With the injectors maxed, no further power can be made, and even less if the pump does not deliver fuel, or if there is ignition breakdown. Diesel Care provides customers with the ability to have their Diesel vehicle tested and diagnosed using state-of-the-art dyno tuning … dyno tune's allow the tuner to see what the car is doing from the start, and he/she can adjust the ECM for a peak HP output. New vehicles leave the factory with their engine’s tuned to generic driving conditions to account for a wide range of driving environments, driving patterns, and types of terrain (hilly, flat, mountains, etc.). All tuning and testing is done on our state of the art Dyno Dynamics AWD dyno with confirmation printouts with before and after all carried out in our purpose built dyno cell. An ‘inertia dyno’ is a form of rolling road; it is simply a large drum that the car drives on. So that you can make an educated decision about what is best for your car, I’ve written this article to guide you through the options so you can sort fact from fiction. The results often vary from one to the other. Testing your engine’s oil pressure on the dyno saves you having to access hard to reach components after the engine’s been installed. You might have heard that running a series of ‘dyno tests’ and making modifications accordingly can enhance your motorcycle by increasing horsepower, reducing firing errors, and optimising fuel use. There are two main classes of chassis dyno - Inetria dynos and load bearing dynos. Conducting before and after (A/B) tests can tell exactly, within tenths of a horsepower, what the modifications have done. This is why it is so important to get a baseline figure on a dyno before you start any modifications or tuning. How many miles is safe before strapping the bike down and holding it wide open on the dyno… When we break it down to basics, tuning an engine really comes down to optimising the fuel delivery and the ignition advance. The first obvious downside of road tuning is that we have no feedback on the result of our tuning changes. The dyno is a controlled environment specifically designed to make remapping and measurement of power as safe and effective as possible. In a nutshell, the dyno is used to apply a load to the engine to replicate driving the car on the road. Tuning your car through the use of a dynamometer should be thought of as more of a scientific experiment than a garage project. Before we start though, it’s important to understand what we are trying to achieve when tuning an engine, and … A note about E-Tuning: E-Tuning is meant to be a convenience for those that cannot get to us in person on the dyno, not as a cheap way to get the same tune. Since the car is physically locked into the dyno, there is no chance of wheelspin. The dynamometer and the tuners behind them are an essential part of the car-modification process. On an engine dyno it is a lot easier to change components while doing back-to-back testing to achieve the best result. Without instrumenting additional sensors it is impossible to even know what the true values of some sensors are, as the tuning box adjusts the data to the ECU. Prototype-R is proud to unleash our Stage X tuning solutions for BMW & Mini Cooper vehicles. It’s built on the same platform that GM uses for their Nascar program. A typical dyno tune should be undertaken at the end of any upgrade, to maximize the potential of the parts safely. Cable-tie or correctly clamp all vacuum hoses and boost lines. Bring along a bottle of engine oil of the correct grade if top-ups are required during the tune. The disadvantage is that, with no power absorber, an inertia dyno is only any good for tuning at full throttle — great if you have a drag car but not so good for a street car.A ‘load-bearing dyno’, on the other hand, includes a power absorber to apply load to the engine. In most cases, a typical dyno tune is about making sure there is the correct air to fuel ratio to support the rpm and load on the engine, as well as to optimize the ignition advance curve to suit. Modern dyno tuning is an effective—and fast—process. It may sound surprising but there are also some real advantages to road tuning that are often overlooked. So when it comes time to finally get your car loaded onto the trailer and on its way to the dyno shop, why wouldn’t you want to be as prepared as you possibly can be? Dyno tuning is safe if performed by a skilled tuner and the bike doesn’t present with major engine issues. Dyno tuning is safe if performed by a skilled tuner and the bike doesn’t present with major engine issues. If you are concerned about what may happen on the dyno due to someone else’s bad experience, then ask around and get feedback from other customers until you find a tuner you are happy with. Custom Dyno Tuning. Flash tunes are designed to be safe across a model range. Log In. A “Dyno,” short for “Dynamometer,” is a device used to measure a specific power output of an engine or vehicle. Diesel Care provides customers with the ability to have their Diesel vehicle tested and diagnosed using state-of-the-art dyno