The pace was generally fast, with a few bits of very, very fast and the odd bit of absolute nuttiness. Given 90% while driving a BMW R1200GS (120/70 R17 W) on a combination of roads for 6,000 spirited miles. A good handful of throttle, just before straightening up for my exit, only resulted in compressing the shock and launching me on to the next straight. Maar zover is het nog niet. But I had to whiskey-throttle an appalling amount of gas in to deliberately break the rear tire loose. Most sports touring tires use a nice sticky compound on the sides for awesome cornering grip, and a harder compound in the middle to deal with the sad truth that a lot of bikes have to do the lion's share of their miles in a straight line. Would appreciate any feedback you can provide. Its appearance is aesthetically more Continental Road Attack 3 Tires. Continental presenteert de SportAttack 3, de opvolger van de SportAttack 2 en waarschijnlijk de voorloper van de SportAttack 4. They worked all year round, lasted forever in comparison and were even fairly useful at endurance racing. While perusing the bikes in a cold and windy hotel car park I noticed that the tyre tread appeared particularly deep, though hard to tell without a different tyre for comparison. Cookies improve the functionality of our website and offer you the best experience. These Contis are a pleasant surprise. Mind you, the Michelin Pilot Roads I had taken off to fit the Contis would have done the same. This third-generation sports-touring hoop has a couple of key new technologies that set it apart from the crowd, as well as a couple of huge trophies in head-to-head class tests in Europe, and it's ready to muscle its way into other markets. The all new Road Attack 3 (RA3) from Continental is visually quite a step forward from the Road Attack 2 EVO (RA2 EVO). Prices are about in the ballpark for a decent set of rubber, but vary widely across sizes and regions, so you're best off contacting your local dealer for that sort of information. After a nigh-on telepathic steering tip-in, they have that slight feeling of "holding a line" you get with tires sometimes. My plan was to try three very familiar bikes from different categories to get a rounded appraisal. In an ideal world, as well as public roads, there would be a private test facility for specific disciplines including wet testing but instead we had over 200km loop of differing road types and surfaces from sea level to 4,700ft in the Tramuntana Mountains of the west. De Continental Road Attack 2 heeft een opvolger, de Road Attack 2 Evo. Fitted to a 2016 Ducati Multistrada 1200 S, the RoadAttack 3 gave excellent feel and confidence straight from cold. The thinking here is that they'll wear more evenly while still lasting well in the middle, and there won't be the distinct steps in grip, wear and softness you can sometimes feel on a multi-compound hoop. Bikes. Continental Road Attack 3 Review: quality score of 91%. Easily enough to get a decent picture of how this tyre performs. Conti confirmed that the front has 4.5mm and the rear 7.2mm of tread which bodes well for a decent life span. Well well, after Metzeler Roadtec 01s I put now the brand new and praised to the sky Conti Road attack 3s... felt good since first meters, everything was ok. Continental has aimed the Trail Attack 3 directly at the adventure bike rider who spends most of their time on the road but still wants to experience light stony / gravel trails. A great deal of attention was placed on improving the feedback, feel and traction levels of the front tire. Launched last week, Continental’s new RoadAttack 3 is the latest addition to the hugely important sports-touring tyre sector. /bikesocial/reviews/products/continental-road-attack-3, bikesocial/reviews/Products/Continental Road Attack 3, Bennetts is a trading name of Bennetts Motorcycling Services Limited, registered in England and Wales (company number 11453343) with its registered office at 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3AX. The latest Rain Grip compound technology … Bennetts Motorcycling Services Limited is authorised and regulated by the, Important. And during manufacturing, the temperature is finely controled to cook the centre bits a little harder, with a smooth gradient that softens the rubber toward the edges. You'd have to be riding a lot faster than I can see, and gassing the bejesus out of a powerful bike, for grip to become an issue. I hopped on an unattended BMW R1200RT and set off for a more leisurely comparison, but with the tyres now shouldering over 350kg and plenty of switchbacks to go before lunch down on the coast, they would inevitably be in for a bit of a workout. TIRE REVIEW: Continental Sport Attack 3. Continental Sport Attack 3. And when I picked my bike up