Naho Jul 06 2016 3:38 am ah @ Howwww?? I was really waiting if the future has changed, but I guess not. FMOVIES. Profile. :), Ari Jul 11 2016 2:31 pm such a wonderfull movie about friendship. Somehow, Yamato likes Mei and one day, Yamato saves Mei from a stalker by kissing her. Jul 26 2015 12:58 am i really love this movie... one of the best movie so far... this is when you thought you predicted the ending but what happened is the opposite... o gosh! View production, box office, & company info. hujanrintik Feb 25 2018 9:00 pm Yet Suwa has sacrifice his love for Naho to Kakeru. Naho loved Kakeru, not Suwa. Naho Takamiya's first day of her sophomore year of high school is off to an uneasy start. random person May 10 2020 7:37 am Comedy. They're a happy family. What's bother me was why Kakeru is so special to everyone and everyone keep supporting and sacrificing for him? Can someone explain the ending for me? Kento Yamazaki has the looks and is a versatile actor, to begin with. In one world, Kakeru died and Naho is married to Suwa. tufaha Jun 15 2016 1:48 am CANT WAIITTTTTT YAYYYY, koko Jul 20 2015 7:12 am PLEASE! Stephan Apr 16 2016 4:39 am Any clue where to buy the soundtrack? Why wouldn't he sacrifice his love for Naho? Whether it is a movie, drama or any other multimedia content in Japanese language, Snaptube is capable of providing everything instantly. There are times we can't keep in touch with our close friends in the past. Yuan Nov 07 2017 5:46 am It also plays before the credits start I think. I'm bored with it. } In … And most of the time during their youth, they depend a lot to the company of their friends. Haruka Hiroto Jul 20 2015 1:04 am Movie. Jan 08 2016 1:16 am Orange Movie Review: Critics Rating: 3.0 stars, click to give your rating/review,Go watch this movie, which makes for a good weekend watch. I've been hype up about this live action adaptation since the manga is great & I like how unique the plot is but since this is an adaptation, I guess they would probably change some things in the plot but I hope the cast will do justice for it ^^. ganbatte ne.cheers! But I didnt know why since two weeks ago I like to watching them and search the other Japanese movie over and over. Plus, the actors are Tsuchiya Tao and Yamazaki Kento... Kya! This movie was bittersweet and beautiful, so moving. darlenesama Aug 03 2016 10:58 am I feel like has a big hole in my mind after the end of this live action. i want to watch it again... hc fray May 14 2016 5:56 pm The sequel to a love story based in the "yuri" lesbian romance genre. And Naho said she will still choose Suwa even if Kakeru did not die. Tyson Jul 16 2016 7:02 am Orange is a series where time travel is a predominant part of the plot. @vivi thanks for clarifying. The 10 years later Naho already had her past and she can't change it. With Malcolm McDowell, Patrick Magee, Michael Bates, Warren Clarke. W4GRB.user_rating=new Array(); and then a twist! Such a touching movie. Filming finishes in early October, 2015. This FAQ is empty. Kento yamazki did such a great job, I applaud you your acting is AMAZING. And why he keeps on supporting Naho, it's because he's a good friend and a good person. -_-", hotarumaruchiii Jul 20 2015 1:15 am Whether it is a movie, drama or any other multimedia content in Japanese language, Snaptube is capable of providing everything instantly. i dont have to share much,, just uh prepare a lot of tissues 11/10. Founded in 2001 as the first anime & manga recommendation database. 38 Titles 6 Loves Japan has just bombed Pearl Harbor, and the United States is now at war. Hanee123 Nov 15 2015 6:43 pm YAYYYY!!! tbh, everything is okay and fit with the manga.. one thing that bugged me since the beginning until the end is Tsuchiya Tao's voice.. Idk if her voice is actually like that, but it is too high pitched and too weak.. With Jill Harris, Jason Liebrecht, Micah Solusod, Jeannie Tirado. Selama musim semi , Naho Takamiya menerima surat yang dikirim oleh dirinya sendiri pada 10 tahun ke depan . Great job from the cast too, such good acting and its moving and emotional. Priscilla Aug 21 2020 11:38 pm It's just right. I can't wait this movie... byulbit Oct 02 2015 5:08 am They have a baby. Orange (stylized as orange) is a Japanese romance manga series written and illustrated by Ichigo Takano, aimed at the shōjo and seinen demographics.

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