tuning … Data logging, idle, part throttle and WOT optimization. It’s difficult to adequately replicate the cooling airflow you would expect to see on the road, Easy access provided you have a straight stretch of road, You’re tuning the car in exactly the same conditions it will be used in, Ability to access the very light load areas of the mapping that can be impossible to reach on a dyno, Transient or acceleration enrichment tuning is often easier to accomplish on the road than a dyno, Safety can be compromised if you are attempting to tune a car while controlling it on a road, No feedback on the effect of tuning changes, Local laws may effect your ability to view a laptop while driving, Unlikely to offer the ultimate power your package is capable of, Homework is required to make sure you deal with a reputable tuner prepared to back their workmanship. All tuning and testing is done on our state of the art Dyno Dynamics AWD dyno with confirmation printouts with before and after all carried out in our purpose built dyno cell. Dyno Spectrum Ltd Registered in Scotland No. Favorite Answer. I’m not saying that road tuning is a suitable replacement for … Much time, money and testing is invested into creating a flash tune. The Dynapack is a unique dyno that bolts to the hubs of the vehicle. If you have no option but to tune on the road, you need to accept that there will be some compromises in your tune. Of course, but it all depends on what makes a particular dyno good or bad to you. This is the sort of dyno we really need to be using for proper tuning as it will allow us to vary both the rpm and load to tune all of the sites in the fuel and ignition tables correctly. If your vehicle has more than 80,000kms on the clock, change the fuel filter — possibly to a high-flow unit if required. Before booking some dyno time, make sure that you check the following: A lot of being prepared comes down to doing the research beforehand — all the information is out there, and spending a few hours online and asking other enthusiasts will be a whole lot cheaper than your tuner spending a few hours rectifying avoidable issues. The days are long gone where tuners run around on the street trying to tune cars. We aim to cover everything automotive that might be of interest to our readers with in-depth reporting, breaking news coverage, event galleries, product information, and community content from a dedicated team of professionals who are expert in their field of car culture knowledge. Advise us if your lug nuts are an abnormal thread pitch (we stock M12x1.5 and M12x1.25). Using XTU with my G751JT, I am able to go from 3.5 to 3.6 cache and 3.3 to 3.4 4 cores. Dyno Tuning. Dyno Tested: Cobb Tuning Stage 2+ Power Package. The goal is to make sure the AFR is safe and efficient, the cam timing maximizes the amount of air entering the engine, and that the ignition timing is optimized among other parameters. If you are looking at upgrading your car and gauging the performance as you go, make sure you use the same dyno and the same tuner who uses all the same settings throughout the process, as that will give you most accurate representation of performance gains. If you have an extreme set of modifications, we would advise dynotuning. It would also pay to replace the fuel filter, especially if this hasn’t been changed in a while. This is a 3 part episode where we break down different options for Macan owners. Rolling roads are also sensitive to issues such as tyre pressure and temperature, and this can affect their power reading. I will be going back to the dyno this spring to do more tuning with my new turbo. The dyno is a controlled environment specifically designed to make remapping and measurement of power as safe and effective as possible. If you think of an engine as an air pump, the more efficiently the air enters and exits the cylinders, the more potential there is to make horsepower and torque. If you’re heading to a dyno tuner with a hub dyno, your wheels will need to be removed; ensure that you have your lock-nut key. Using a specialised dynamometer your trusted Repco Authorised Service technician can perform essential adjustments to your vehicle without guesswork, allowing them to carefully tune the air/fuel ratio to exactly match your type of motor and create maximum efficiency. On any decent dyno, any car can be put under constant load at any rpm and monitored for detonation, fuel mixture, overheating, power and torque. Costs to Tune a Car. Dyno tuning or Pro tuning is the process of calibrating a factory or aftermarket ECU to the efficiency of the engine. Even though people always quote percentage of loss through a driveline — 2WD manual will lose 10–15 per cent, 4WD manual will lose 15–20 per cent, and so on — each vehicle varies substantially depending on its individual driveline. In many countries, enthusiasts have to travel huge distances to put their car on a dyno; we’re very lucky here in New Zealand to be surrounded by great dynos and the brilliant tuners who operate them. If your fans aren’t automatic, make sure you tell the dyno tuner. Breaking