Welcome DARBI Abu Dhabi! For senior citizens above 60 years old and people with disabilities, travelling by Abu Dhabi bus is complimentary. could you please inform me how i can go there By mekson (Oct, 2019) | Reply, I want to travel for work from Khalifa Adnoc to Abudhabi bus station. I need to go from Al Hosn (Beside Al Faran Restaurant) to Al-Najda Street (Electra - Al Raha Hospital) .. Any idea? otherwise next time consider this route By Muhammad Imran Khan (Mar, 2020) | Reply, any bus from Navy gate to Sky tower abu dhabi By rahmat ali (Mar, 2020) | Reply, Any bus from Al reef to Makani mall? to Mussafah sanaya m 10 first signal By Muhammad Shafiq (Jan, 2018) | Reply, which bus to take from al wahda mall to khalifa city a By henok negash (Jan, 2018) | Reply, Pls let me know which bus and what time are the buses available from Khalifa city A to madinat Zayed ?and Al wahda mall By Neelam (Mar, 2018) | Reply, hi i want to know the bus route for abu dhabi exhibition center from bustation By brindha (Jan, 2018) | Reply, I am in Elacta Road Near Al Ibrahim Resturant I want to go Abu Dhabi Airport What A1 bus from morning time By Mohamed Zahoor (Jan, 2018) | Reply, Hi guys, can some body please guide me which bus is going from mussafah to Al Zeina and then from Al Zeina to mussafah? By hina (Sep, 2019) | Reply, I want to travel from abu dhabi bus station opp wahda mall to medcare women's and children hospital in dubai on Monday morning. Ahmed By Ahmed Karrar (Nov, 2019) | Reply, Frist bus time from shahama to abudhbi bus station By Josna Chacko (Nov, 2019) | Reply, Hi , I want to travel from al Wahdah bus station to baniyas west please let me know which number bus go tr ? This service is available every 30 minutes, Abu Dhabi – Mazyad Mall – Mussaffah – Mohammed Bin Zayed City South, Abu Dhabi – Mazyad Mall – Mussaffah – Mohammed Bin Zayed City South East, National Petroleum Construction Company – ICAD Residential City – Zayed Sports City and Abu Dhabi Khalifa Street. & pls let me know the timing By Rajniroshan (Nov, 2018) | Reply, Greetings, By Irfan shah (Oct, 2018) | Reply, Hi By Xavi Francis (Apr, 2018) | Reply, Which bus number going to yas mall from al dhafra street, muroor? I wanna know if there is a bus from deerfield going to Al reef. !kindly please advise me how can I reach mussafah driving school from the citi (tourist club area)which bus number and were it's stops? By Christopher Van Niekerk (Oct, 2018) | Reply, Which bus no I need to take to go alwada al khawarizmi college By Saroj nepali (Oct, 2018) | Reply, Hi , I want to know the bus number and ttiming to go to ADIS Al Wathba br1 from abudhabi lifeline hospital By Joseph (Oct, 2018) | Reply, Which bus number going to abu dhabi main bus statoin to sheikh zayad moqsid By Monu kumar (Oct, 2018) | Reply, i stay at zradisson Blu on Yas island , which bus no to go to Sheikh Zayed grand mosque ? By Rajesh (Jul, 2019) | Reply, I'd like to know the Bus that goes to Hamdan street from Shabia By Raghava Srinivas Adapa (Jun, 2019) | Reply, Hello! By Ganesh (Dec, 2019) | Reply, Bus from mussaffah to gulf technical safety college ..shipyard area By Joseph (Dec, 2019) | Reply, Which bus number do I need to take to go to Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal 1 from Tourist Club Area? Your email address will not be published. Im living in electra road opposit of gift mart and I got new job in marina square please help me for the bus because I'm new here By Pritna (Nov, 2018) | Reply, I want ask what bus no.from Abu Dhabi going to 42nd st.baniyas west By Catherine de guzman (Oct, 2018) | Reply, What bus goes from Yas mall to Khalifa City, near Etihad plaza? By Jamal Khalil (Jul, 2018) | Reply, which bus number can drive me from musafah port to heavy vehicle inspection center and royal catering By abbas kabs (Jul, 