with these tires fitted to it, it was raining cats and dogs. Conti declined to be drawn on numbers in miles or kilometres but say that they arrived at this figure from like-for-like laboratory testing. Find more reviews with MCN now. Thus, you get sporty grip in the corners, but a tire that lasts much longer in the middle than a flat-out sports unit. Continental; Conti Road Attack 3; ContiRoad Attack 3. Continental presenteert de SportAttack 3, de opvolger van de SportAttack 2 en waarschijnlijk de voorloper van de SportAttack 4. Pick up your Continental Road Attack 3 Tires for $123.44 - $199.26 today. This is only half a test of course and I wish we could have tried some wet roads or even a dry race track for perspective. I think the vast majority of riders will enjoy the hell out of these hoops, and I think they deserve to pick up a good chunk of the road riding market. The result of this new process is to “virtually” eliminate the need to scrub in the tyre which, in my mind, is an unquestionable bonus for us consumers and genuine progress in Conti’s product development. Contintental’s Road Attack family of tires are the sport-touring street-focused sibling of the “Hypersport” tire series known by the “Sport Attack” label. It remains surprisingly nimble and able to turn relatively quickly through the snaking and undulating downhill stretches between the bends. On our most recent scan for reviews of Continental Road Attack 3 we identified that it did a great job scoring 91% and from customer reviews at SportsBikeShop it scored Not Yet Rated out of 5 based on Not Yet Rated reviews. Continental's marketing budget didn't quite stretch to 5-star accommodations, but Grant was able to get us dinner and digs at the inimitable Golden Trout in Eildon. Ducati’s Multistrada 1200 soon quelled my indecision, kicking things off with a steady jaunt through towns and local back roads. The Road Attack 3 - Continentals Premium tyre. Do you mean Tyre? Hoewel Continental beter bekend is voor personenauto- en vrachtwagenbanden, is dit Duitse merk steeds meer aanwezig in de sector motorbanden. Bennetts Motorcycling Services Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (reg no. By the end of the day, the Yamaha had been punished by several enthusiastic testers but the rear was showing no particular signs of fatigue. And I'd suggest, given the howling pace of our test group, that about 98 percent of road riders will find these things stick like chewing gum in curly hair. Top Continental ContiRoad Attack Review Given 80% while driving a Aprilia RSV1000R Factory (180/55 R17) on mostly country roads for 1,500 spirited miles These tyres were on the bike when I bought it and had done a fair few miles. While different manufacturers may produce sport touring tyres with different characteristics, it is not easy to find a top brand sport touring tyre that underperforms in terms of warm up and dry grip these days. By continuing to use this website you give consent for cookies to be used. In 2012 bijvoorbeeld heeft Continental officiële erkenning verkregen voor de oorspronkelijke uitrusting van de BMW S1000RR 2012. More Gear and Products. The natural progression of Continental's ContiRoad Attack 2 Evo. So while it's the second biggest brand in Europe, they haven't caught on so much over here – but that could be about to change. On two occasions I did feel the rear just about lose traction, just enough to complain and squirm, rather than step out, which just served as a reminder to calm down a bit. The Continental Road Attack 3 Tire Combo includes ONE Front and ONE Rear Continental Road Attack 3 Tire in your choice of available sizes with the following features:. They always gave me the best all round performance. You can choose your lean angle and more or less relax as they carry you around the corner. I tried using some front brake while leaned over, which on the Pilot Road 4s usually results in an unsettling twisting sensation that pulls the bike upright. That's not to say they're hard to adjust a line on – even when you're banked a long way over, it's a piece of cake to nip out wider to dodge a pothole, or tighten the line with a touch of inside handlebar to stop yourself running wide. It was down to Yamaha’s revised MT-09 to provide the naked experience and round off the last 80km of the test loop. No big quirts of throttle but very hard late braking and plenty of trailing brake through the corners kept the RT planted and stable – a testament to a sorted bike mated to competent rubber. The RA3 dominates when it's hot and dry but it also excels in the cold and wet. Cue ‘Traction Skin’ technology – the tyre is finished with a “micro-rough” tread surface which gives the appearance of a used tyre, and replaces the slippery looking (and feeling) surface