news ! That way, when you gain power with your new upgrades, you’ll know exactly how much you have picked up. Sections of this page. When it comes to actually tuning an engine, we’ve got some choices available and since nothing in life is every easy, each has it’s own pros and cons. Stages 1 and 2 have been dyno and road tested to produce the maximum amount of power in a safe and reliable manner. There is no power absorber module assoicated with these dynos and hence if you put your foot down on the throttle, the engine will accelerate. Incline, windspeed and even surface condition can influence your results. But remember — it is not always about the final horsepower figure, as all dynos read differently. There are two main types of dyno design, and their use varies drastically. The adapter is then located in the dyno pod, which includes the power absorber. Torque Performance Developments even makes its own website, Powered by Squarespace, Torque Performance - Performance Upgrades, Dyno Tuning, Fabrication & Servicing, Provide accurate feedback on any tuning changes made, Essential for properly mapping advanced engines with VVT, Essential to properly calibrate ignition timing, Allows tuner to concentrate solely on tuning the engine, Access can be difficult in some countries or cities, Purchasing a dyno or even renting dyno time can be costly. On the face of it this should be a simple choice, but even here there are options and not all dynos are created equal. Another great point about dyno tuning is that it is a safe and legal place to run your car at high speeds. Dyno Tuning is a high quality, fine tune up for your engine. Dyno shops secure the car to the ground with the same tie-down straps used on trailers. The power output will vary slightly in each gear, and generally the car is run in the gear that is closest to 1:1 — usually top gear in a three-speed or four-speed, fourth in a five-speed, and fifth in a six-speed. (Note: Torque Performance will normally check and adjust tunes on the road in light & partial throttle situations once dyno tuning is completed). While everyone will have an opinion on which type of dyno is best, the truth is that both designs have pros and cons. Our dedicated Mustang Dyno NH facility features the same load bearing machine that leading industry giant’s and experts like Cobb tuning, AEM, and the Tuning School rely on. Dyno in my opinion is one of the best bots made for Discord. We perform a full ECU calibration on our Dynocom AWD dyno, utilizing professional tuning tools, software, and sensors. When you dump the clutch, some components take quite a beating. Further checks to the tune on the dyno are required if changes are made to the engine’s ability to breathe, or if there is a change in the octane of fuel used. As a vehicle owner, repeatability, safe loading of the engine and data acquisition would likely be top priorities in choosing a dyno. Make sure your clutch is in good condition. Learn more. Shop. While you will get a solid and safe tune, you will always get a more fine tuned calibration if we can tune your car in person on a dyno and it will get completed in one shot. Since the hub dyno measures power at the hubs, it often reads a little higher than a rolling road. Make sure that oil-supply lines are tight. Each of our UDT stores has its own in-house 4WD/2WD Dyno Dynamics dyno & our tuning process is centered around testing & tuning the vehicle on the dyno, in a safe environment – we can tune AWD/4WD cars, as well as RWD & FWD cars. As you could expect though, results vary widely from fantastic through to failed engines and hence a little more exploration and caution is needed. Does Dyno Tuning increase or add motorcycle horsepower In some cases there is an increase in power from Dyno tuning . I have found over the course of 15 years and tuning literally thousands of engines, that the majority of engines running on pump gas will actually be knock limited. Further, as you increase the grunt, the drivetrain losses don’t necessarily increase at a constant rate. As member of Dyno-ChiptuningFiles.com you can: Buy credits using iDEAL, Mister Cash or PayPal; Upload tuningfiles and receive the modified files in return; Modified files are of high quality, safe and Dyno-tested; Every tuning file is custom made to fit your car, with the best perfomance results; Register If the software can’t give you repeatability within a few percent then it could easily be misleading and counter productive. Dyno tuning is a must for any modified or stock vehicle seeking maximum performance. I'd say it doesn't have EVERYTHING you need, but it is the perfect bot for moderation. In a typical engine set-up, there are various mechanical and electronic elements such as the intake manifold, spark plugs, and mass air flow.Modern engines employ the use of an engine control unit to provide the best balance between performance and emissions. Robust and safe data transfer between DS1 and user ... Dyno Spectrum Instagram. We’ll do everything we can to get a safe tune, but it’s important to be realistic.”