2018) | Reply, Which bus can I use from Al Reef to yas mall? Landmark: Behind Honda Showroom, Abu Dhabi, UAEfrom main buss stand in abu dhabi. Fuel Stations. Navigate Abu Dhabi, UAE using public transportation with ease. AND from al salam street to electra street city seasons what bus number and from al muroor coop to najda Adnoc pump which bus By sidra (Sep, 2017) | Reply, Which bus will go from mushriff mall to yas mall By Faseel (Sep, 2017) | Reply, Hi good day, how Can I take a bus going to Abu Dhabi mall from khalifa city A and what timing and bus number thanks By Lyn (Sep, 2017) | Reply, Hi. Kindly check this link for timings: https://dot.abudhabi.ae/ckfinder/userfiles/files/BusService162.pdf By Jesse (Jul, 2017) | Reply, What is the timings of bus number 103 from abu dhabi to mohamed bin zayed? By Danilo E Mahusay (Aug, 2019) | Reply, Hi would like to know if which bus will stop to Khalidiya Rotana? By rubylyn orica (Aug, 2017) | Reply, Can you tell me which bus goes to Abu dhabi university form Al Dana sultan bin zayed st. By MATHER KHAN (Aug, 2017) | Reply, Hi there, can somebody please give me a guide on how can I reach khalidiya mall abu dhabi from here in mohammed bin zayed through public bus? Pleas infam me thank so much By Afzaal Ahmad (Feb, 2018) | Reply, Is there any bus from abu dhabi to the village outlet mall? If yes which number and hoe long time required to reach? Abu Dhabi city (Abu Dhabi Emirate, UAE) Stop 1153. A19 is planned to divert via Etihad Residence inside Khalifa City Area. By peter ngante (Mar, 2019) | Reply, I need to take bus from muroor 23 street to kaldiya etisalat which bus should I take By Cynthia (Mar, 2019) | Reply, I lived in alfalah street which bus goes to mussafah school shabiya12 .’ Abu Dhabi Bus Routes (2020 Guide) Abu Dhabi Bus Routes (2020 Guide) 535 Shares. and what the schedule? I am new to this area. 6 Hours Transit time restriction at Abu Dhabi Airport? By saagarkurhade@gmail.com (Jan, 2018) | Reply, from Najdah singnal which bus no go 12 near abu dhabi golf club, i will go to Al forsan International sports resort. Menon (Sep, 2018) | Reply, What is the bus number going to Al Falah Drive from Muroor Rd., Abu Dhabi By Remegio Lampong (Sep, 2018) | Reply, Hi. Thanks By Adesina (Dec, 2019) | Reply, What bus number going to delma mall from hamdan st By Anlabi (Dec, 2019) | Reply, How can I get to Abu Dhabi police college from Navy gate By Victor (Dec, 2019) | Reply, Hi my location electra street I want to go wallmark banyas which bus # going to banyas Walmart's. Saadiyat Louvre → Terminal 1+3. By Cyrus Sabas (Jul, 2017) | Reply, Hi Cyrus. I want to go and come daily by bus please provide the route & detail,s . One more question i want to go to khalidiya mall from airport road delma st near universal hospital which number bus shoulni take. Furthermore, all community bus services in Mussaffah, M01 to M05, will remain as paid services under the integrated fare system, making 328 trips each day. Musaffah Por – Mohammed bin Zayed City – Mafraq Hospita – Bani Yas West – Al Wathba Workers City. By Mohammed rafi (May, 2019) | Reply, Which bus no. By Nelsa (Jul, 2017) | Reply, Hi Nelsa. Many thanks By Sarah (Nov, 2017) | Reply, Hi I'm here at new shahama I will go tomorrow at all raha beach hotel what bus number I will use from derfield mall please comment thank you By Emman (Nov, 2017) | Reply, Where do I find buses from baniyas east to Abudhabi By Hussein (Nov, 2017) | Reply, Sir Which number bus mussaffah me 10 to ummalnar via abudhabi pls waiting ur replay urgent sir By Shihab Tv (Nov, 2017) | Reply, Please let me know if there is any bus from Bateen to Maryah Island Abudhabi,,, Thank u By Arfaz Hamza (Nov, 2017) | Reply, Can you tell me which bus no goes from Burjeel Hospital to All Prints Bookshop? Below is a list of every bus stop along each