Definition: the knee. The joint between the thigh and the lower leg, formed by the articulation of the femur and the tibia and covered anteriorly by the patella. People who work on their knees for long periods — carpet layers, plumbers and gardeners — are at increased risk of knee bursitis. What does it mean to Take the Knee… Learn more. Knee pain may be the result of an injury, such as a ruptured ligament or torn cartilage. to be on one's hands and knees: to have hands and knees on the floor, in a crawling position. Meaning of weak at the knees in English weak at the knees If you go weak at the knees, you lose your strength and feel you are going to fall over, usually because of seeing or talking about either someone you are very attracted to or because of something unpleasant or frightening: The thought of kissing him made me go weak at the knees. knee definition: 1. the middle joint of the leg that allows the leg to bend: 2. the part of a piece of clothing…. Word Origin from barak Definition the knee NASB Translation feeble* (1), knee (1), kneeled* (1), kneels* (1), knees (20), lap (1). How to use kneel in a sentence. It is also known as ITBFS or runners knee and is common in runners, cyclists and soldiers. "The Knees of the Gods" is a short story by E. W. Hornung, and features the gentleman thief A. J. Raffles, and his companion and biographer, Bunny Manders. knees synonyms, knees pronunciation, knees translation, English dictionary definition of knees. Definition and synonyms of on (your) hands and knees from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.. on knees synonyms, on knees pronunciation, on knees translation, English dictionary definition of on knees. Definition and synonyms of on your knees from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education. Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary, the webmaster's page for free fun content. "Falling in Love (Is Hard on the Knees)" is a song performed by American hard rock band Aerosmith that appeared on the band's 1997 album Nine Lives. See also: knee. This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. knees synonyms, knees pronunciation, knees translation, English dictionary definition of knees. While age is a major risk factor for osteoarthritis of the knee, young people can get it, too.For some individuals, it may be hereditary. b. idiom. This nonsensical phrase that was popular in the 1920s was, like “the cat's whiskers,” the equivalent of today's “really cool” or “it's amazing!”. Knee crepitus can happen at any age. Burning knee pain. A knee lump can be a sign of injury and require emergency care. Your doctor might refer to this condition as an effusion (ih-FYU-zhen) in your knee joint. [1] Be on your knees definition: to be extremely weak or tired | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Participation in certain sports. What does on the knees of the gods expression mean? They may grind all the time they squat. Knees represent pride. the area around the knee joint, a hinge joint that is one of the largest joints of the body, sustaining great pressure. All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. Improve your English and try our online English lessons for free. Knee bursitis is a common complaint, but your risk of developing this painful disorder can increase from: Prolonged kneeling. The knee is formed by the proximal portion of the tibia, the distal end of the femur, and the patella, or kneecap. Pride or ego keeps us from surrendering to the will of the Supreme Consciousness. The story was first published as the eighth and final story in the collection The Black Mask , published by Grant Richards in London, and Charles Scribner's Sons in New York, both in 1901. Get on your knees! Seek immediate medical care (call 911) for serious symptoms, such as paralysis, loss of sensation, absent pulses in the feet, the inability to move the knee joint, severe bleeding, or uncontrollable pain. on the knees of the gods idiom meaning. Change your default dictionary to American English. It may be accompanied by serious injuries to the joint. This is commonly known as benign crepitus.Often it’s just the fluid that coats your joints being pushed through certain ranges of motion and is totally benign. How to use on the knees of the gods idiom? Example sentences with on the knees of the gods idiom. I was on my hands and knees looking under the bed. Define on knees. If this is a long-term problem, consider giving up strenuous athletics or repetitive movements to the knees. In a position or manner of supplication or humble entreaty. On one's hands and knees. Kneel definition is - to position the body so that one or both knees rest on the floor : to fall or rest on the knees. n. 1. a. Knee effusion or water on the knee happens when fluid builds up in or around the knee joint, causing swelling and pain. get on (one's) knees: [verb] a phrase used by women to tell their man to go down on her (see to go down) Baby, I'm feeling freaky tonight, but I don't want to have sex. This criminal tattoo has a negative connotation. n. 1. a. bear upon my knees] By this phrase Rachel means that she will recognize and adopt as her own the children by her handmaid, Bilhah. In a weakened or desperate state; in a condition or state of decline or near ruin. Take the Knee meaning: What does Take the Knee mean? The song was written by Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, and Glen Ballard, who had signed on to produce Nine Lives. These are explained on page 117 of the 2019 Old Farmer’s Almanac edition, number 7. Jeb might have scorned me for the manual labor job I offered him here 10 years ago, but he's been on his knees begging for it now that the economy has gone south. Symptoms develop gradually, often occuring at roughly the same time into a run. This is the British English definition of on (your) hands and knees.View American English definition of on (your) hands and knees.. Change your default dictionary to American English. Brown-Driver-Briggs. NAS Exhaustive Concordance. Definition of ON YOUR KNEES (phrase): with your knees on the ground; extremely weak after a very difficult period; used for emphasizing you are ... ON YOUR KNEES (phrase) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary Go down on your knees definition: to beg desperately for something | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples KNEE pain: Emotional and Spiritual meaning: ... Kneeling down is a manifestation of humility, subordination to the laws of life, while not wanting to bend the knees indicates a proud, inflexible attitude. In a position or manner of supplication or humble entreaty. Although knee … The megacorporation, once so dominant, has been on its knees ever since news of its involvement in the banking scandal became public knowledge. Definition. Moreover, they incite others prisoners for rebellion and indispose everybody towards wardens.

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