of a traditional tyre that is caused by the use of release agents during manufacture. The RA3 should take you ten percent further than the RA2 EVO which will please potential customers. Now, in theory, I can get down to business from the off with electronic aids watching my back. I don't know yet, but initial indications are good. De grootste verschillen met zijn voorganger zijn dat de motorband nu één milimeter meer profiel heeft, de slijtage-indicatoren anders gepositioneerd zijn en de band is uitgevoerd met een ander profiel en een nieuwe compound om prestaties op een natte ondergrond te verbeteren. Our mid-morning coffee stop arrived suddenly at the top of the mountains and by this time I was genuinely impressed as it was still cold, yet I was already so confident in the tyres that the chicken strips on the rear tyre were long gone. De drie is net uit en Peter Aansorgh mocht er mee rijden. Bennetts is a trading name of Bennetts Motorcycling Services Limited, registered in England and Wales (company number 11453343) with its registered office at 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3AX. The Road Attack 3 uses a single compound, optimized for around the same terrific dry grip as the RA2s, with 15 percent better wet grip, 10 percent better mileage, superior handling and quicker warmup. In fact, I'd happily take these things out on a track day. As well as my sportsbike, we had tourers represented by BMW's S1000XR and R1200R/RS, and Honda's VFR1200F. On day two, I concentrated on grip. This website uses cookies. Over two indulgent days, we flogged the guts out of these generously donated machines across a series of roads I know well, and a bunch I'd never sampled. The 4.5mm front and the rear 7.2mm of tread bodes well for a decent life span. I'm an idiot, though, so I rolled out of the tire shop and immediately hit the gas on my GSX-R1000. But the key question is: how long will they last? Continental produce their motorcycle tyres with … It's easy to get wrapped up in compounds and tread designs, sidewall stiffness and whatnot, but there are two key things Continental does with the Road Attack 3 that you won't find elsewhere. I get 3 years on the front tire and 2 years on the rear tire from April to mid-November in upstate New York, USA. Read MCN's expert review of the Continental ContiTrailAttack 3 adventure tyre here. Conti's Traction Skin technology helps what can be a daunting few miles for some customers when running them in. CONTINENTAL TRAIL ATTACK 3 - CONTI TRAIL ATTACK 3 is de meest wendbare band met aan- en afvoerband, 100% vertrouwen vanaf het begin voor moderne en krachtige Adventure Tourers. Just about anyone who's been riding for a few years gets a strong sense of what they like and what they don't, and I have to admit, I've never really considered Continental hoops as an option. Click for info on curbside pickup available at Cycle Gear stores & how we’re working to ensure a safe shopping experience. Not for offroad use. Save 24% ($64.76) today when you shop RevZilla for your Continental Sport Attack 3 Tires! Continental's new TrailAttack 3 90/10 adventure tires improve upon their predecessor with a new compound and construction, more wet grip and quicker warm-up. Radical tread pattern design which shifts more water from around the contact patch at all angles of lean, whilst also ensuring more even wear throughout the life of the tyre. Air temperature is now at the maximum 20degrees for the day and the sun has been warming the tarmac for a few hours, so I disabled traction control and set off. Item: P371861. Continental Road Attack 3: deep grooves go almost all the way to the edges – a testament to the tire's wet grip, Continental Road Attack 3: no longer has the curve-shaped treads you used to recognize Contis by, Continental Road Attack 3: a bit of a revelation for the uninitiated, Continental Road Attack 3: ready to rumble straight out of the tire shop, thanks to TractionSkin technology, Continental Road Attack 3: single compound tire that's hard in the middle but softens gradually as you move toward the edges – great idea, well executed, Continental Road Attack 3: Aussie press launch, Continental Road Attack 3 rear tire after ~450km, showing slight wear, Continental Road Attack 3 front tire after ~450km, showing slight wear. By continuing to use this website you give consent for cookies to be used. They are, however, an excellent tire for the rider who likes to straighten out a favorite back road as well as the avid track day attendee. Where most other tires are slippery and dangerous for the first couple hundred clicks, you can roll out of the garage on a fresh set of Road Attacks (even the old RA2 Evos) and go get elbow-down on the fourth damn corner of a track session. Latest. Since 