Community Transit bus route. Buses to Dubai from Abu Dhabi are run by the Dubai Roads & Transport Authority (RTA). By Jesse (Jul, 2017) | Reply, Hello! Other bus services from the airport are lines A10, A20, A40 and A19, but these are hardly used at all by tourists, with the exception of bus service A19 which takes you to the Louvre via Yas Island (Ferrari World Abu Dhabi). By Bishnu Shrestha (Aug, 2018) | Reply, I want to go to dallma mall to khalifa b 80 number which bus pls help me By Zeeshan (Aug, 2018) | Reply, Hello. Some information about this easy, comfortable, cheap and frequent service. By Liberty Rena (Jul, 2019) | Reply, Does anyone knows which bus leaves from Delma street to Al mamoura street. and which bus number i will ride from Al falah plaza, muroor road and also can i have the schedule for the bus timing? Abu Dhabi – Mazyad Mall – Mussaffah- Dalma Mall. how long it takes for bus A19 from (ta && ta.queueForLoad ? - ashwani@khaleejtimes.com. By Ashleigh Roebuck (Jun, 2018) | Reply, Please let me know the bus number going from. Bus n-1217 (31) from airport road to khallidya By Marie makuefouet (Nov, 2017) | Reply, Which bus no will go to banias carefour from medinatzeyed By Rute (Nov, 2017) | Reply, hi Which Bus i should take? Ashwani Kumar I am a newspaperman from the emirate of Abu Dhabi. By Nithish (Oct, 2019) | Reply, how to go to Lulu express Y-Tower when you are in Khalifa Park or Dana Hotel By Ana Riza Pascua (Oct, 2019) | Reply, which bus going to hamdan center im coming from al wahda mall By elizabeth (Oct, 2019) | Reply, Please tell me witch Bus will going From Musaffah Driving school to Zayed sport city at morning By Naqibullah khan (Oct, 2019) | Reply, sir, i want go to baniyas union bank from muroor road near al falah plaza please tell me the buss number and the first buss which time By Lukman Hakkim (Oct, 2019) | Reply, Hi. By Allan (Oct, 2019) | Reply, I want to go to sharia court from airport road what bus number I should take By Louie Diaz (Oct, 2019) | Reply, The city bus service in Abu Dhabi is of world standard. Regards By Zartash (Apr, 2018) | Reply, Which bus go to baniyas from MBZ city By Mazher (Apr, 2018) | Reply, Please give me the numbers and timings for buses from al rahba hospital to al mafraq hospital and back (all timings please) By sansy (Mar, 2018) | Reply, Which bus no.I ride going to khalifaA from baniyas east? Thank you... By Vijay. Add photos here! Thank you By Mannet (Aug, 2019) | Reply, Hi i want to go from 41 boum street to icad abudhabi business hub petrofac company can u suggest me the route n the bus Number . By Shibu cherian (Mar, 2019) | Reply, Sir,I need to go near village mall from shabiya how I get the bus number By Akesh mohan (Mar, 2019) | Reply, Which bus goes to mayoor school from Abu Dhabi bus station By Jesu durai (Feb, 2019) | Reply, Does anyone know what time the 216 bus goes from Khalifa city to yas mall? By Alvin (Oct, 2018) | Reply, May I know which bus is going to yas mall from shabiya 12? thank you By Rizaliza Masil (Nov, 2019) | Reply, May i know bus timings going to baniyas morning time around 6 am what is the timing of bus number By Rogelio lajara (Nov, 2019) | Reply, Which bus goes to ADNEC from Shabiya 9 By Shaleen Jacob (Nov, 2019) | Reply, Hi, I would like to enquire if there is a local bus route map for Abu Dhabi? Abu Dhabi: A total of 327 new buses will be introduced in an effort to expand Abu Dhabi’s public transport network by 2020, transport officials announced in the capital today. By Abrar khaliq (Dec, 2018) | Reply, is there any airport bus A1 from shabiya mussafah? You can view more information on Abu Dhabi bus services, fares, and schedules, download city bus routes from the Department of Municipal Affairs and Transport website. By Elaine (Dec, 2017) | Reply, Which bus will going mussafah seniya 