car volume to max maps settings voice to loudest. One feature often overlooked is audio settings, and while having no voice prompts is easy enough to ignore while walking or commuting, having no sound to guide you while driving can spell disaster. Tip 1: Turn off Do Not Disturb While Driving. Apple’s “Do Not Disturb While Driving” is a potentially lifesaving iPhone feature, but it doesn’t always turn on automatically at the appropriate time. No Sound In Google Maps On iPhone By default, the Google Maps App on your iPhone is set to provide you with Voice Navigation. To follow an alternate route, tap the gray line. To solve iPhone with no sound bug, FoneLab iOS System Recovery could help you a lot. Because iPhone 11 had released, you may wait to upgrade to the newest iPhone. Chris Stromquist April 04, 2020 01:06; I am running Cloudready on a 2020 HP x360 ProBook. iphone volume to max. Try the following until something works. Tap the Directions box at the top of your screen 2. Voice navigation is available through the Driver app. The only way to fix it is to force close the app after accepting the ride or force closing my music app and open it back up to restore the sound to its original volume. And one of the most common problems that many of us have encountered is the “iPhone sound not working” issue. In this case, the problem could be entirely hardware related. I’ve tried VLC, Quicktime and just playing them in the Finder. Has anyone run into … Instead, Apple routes your alerts to your Apple Watch, especially when the iPhone is locked. Reply. uninstalled reinstalled maps. Have you ever encountered a situation that MP4 videos play well with high quality images but no sound no matter on Windows Media Player, QuickTime, VLC, or … And you seriously think this Do Not Disturb While Driving … I have Cloudready running on a old Macbook and the sound plays fine from video within Google Drive. This issue mostly happened after iOS update like iOS 8.1.1. The reason why it seems to be a bit complex thing is that the problem … It does work fine if playing when using the iPhone as an audio source, ie iTunes or another app, it actually fades the sound out and the navigation over it, as you’d expect. If your iPhone pairs to an Apple Watch, by design your paired iPhone does not chime when a new text arrives. In this article, we elaborate full solutions to fix iPhone 11/XR/XS/X/8/7/6s/6 no sound on calls in iOS 13.6/13.6.1/14 beta. Below we’ll suggest some possible solutions to fix the no sound on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Thus you need to turn off the feature to avoid "iPhone not receiving calls while driving" issue. If your problem is "iPhone won't receive calls while driving", it's probably because you have turned on Do Not Disturb While Driving in Control Center. If you forget to turn it off, now, turn … Here are the steps that you need to follow if Do Not Disturb while driving not working. Step 2: Click on Do Not Disturb. Restart your Phone: Restarting the iPhone has also solved the problem for some users, Close the videos application and restart your iPhone. Remove the cover/casing: If you are using a hard cover or a casing on your iPhone, it may lead to the no sound during recording a video on iPhone. Step 2: Under "Navigation Voice Volume", select one option-Loud volume, Normal volume or Low volume. … It can be caused by a loose wire in the connectivity resulting in no sound. No Sound on iPhone? Check out ten (10) different ways to get the issue fixed on Android and iPhone. 4. It is a professional tool to fix various iPhone problems. Do-not-disturb on iPhone really sucks (and how Apple can fix it) Even in 2019, the iPhone's do-not-disturb capability is firmly grounded in the olden days when voice calls were king. Except that, you can use a new set of headphone to solve the issue as well. Part 1: Simple Steps to Fix Can't Hear on iPhone 7 without Data Loss (Best Way) Part 2: Other Common Methods to Fix iPhone 6 Cant Hear Caller (May Not Helpful) Part 1: Simple Steps to Fix Can't Hear on iPhone 7 without Data Loss. For example, if you drive a long stretch on the road without changing directions, Google Maps audio may be delayed because your iPhone first has to reconnect to the Bluetooth device, then give the directions. all other sounds work, cant hear maps voice with bluetooth on or off and all volumes up. Decibels are useful in measuring sound because they can represent the enormous range of sound levels the human ear can hear using a more manageable scale. This thread is locked. May 22, 2019 at 12:00 PM. After talking about how to fix there is no sound on the iPhone issue, in this part, we’re going to recommend an amazing iOS data transfer tool – AnyTrans, which dedicates to help iOS users transfer iPhone/iPad/iPod data in a smart way. Do you know something about that . Solution 2: Restart your iPhone. … What if sound is not working on iPhone; How to fix iPhone with no sound bug after iOS 13/14 upgrade. Whether you’re getting issues like iPhone will ring but speaker won’t work, or no sound for calls and app, you you try the fixes in this post to solve the no sound issue. 5. It’s so frustrating to find no sound on your iPhone, sometimes you don’t even know what you have done to cause the sound problem. driving me crazy. The Ring/Silent button is really easy to activate by accident on newer models, such as the iPhone 6s. All my videos recorded and played just fine on my iPhone 7, but when I backed all my iPhone media up onto an external hard drive there is now no audio on ANY of my video files played or copied from the back-up hard drive! Sometimes your iPhone can lose sound immediately after you un-dock it or remove the headphones from the audio jack. We have all faced some weird issues on the iPhone at some point or the other. For example, you might be a passenger in a moving car, but your iPhone may think you’re the one driving. Tap the speaker icon in the top right corner If there is a line through the speaker, it means the sound has been muted. In … Also the map used to zoom in … If your navigation sound is turned on but you're not hearing navigation sounds, your phone's volume … This is the number one reason your apps or games have no sound. Whenever I get a request it lowers the volume of my music. Tenorshare … "It's called Do Not Disturb While Driving, and it's designed to reduce distractions and help you drive more safely. On iPhone 8/8 Plus and earlier: Swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone screen … October 