. We see it often with fuel injectors that will reach 85 per cent duty cycle well before the engine starts producing the power the customer expects. This means we have fast, accurate control over the progress of the tune. We use a Dynamometer machine to check the parts and make all the required adjustments. Without being able to physically see a particular car on the dyno, the only smart option is to provide a somewhat wider safety margin in the tune. Every Stage from mild to wild is available. Some tuners will only drive a vehicle that is 100-per-cent legal. Dyno had some issues in the past with some commands on my server, but in the end. If the AFR is set appropriately for a known ethanol content, it will typically stay within the safe range. This will confirm both whether there have been any losses or gains in power and the safety of the engine.”, Glen Jennett at Engine Specialties says: “Both chassis and engine dynos are relevant, and both have advantages and disadvantages. Although it might not stop you getting a tune in the end, bringing the car in when it’s not at 100 per cent will cost you more money and time. More. The internet is an amazing thing and over the last few years we have seen the rise of ‘E-Tunes’ or mail order tunes being offered by a number of vendors across a range of popular forums. Use the fuel your tuner recommends for your application. Jump to. The two types are hub dyno and rolling-road dyno. I'd say it doesn't have EVERYTHING you need, but it is the perfect bot for moderation. While we don’t have any feedback on torque, in many instances this actually doesn’t make much difference to our ability to optimise the ignition timing. When I discuss tuning an engine on the road I get mixed results, with most professional tuners very vocal in their dislike for the idea. A dyno tune changes the operating program on the vehicle's computer to allow the vehicle to perform to its full potential. The system simulates different driving conditions accurately and provides a detailed response. Does the tune include before and after dyno runs and a street tune for driveability? Fix these before going to the shop, as it could be the difference between getting a tune and putting the car back on the trailer and going home again. When I discuss tuning an engine on the road I get mixed results, with most professional tuners very vocal in their dislike for the idea. Also make several baseline runs before you make any changes so you can assess the repeatability of the software. About the author Andre Simon. Are your fuel pump / injectors big enough to support the power you hope to make? When we think of tuning, most people immediately think of a dyno and when we have the option to tune on a dyno, this is usually going to give you the best possible results. This makes any accurate conversion to a true flywheel power number difficult if not impossible. Detonation from incorrect timing or fuel mixture can be terminal in just one loaded run in the car. Spend an evening going over your entire car to make sure that all the nuts and bolts are as tight as they need to be. To prevent a big disappointment on the day, check that your engine-control unit (ECU) has not been password locked by a previous tuner. On the face of it this seems reasonable and certainly road tuning can be dangerous if not approached sensibly, but it can also provide exceptional results in many circumstances. Less reputable dyno operators have been known to place the air-temperature sensor near the heat of the exhaust manifold to falsely skew the dyno results, so beware! Dyno tuning allows us to give your vehicle a tune-up of unparalleled quality, providing you with the smoothest, most economical performance possible from your vehicle. With web configuration, moderation, anti-spam, auto roles, music, custom commands, and much more! The Motorhood is the online home of Parkside Media's titles NZ Performance Car, NZV8, and New Zealand Classic Car. Ensure that your boost control is correctly plumbed in and wired. What about voltage to the pump — is it as high as it should be? Facebook. Know where your car's mounting points are located, and don't forget that the exhaust will get hot and the drive wheels will be moving very fast. If a car has any kind of mechanical failure during a dyno tuning, the root cause is an inherent issue with the car itself, not the dynamometer. We’ve all had those moments of doubt when listening to someone talk about how much power their car is making. Im going to follow the break in procedures exactly as they should be. Although New Zealand is pretty good when it comes to tuners, it pays to bank on reputation and service, not on whoever is cheapest. On the face of it this seems reasonable and certainly road tuning can be dangerous if not approached sensibly, but it can also provide exceptional results in many circumstances. By the time you have talked to 2-3 customers though you should be able to get a good picture of what sort of results you can expect. Also, is Turbo Boost Short Power Max okay to bump up by 3w from 47w to 50w and Power Max from 58w to 60w? With dynos being