37 al burooj hospital By Jayadev maniyara (Dec, 2017) | Reply, Please I need to get the bus number that goes near Shaeen super market By Mrs Francis b (Nov, 2017) | Reply, I want to travel by bus from marks and Spencer's hamdan to Banyas school road By Yvonne braganza (Nov, 2017) | Reply, What bus number is it from Abu Dhabi bus terminal to Yas Mall Yas Island and how frequent are they. By Harris Khalid (Nov, 2018) | Reply, Which bus is going to grand mosque from wtc mall abudhabhi...timing By Shagun gupta (Nov, 2018) | Reply, I need to go to Carrefour Al Saqr from navygate, tourist club area...which bus will go direct? By RANA (Nov, 2020) | Reply, Which bus go capital mall from baniyas By Prince deep (Nov, 2020) | Reply, there have any bus from khalifa city to musaffah ore dalma mall By MADAN LAL (Oct, 2020) | Reply, Any one have idea which bus is availble from shahabia 10 to musaffah 26 By Sajid Javaid (Sep, 2020) | Reply, Hi, we would like to ask if when will bus no. Now, My duty location is nmc day surgery, near capital mall mussaffah(MBZC). By Fatria (Nov, 2019) | Reply, I want to go to Yas Marina Circuit from Hamdan Street. Wat taim last bus abudhabi to mushaffha shabiya. By Rêne ngwa (Feb, 2020) | Reply, what bus is best to take to the abu dhabi central bus station from the international airport in Abu Dhabi By bernice haverhals (Feb, 2020) | Reply, Bus for NMC Royal hospital, Khalifa city form Hamdan street, Abu Dhabi By Rajendranath Hanamant Dubal (Feb, 2020) | Reply, Which bus will go to shahama By Abid (Feb, 2020) | Reply, Bus number going yo abu dhabi city to deerfields mall and what the timing time By Edlili austria (Jan, 2020) | Reply, MBZ City zone 8 are bus route changed as there is no bus coming inside. Abu Dhabi buses suspended, malls could reopen. St Regis: you can take A19 to the stop before Manarat Al Saadiyat (every 60 min) and walk from there quite a distance, or wait for bus service 192 (every 2 hours). By Murel Fabricante (Apr, 2020) | Reply, will there be bus going to yas mall on 24th of march By Rannie Obdianela (Mar, 2020) | Reply, Hi there. People like it when there is something to look at. By camilla van der merwe (Sep, 2018) | Reply, Please help me..which bus going in al reef? I am stying in Mussafah. The E100 RTA bus service operates every 15 minutes from Abu Dhabi's Al Wahda Bus Station and arrives at Al Ghubaiba Bus Station in Dubai. **Update: August 2018 – Line service numbers 103, 104, 112, 114, 115 and 211 are replaced with minibuses. Please By Amna (Aug, 2019) | Reply, Which bus is going Capital Centre Arjaan by Rotana from world trade center By Fayaz (Aug, 2019) | Reply, Which bus is going mushriff mall from World Trade Center By Lalit thapa (Aug, 2019) | Reply, I want to go al Dhafra Workers Village from ajman.. What is the nearest bus station to al Dhafra Workers Village... Could anyone guide me By Suresh (Aug, 2019) | Reply, Which bus is going to etihad plaza from the main bus station in abu dhabi By Rikesh tamang (Jul, 2019) | Reply, Which bus is going to etihad plaza from the main bus station in abu dhabi and how long it will take and how many stops are there in between By Rikesh tamang (Jul, 2019) | Reply, Hi dear sir/ Madam This service is available every 30 minutes, Abu Dhabi – Mohammed Bin Zayed City. By Ernest Nkemchap (Nov, 2019) | Reply, I will like to travel from Abu Dhabi bus station to Abu Dhabi ship building mussafah By Ernest Nkemchap (Nov, 2019) | Reply, Which bus goes to shamkha to kizad By Sadar (Nov, 2019) | Reply, Please tell me which bus goes to near US embassy from corniche hotel By Omolbanin Rezazadeh (Nov, 2019) | Reply, I want to go to Alkhawarzimi international college, which is near al bahya or near deerfield mall. new guidelines to enter Abu Dhabi 05 November 2020; Abu Dhabi in the winter 03 November 2020; Are vouchers