the content totally. samsung galaxy s20 fe: … Steps to make Nigerian efo riro. how to cook efo riro for a party | bulk cooking . BN Cuisine: Learn Sisi Yemmie's step-by-step Efo Riro Recipe for Parties BN TV Episode 4 of Funmi Iyanda's "Public Eye" takes a Deep Dive into Traditional Medicine 1 cup of chopped onions. 3. Although it is a Yoruba soup, Efo Riro is enjoyed in all parts of Nigeria. Ingredients “Efo” translates to “vegetables”, which means that ingredients for Efo Riro include a lot of healthy and green foods. Sisi Yemmie is back with another food vlog, and this time she’s teaching us how to make this delicious Efo Riro (Vegetable Soup) in a simplified and stressless way. Thirdly, don’t make your wraps too big. It’s quite an easy dish to prepare, as long as you follow the major instructions and requirements. January 10, 2021 News how to make efo riro with tomatoes. See more ideas about recipes, african food, cooking recipes. Now, season the meats, add sliced onions and boil on medium heat. 1. SISI YEMMIE | Nigerian Lifestyle Blogger and Content Creator: I write about Blogging, Motherhood, Food & More! As with most of the traditional dishes, there is no one “true” Efo Riro recipes. Dice the onions and set aside. Seasoning:. I got a lot, I mean A LOT of request to show how you can do puff-puff without touching it so much because some people just don't like hands in their food, I can understand that. 2 tablespoon chicken stock powder. Spice up your Sunday Afternoon with this Efo Riro Recipe from Sisi Jemimah BN TV Food, Family, Faith - Sisi Yemmie is Setting Goals in the 1st “Sisi Weekly” of the Year Efo riro is a delightful vegetable sauce indigenous to the Yorubas and it can be eaten with a variety of side dishes like swallows (eba, pounded yam, semo etc) and even rice and yam. Dec 21, 2020 - Explore +44 7480's board "African Recipes To Cook....", followed by 1533 people on Pinterest. Efo Riro needs no introduction as it’s one of the most popular vegetable soups in Nigeria and an absolute favourite of the Yorubas. To make a good Efo Riro (stewed Spinach): Get all your ingredients together: The boiled Meat, Fish, Turkey, Chicken or any other choice of protein.. Heat up the Oil: I like to heat up my Oil a … I decided to make some Zobo drink last week … Continue Reading—-> Make your mornings extra tasty with this super easy Oat Waffles made with @Quaker Instant Oat Meal in vanilla flavour. I hope this helps. Efo Riro is a fast cooking dish, so you’ll need to be proactive. Efo Riro Recipe. Nigerian Lifestyle Blog About Food, Motherhood, Relationships, Career, Beauty and Blogging! Here are the required ingredients, I think it would take a little over 30 mins for preparing the ingredients and then the actual cooking takes … The food and lifestyle vlogger included goat meat to spice up her soup and we are sure you’d love it just as we did. 2 tablespoon salt. Lifestyle blogger and foodie, Sisi Yemmie is out with a new video for her updated Efo Riro recipe, which comes just in time for Christmas for you guests - BN TV. Efo riro is a popular vegetable dish among the Yoruba people of Nigeria. FRIED RICE INGREDIENTS 1 CARTON OF TURKEY 15 Cups Rice 4 Large Onions (2 for Boiling Turkey, 2 For Fried Rice) 2 Cups Cut Green beans (Runner Beans) 2 Cups Diced Carrots 2 Cups Fresh Peas 2 Cups Diced Liver 2 Cups Fresh Shrimps 2 Green Bell Peppers 1 Large Red Bell Pepper 2 Cups Sweet Corn Handful Spring Onions 3 Tablespoons Chopped Ginger 1 Tablespoon Chopped Garlic … Make sure to follow Plat4om on Twitter @Plat4omLive , on Instagram @Plat4om , on LinkedIn at Plat4om , and on Facebook at Plat4om . This Recipe Is What You Need To Make A Great Pot Of Ogbono Soup There are a lot of different ways the question of how to make Efo Rirocan be answered, and most of them result in an incredibly tasty dish you can surprise your close ones with. 1/2 tablespoon all purpose seasoning Since I discovered the