so common these days, most people consider road tuning to be irrelevant or dangerous and certainly the result must be sub-standard. This is actually one of the reasons I’m a strong advocate of always confirming any tune on the road once a car has come off the dyno. Our buddy Andy, who we met autocrossing about 15 years ago, owns this 2012 Subaru Impreza WRX STI hatchback. Tech. A load bearing dyno (Torque Performance's dyno) on the other hand will have some form of power absorber module (hydraulic, eddy current or water brake are all popular techniques) that will allow the dyno to vary the load applied to the engine to hold the rpm constant. Sometimes, when a vehicle is run on a dyno, the engine does not perform as expected, at which stage we’d spend some time questioning and diagnosing the cause. We get asked this question by both tuners and guys who want their car tuned. Dyno Dynamics, DynaPack or Mustang are high quality steady state dyno manufacturers. Photography Credit: Scott R. Lear Once the torque at every single rpm point is recorded, the dyno’s computer can compute a corresponding horsepower figure. The chassis dyno has the advantage of the testing being done with your components, your fuel system, your ignition and wiring system, and your exhaust. Press alt + / to open this menu. Customers looking for maximum safe power and torque gains for all applications will have access to the latest equipment and decades of tuning and mechanical A ‘rolling road’ measures the power directly off your drive wheels, so this, in effect, is what your tyres are delivering to the tarmac. Dyno tuning is the only way to correctly tune a car for Performance. A good dyno should be sensitive enough to show very small changes in torque, like the difference caused by alternator draw when the headlights switch on and off. Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account? Advantages include the ease of set-up, as getting your car on the rollers and running is very quick. Depending how smart or advanced the dyno is, it will also be able to log parameters such as boost pressure and air fuel ratio and provide the tuner with torque and power graphs that can be analysed after a run. If you are going to try one, make sure you use the same stretch of road for your testing. However, a rolling-road dyno can suffer from traction issues with powerful cars. Inertia dynos are pretty much a waste of time when it comes to tuning, you can roughly map in wide-open-throttle (WOT), but that’s it, and you can’t even do that right as you … Sign Up. The most common cause of unsatisfactory tuning results stem from mechanical issues that could have easily been found and corrected prior to the tune. with flex fuel, map switching, super high speed datalogging, custom tuning. He was meticulous with his tuning to make sure the car was 100% sound and safe for my slightly aggressive set up for the fuel available around where I live. Simply contact us to setup an appointment, and we will ensure your engine is calibrated to meet your goals and/or its maximum safe capabilities. The manufacturer is, of course, quoting engine power figures, measured at the flywheel using an engine dyno. Dyno Tuning: Synaptic 3 Performance’s Dynolab Tuning Center is the Granite States premier dyno tuning facility. Before we start though, it’s important to understand what we are trying to achieve when tuning an engine, and … We have a Mustang AWD-500 Chassis Dyno that we use for testing purposes and creating performance tunes for most BMW models. The advantage here to the tuner is that the dyno can provide instant and accurate feedback about the progress of their tune. Ensure that the cooling system is in good working order. of torque at 10,000 rpm. While tuning boxes can be safe, the safest way to perform any tuning on your car is by logging the vehicle data and a Custom Remap by a professional. No matter what you’re building — a carbed classic, a reflashed street car, or an all-out race build — time on the dyno isn’t cheap, but it’s just about the best money you’ll spend on your car. In these situations we have no option but to rely on a conservative timing map that may be leaving some power on the table or use a dyno to correctly optimise the ignition advance. Of course there is potentially a lot more going on in a modern engine with aspects such as VVT, E-throttle and boost control to consider, but the basic elements we need to optimise are still fuel and ignition. While this is getting better with some late model cars, relying on data logging from the factory AFR sensor (despite being classed as a wideband, many factory wideband sensors are still far from accurate at the sort of AFR we want to run at full power), and knock feedback is marginal at best. For the purposes of this article, we will be looking at chassis dynos where the engine is left in the car as these are still the most popular. With dynos being so common these days, most people consider road tuning to be irrelevant or dangerous and certainly the result must be sub-standard.

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