2010 he's branched out into photography, video and audio production. Using the … They only have 2500 miles on them but seriously considering changing soon. But hey, we like that sort of thing. Consistent performance-oriented pattern design for better drainage in wet conditions. The fronts came up looking very lightly stressed on the shoulders, and otherwise you could wipe them down and sell them as new. Confidently charge your favorite tarmac with the Road Attack 3. Joining the team as a motorcycle specialist, he has since covered everything from medical technology to aeronautics, music gear and historical artefacts. The all new Road Attack 3 (RA3) from Continental is visually quite a step forward from the Road Attack 2 EVO (RA2 EVO). Greg Drevenstedt. Continental was also quick to point out that the SA3 is much more than a revised or updated Sport Attack 2, but an entirely new tire from the carcass up. Maar zover is het nog niet. Op en rond het circuit van Spielberg, dat tegenwoordig als … At a quick, appropriate pace the XR would roll repeatedly from one shoulder of the tyre to the other with ease. Designed for high performance, these will keep you glued to the tarmac. In fact, I'm trying to think of a situation where I'd abuse a throttle that badly by accident. Nothing much to report at a steady 120mph with a fair crosswind either. The all-around tire with the highest standards in the sport touring segment. This is an area where we now take exceptional performance for granted. The balance and neutrality of the bike is more pronounced and defies logic with its inflated girth and heftiness. The second key technology is called MultiGrip. Their Autodromo facility gives them what's needed. Best price on Continental Road Attack 3. Skid-pan testing in Germany tells me they're even better in the wet than the Michelins, which until this point were the best wet tire I'd ever experienced. Having sampled the tyres on a naked lunatic, faux adventurer and rotund tourer I can safely say that as far as dry grip and overall manners are concerned, the RA3 is an excellent road tyre. I have used Contis for 30 years. Also noticeable now is just how much information I can get from the road surface fluctuations. Typically it was the wettest day of the year so wasn't able to put much mileage on them, but just a 15 mile ride home in horrendous conditions showed to be better than the Pirelli's, even from new they gave good confidence in the (very, very) wet and they don't follow every ridge in the road. Hey Loz, I used Contis on my GTR for years in Oz. go get elbow-down on the fourth damn corner of a track session, New Street Bob 114 heads Harley-Davidson’s 2021 lineup, Sondors rides into electric motorcycle world with $5,000 Metacycle, Aprilia launches the 2021 Tuono 660 naked sportbike, Review: Cardo's Packtalk Black motorcycle headset rocks XL speakers, Small, slick French camper van is the bivy of van life, Designer protein helps paralyzed mice walk again in breakthrough study, Dutch EV is more than an ebike, less than a car, Astronomers may have detected background ripples in spacetime itself. Also notable was the finish of the tyres – despite being new they all looked, at glance, as though they had been pre-scrubbed for the test. Yes I did. Recommended for the Thruxton, Bonneville, Daytona 675, Speed Triple, Speed Twin, Street Twin, Street Cup & T120. Perfect tyre for tarmac use. Top Continental ContiRoadAttack 3 Review. If they give me anywhere near the mileage of the Pilot Roads, I'll gladly put my hand in my pocket and buy another set. A heavier-duty GT version of the rear is available in several sizes for bigger touring bikes carrying heavier loads. Conditions were variable; we rode mainly in the dry but with patches of damp, over a typical assortment of Aussie roads, some bowling-green smooth and others bumpier than a teenager's forehead and dusted with moss. September 11, 2015. Ive heard they are great in dry and wet conditions and warm up quickly. Shop Cycle Gear for our 30-day best price guarantee & 90-day hassle free returns. The most popular sizes are available now at around £240 a pair. MultiG…. With the use of their ‘Multigrip’ technology, Conti are able to reproduce the qualities of a dual compound tyre within a single compound by varying the temperature between shoulder and centre during the curing process. If you're Alex Hofmann. The new Continental Road Attack 3 tires are not race tires and they are not meant to be. Its new angular tread pattern, while understated, has clearly borrowed heavily from the 2016 Sport Attack 3, but with additional grooves for channelling more water, and has a modern appearance that is aesthetically more attractive than the curvy RA2 EVO.

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