medicinal benefits of Zobo, I’ve been pretty addicted. updated efo riro recipe!!! This recipe is bound to help fussy (kids) eaters enjoy Potatoes more. How to cook efo riro Place a pan on medium heat and add palm oil, heat for about 5 minutes but don’t bleach Add iru woro and chopped onions and fry for about 2 minutes (In this case, I … If you love healthy soups, this is a must-try….excite your palate with this spicy soup . This recipe is simplified and sooooo delicious! My Efo Riro Recipe which has got the highest views on YouTube is 3 years old and I think it needs some updating! https://sisijemimah.com/2016/12/03/kale-efo-riro-updated-efo-riro-recipe Ingredients for Efo Riro Edikang Ikong Recipe. First wash all the meat and fish components thoroughly, especially the shaki and the ponmo, to get rid of whatever sand or remains that might be in there. A major rule is; using tomatoes for Efo Riro is an absolute No No! 1. So, here is what you need to have before learning, how to cook Efo Riro: 1 cup of palm oil (for 5-6 portions); Ayamase – Ofada Stew. Ingredients. I would love to see your feedback in the comments. That's such a long time … Zobo Aka Zoborodo! Here’s a detailed video on How to Cook Efo Riro and below, an easy to follow recipe.. enjoy! Proper Efo Riro just like Edikang Ikong is not liquidy or dripping. Give the iru and the crayfish a good rinse. Just before it’s fully cooked, add the Stockfish, boil till tender and set aside. The mum of 3 in a well thought out procedure and tutorial, has shared her step-by-step vegetable soup (efo riro) recipe that will make your party go really smooth with sumptuous cooking. Ogbono Soup Recipe. Smaller portions get done with less time. decorating my home | citation | why are people weird | sisiweekly ... how to make a fried chicken sandwich! Homemade Efo riro soup recipe is easy to cook; there are several other methods to make this savory Yoruba soup or you can adopt Efo riro with Sisi Jemimah style. USA Online Sportsbooks | Sportsbooks Sportsbooks | how to cook efo tete how to cook efo tete What’s not to Love? Efo riro also goes well with white rice, boiled or fried yam and plantain. YUMMY BREAKFAST POTATOES RECIPE! a new life + house tour | sisi weekly ep 153. my cooking pots & pans | the best cookware and the ones to avoid! The longer video, including the ingredients list is on my YouTube channel, 'SISI … Serve hot and enjoy the sweet tasting meal. You need all … Efo Riro If you need to switch up your recipe to a new one when you want to cook the popular Yoruba soup ‘Efo Riro’ then watch this Sisiyemmie’s video. HOW TO MAKE EFO RIRO: UPDATED EFO RIRO RECIPE | SISI JEMIMAH #eforiro #eforirorecipe #howtomakeeforiro Ingredients: 6-7 bunches Spinach 3 Red … source I can show you better than I can tell you on www.sisiyemmie.com In case you are outside Nigeria where you hardly get Efo leaves; then you can easily go for frozen spinach, kale, or green leafy vegetables as a great substitute. how to make efo riro with tomatoes. Remember not to drown the Iru in water in order not to lose the flavour. It is a tasty delicacy many enjoy with their swallows such as fufu, semo and pounded yam while others don’t mind eating it with rice. Secondly, you might benefit from turning the wraps over so that those on top can go to the bottom and vice versa. Her puff-puff had pepper and onions-it's a favourite way for me to make puff-puff. Rinse the eja osan thoroughly and shred into bits. HOW TO COOK EFO RIRO SOUP | THE SISIYEMMIE VERSION : Learn how to Cook Efo Riro Soup. In this new vlog, Sisi Yemmie is sharing her step-by-step efo riro recipe that’s perfect for your party and get together. Efo Riro is one of such meals. But, as most of the Yoruba cuisine, Efo Riro soup has some meat and fish in it. Zobo is a tasty and popular Nigerian drink made from Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa).

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