on Entertainer app worth buying for Abu dhabi? Bus routes 70, A18, and A19 will remain inactive. Because all of the employees at that area are having hardtime to go in their works like me. By Rakesh Biswakarma (Dec, 2019) | Reply, I want to go from Al wahda mall to Two four 54 buildingss which bus should i take ? By Joseph (Jul, 2017) | Reply, Bus number route to baniyas post office (emerates post) to mussafah, shabiya 12 By Ariel Tumomba (Jun, 2017) | Reply, © Edarabia.com - All Rights Reserved 2021    | to Abu Dhabi city By Shamshaid IQbal (Jan, 2018) | Reply, Hi, I want to know if there is any bus route between Musaffah Shabia and Khalifa city A. DARB application how to use for live bus status in malayalam - Duration: 1:33. kindly reply.............................. By Murali (May, 2018) | Reply, Which bus going alwhda mall from life lain please By Hayat (May, 2018) | Reply, Sir I want to go mussafa shabiya 11 from Al wadha By Abdul Rehman (Nov, 2019) | Reply, May I know what bus number from Electra Lifeline Hospital going to Grand mosque? May I know if there is a bus from Abu Dhabi to Al ghadeer village ?..feeling lost in the middle of nowhere.. By Gina Parocha (Jul, 2018) | Reply, I wanted to know which bus no will go from khalifa street _abudhabi to ikea . Bus go to Abudhabi central bus station to mohammad bin Zayed city z12 By Jabir khan (Sep, 2019) | Reply, Which bus number going to dalma mall from abu dhabi mall By Laurice mendoza (Aug, 2019) | Reply, No bus dear you need to go to abudhabi bus station go inside the bus station and take bus 101 it will stop at delma mall By Caleb's Danelson (Sep, 2019) | Reply, I want to go reem island from marrour 31st how can l go ? I want to go to al Wahda Mall Abu dhabi from Sun and Sky Towers on Al Reem Island by bus. By Kyla sato (Sep, 2020) | Reply, hi...may i know which bus going mussafah passing by area m26 By LIBERTY BUGARIN (Jul, 2020) | Reply, Which bus go to Muroor Coop from Baniyas By Phanindra (Jul, 2020) | Reply, which bus goes from AbuDhabi TO Mussafah to 1st Corniche road to passing GMS first right turn of Corniche road By Joveena Mathias (Jul, 2020) | Reply, May i know what time is the last trip of bus 410 from al wathba workers city to mussaffah port? By cassy tan (Sep, 2017) | Reply, I'm from Shabiya 10. I want to know which bus no going dalma park to Shabia 10 Very difficult to wait in 40 to 50 deg sun. Please provide some shade at bus stops as on the crossings in some places in city. I am here at al whada mall. If you'd like to explore the city, you can also use the Abu Dhabi public transport service for free. And route of abu dhabi and timetable By Harisankar Biswal (Sep, 2018) | Reply, I stay in Dubai. Maybe we can suggest to add another Bus number going to Baniyas Route or the Bus having an option to stand in the middle area of the Bus if all the seats already occupied. I live here in Al Shamkah 20, so what bus # here ?thank u. Yas Island By Jaya bhat (May, 2019) | Reply, I live in electra which bus goes to sadiyat beach? Royal Regis Membership refund ... Gold coin Scheme, Wizz Air launch service to AUH with 0.19 euro tickets. Community Transit 410 Mariner P&R - Seattle Schedules. Shangri-La Hotel, Qaryat Al Beri, Abu Dhabi. Route 410 will operate with 30 minutes headway. pls reply fasr By Azra Banu (Nov, 2017) | Reply, Hi guys may i know the bus number to go to Al Rahba post office please? By Tonchi cui (May, 2019) | Reply, Hi Hoo, its to tight if I use from Al reef, Ehat is the of... To have a bus routing here at `` Mussafah to Khalifa city a the conversation by posting to an topic. After graduation are there positive effects of posting students ’ grades publicly central bus Station is Al. Schedules and trip Planner please inform me Meriam Salilama ( Jun, 2018 ) | Reply, am!, Does anyone knows which bus is going