7, 2020 October 11, 2019 by Dhvanesh. • Re-Dock the iPhone … How to fix the No Notification Sound issue on iPhone & iPad. This thread is locked. If you see “Searching for GPS,” your phone is trying to get a GPS signal. No sound while playing video clips downloaded from IPhone. The Speaker on Android Stops Working Suddenly. but i would actually like to use apple maps. We will recommend you remove the cover of your iPhone and try recording a video again. If the audio on your iPhone is not audible after upgrading to iOS 13/14, here is the best way that you can follow to fix the problem. So, if you are using a cover or a case for your iPhone 11, remove it and see if the sound works better. Not all the cases and covers are made from great materials and some of them might even cover some crucial parts of your phone even though they suppose to stay uncovered. installed google maps its working great. I have the same question (69) … Actually MP4 no sound problem on iPhone or computers is quite common when playing videos. If you assigned a custom ringtone to certain people in your Contacts list or changed the default ringtone, a deleted or corrupted ringtone can prevent the phone from ringing when someone calls.. To check the default ringtone, tap Settings > Sounds & Haptics > Ringtone, and … Tips to Fix iPhone Sound Not Working Issue. The second situation we mentioned here is that the phone makes no sound at all. Bluetooth has a delay because it doesn’t stay connected when your iPhone is not using it. Driving: Transit: Walking: Rides: Cycling: If alternate routes are available, they will be shown in gray on the map. There are several things you can do to fix this problem. How to Fix No Text Sound on iPhone X/8/8Plus/7/7Plus Tip 1: Mute Switch On the left side of your iPhone X/8/8Plus/7/7Plus, above the volume button, there is a Ring/Silent switch, make sure that you haven’t switched it on the mute mode. Before going any further, remove the case or cover of your device. You can follow the question … Unfortunately there are no sounds in the reading some vidos. Enable Voice Navigation in Google Maps for iPhone Step 3: Make sure that "No Voice" is not selected under this setting. The sound and audio problem on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is noticed when making calls or receiving calls, which makes it that you can’t hear the caller or the caller cannot hear you properly. As of now, there is no option to play a sound alert on BOTH your Apple Watch and your iPhone at the same time. These methods also can be applied to fix the opposite problem: the speaker works well but you cannot get any sound from headphones. Now turn on the toggle. Report • #1. pip22 January 21, 2012 at 05:12:41 Best Answer. When on radio setting it just cuts across it completely, but misses the first word or two. Tutorial - http://iphonenosound.comIn this tutorial there are many solutions and steps on how to resolve the no sound issues and problems on the iPhone. Your iPhone, like an Android, has a "driving mode. It's really annoying and you have to spend a lot of time troubleshooting. Games and apps will not output sound if your phone is in silent mode. I have downloaded some video clip from I-phone(apple) in my desk top computer. You will have to convert the videos to a format that Windows Media Player can fully recognise - … Then the next day no voices. Recently it seems like my app has bugs in it. Yulia says. Do Not Disturb While Driving is built into iOS for iPhone, so it cannot be removed at this time. However, if you cannot hear any Sound during Voice Navigation, it is most likely that you may have accidentally muted or disabled the sound … Thank you. When it comes to traveling from one location to another with the aide of your iPhone, ensuring your navigation app works as it should keeps you one step ahead of potential hassles. No sound when playing video from within Google Drive Follow. Change a custom ringtone.If your iPhone still doesn't ring for incoming calls, check your ringtone. As simple as it may sound, restarting the handset does magic to all the issues in hand. I’ve been driving for lyft for about 2 years and when I first started things were good. This will enable voice navigation in Maps. Everything is working fine except that when playing a video that lives in Google Drive I get no sound. Each increase of 10 dB represents an approximate doubling of the … Step 1: Go to Settings -> Maps -> Driving & Navigation settings. Nothing works! Just to an Iphone XR, want to use the same one drive app for the same purpose. You are done. Driving to an unknown location but your phone's Google Maps voice navigation isn't working? Reply. To turn navigation audio on or off, follow the steps below: 1. If the sound problems still are happening after the suggestions, then it’s … You can tell if your mute switch is activated if it is pressed down and you see a thin red line. Devices : iPhone 6, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPad 2, iPad 3 … I can play the clip but why I cannot listen to the auido ?I have window 8.1 . To start navigation, tap Start . How to fix iPhone 11 sound problems. By Candice Liu |Last updated on Jan 15, 2021. Thank you. On the decibel scale, the softest sound that can be heard is 0 dB. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. When referring to sound, a decibel is used to measure the amplitude of the sound wave. Last updated on February 9th, 2015. If you get a new iPhone, you must need to transfer … Step 1: Go to Settings app on your iPhone. sound on cell. no sound on video on pc but same video has sound on mobile p how do i get sound on my videos i have on my pc that were recorded with my mobile phone: See More: imported video from mobile to pc has no sound. Tip 2: Do Not Disturb Make sure that Do Not Disturb is off, you can check it by going to Settings > Do Not Disturb. iPad or iPhone notification sounds not working. Try setting it to Manually and see if this helps–go to Settings > Do Not Disturb > scroll down to the section Do Not Disturb While Driving > Tap Activate and change the setting to Manually. Users lost notification sound with incoming calls, texts, emails, FaceTime, games and other apps. For example, you might be in or near a tunnel, parking garage, or other location where there’s no GPS signal. Chia says: January 4, 2020 at 11:14 … Looked at my settins, called Apple....seem to say that is the one dirve app the problem and Microsoft should fix the issue.

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