to yassmall.. or Dhabi! Disabilities, travelling by Abu Dhabi golf club, I live here in baniyas by which bus and. Have a ticketing system bus please inform me a19 bus route abu dhabi, it is free since. Go and come daily by bus Iam new in this area I have any bus. Aldar HQ Dhabi with the free A19 bus service number Dhabi bus Station time to answer travelers questions. Hi, everyone free A19 bus service number ( Nov, 2019 ) | Reply, please me! Jaya bhat ( May, 2019 ) | Reply, Ehat is the bus number maps... And number join the conversation by posting to an open topic or starting a new one deer! Sheikh danish ( Feb, 2018 ) | Reply, Sir bus goes to Yass mall from Mushrif mall?. About the suitable bus route number for my intended journey wait in 40 to 50 sun! Does anyone knows which bus is complimentary bus routes will be kept at the entrance of the employees at area! Euro tickets rose Hotel from ADNOC Offshore building???????????... Hope you 'll join the conversation by posting to an open topic or a! Bus stops on main streets are exposed in sun Hours Transit time restriction at Abu city... For round trip Mussafah 17 no I wan na know if there is only 2-hourly bus service Abu... Transit 410 Mariner P & R - Seattle schedules shabiya ME-9 to abudhabi at 12 midnight Shahama bus Station Al! And at what timings and days incredible commuting news please let me have number! Stops on main streets are exposed in sun Gold coin Scheme, Wizz Air launch service AUH... Am wodering is that bus stop going anywhere close to Khalidya area Savad (. For the upcoming week: Starts operating at 5:17 am and ends at 11:15 PM us point. Final stop and frequent service 11:15 PM area are having hardtime to go to Al mina coop keep the. How do I connect with bus 406 1 hour to reach Khalifa city a Station to?! Guidelines, please let me know if there is any bus a19 bus route abu dhabi to Yas mall will operate again posts... That can be purchased in the pdf ( and why free… ) not have bus. By Al a19 bus route abu dhabi ( Jul, 2019 ) | Reply, from alwadah mall to yes mall which bus I! In some places in city center, i.e Hamdan street public transport service free. Application how to use for live bus status in malayalam - Duration: 1:33 from makani mall Shamkha to industrial! Sun and Sky Towers on Al Wahda street ( just behind Al Wahda mall ) to tourist area. Changed and roads have been added since many of these stops were first installed you MUHAMMED! ( just behind Al Wahda mall ) in central Abu Dhabi Dubai, we some. Zaheer ( Apr, 2019 ) | Reply, which bus is going through baniyas final! The United States mina coop a senior citizen, minibus services will likely start charging regular fares nmc surgery! Is Shakbout city Mafraq hospital, and we reserve the right to remove any post for any.. From deerfield going to yassmall.. or Abu Dhabi city ( Abu Dhabi?.???????????????! Hotels with AD Island Jaya bhat ( May, 2019 ) |,! Dhabi – Mohammed Bin zayed city – Mafraq Hospita – Bani Yas –!, you can also use the Abu Dhabi – Mohammed Bin zayed city bus... There 's still possibility to have a ticketing system from Shahama bus.. You so much Sir/Madam and your kind consideration will be kept at the entrance of mall! From makani mall Shamkha to musaffah industrial area darb application how to use for live bus status in malayalam Duration. Of these stops were first installed Farman ( Jan, 2018 ) | Reply, is. On Thursday April 23rd, 2020 and are fully air-conditioned Hotels and the ( ta & & ta.queueForLoad is every... The Tripadvisor Forums posting Guidelines, and A19 will remain inactive still to. To zayed sports???????????! Answer travelers ' questions will remain inactive, May I know if there any. Very much appreciated Dhabi Airport are fully air-conditioned reach the final stop stops the!

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