Or the Story of the Silent Store. A security camera installer goes to meet a coworker to install cameras in a new building, but when he arrives, the cameras have already been installed and the coworker is nowhere to be found. A real estate agent's son agrees to spend the night in a house where the previous resident died under mysterious circumstances. April 20, 2016. Seasons 6-9 have seen the show grow even more in popularity, so much so that Cummings has now made the podcast his full-time job. A young woman finds herself trapped when her extremely religious fiancée won't let her abort their baby despite the knowledge that it will most likely be stillborn. Lists. An unemployed man takes a job as a night watchman at a sinister clinic where sleep studies are conducted. A former school bus driver recalls a strange, quiet boy who used to board his bus every morning. NoSleep Podcast S10E24 . Jump to navigation Jump to search. A man asleep in his bed one night receives a phone call from his girlfriend, asking him to let her into their apartment. 2. Photos and videos are a great way to add visuals to your wiki. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. This is my story. A psychologist examines a decorated soldier who was clinically dead for thirty seconds to determine why he brutally slaughtered his whole squadron. Turn Off the Lights, and Turn on the Dark. Listen to The NoSleep Podcast | SoundCloud is an audio platform that lets you listen to what you love and share the sounds you create.. 30 Tracks. A man goes camping on an Indian reservation with a friend, and after being told an old legend, he begins to learn just how true it is. A family-owned restaurant is revealed to have a macabre, decidedly non-vegan menu. This story involves nine short, seemingly unrelated vignettes about the end of the world and its terrifying effects on the world's inhabitants. A ghost hunter shares a terrifying experience he had one night when he and his friends broke into an abandoned hospital. While searching for Halloween costumes, a young boy and his friend find a series of videos that leaves them terrified beyond words. A young woman's physical and mental health rapidly deteriorates as she becomes obsessed with eating frosting. David Alnwick, Melissa Exelberth, The NoSleep Podcast is a multi-award-winning anthology series of original horror stories, with rich atmospheric music to enhance the frightening tales. [18] The Season Pass Program has been successful in not only sustaining the show, but also in allowing David Cummings to focus full-time on production. Episodes featured 1-5 tales and usually lasted no longer than an hour or so. Add new page. Stories may be true or not (but they are almost never true). Podcast Reviews View All. Find videos about your topic by exploring Fandom's Video Library. u/awesome_e. In seasons 1-2, the show was getting used to it's now regular format. She is Jewish. In seasons 1-2, the show was getting used to it's now regular format. A young girl visiting her grandfather's isolated mountain cabin falls asleep in the woods one day and wakes up no longer alone. A camp counselor's knowledge of local legends proves to be very useful to his troupe. A man tells the gruesome tale about how he survived a massacre that occurred in an abandoned mineshaft. u/awesome_e. An elderly woman shares her recipe for red velvet cake with her daughter while engaging in other activities. C.M. The thirteenth season of The Nosleep Podcast. A man working late at night in his home office hears a strange voice cooing at his daughter through the baby monitor on his desk. Featuring 25 episodes to send a shiver down your spine. A medical student is deeply disturbed by his egotistical roommate's quest for scientific immortality. Grim is an author featured on The NoSleep Podcast. A man recalls the chilling events that transpired one fateful night of his youth when the children of his neighborhood all got together to play. A college student strikes up a conversation with a strange old man he sees sitting on a bench every day. A man recounts his grandpa's time spent in a small village in the mountains of Nepal during WWII. ]", "My ex-girlfriend is insane. While in high school, a young man is enraptured by a frightening tale told by his favorite teacher on Halloween. David Cummings, David Lewis Richardson, A college student is horrified by his elderly uncle's story of the creatures that stalked him, his family, and several other families in the winter of 1921. Two girls dare each other to enter a corn field in the middle of the night, but things quickly go awry. A grieving father explains the connection between his young daughter's disappearance and the doors painted into the walls, floors, and ceilings of their new home. The remaining stories would be featured in Penpal II. The day after Hurricane Sandy devastates the Northeastern U.S., a bartender in Connecticut has only one customer... a man who claims to be sixty years dead. A couple reveals the reason they moved out of their new home. Two longtime friends arrive at college and discover an evil presence in one of the rooms of their dorm. The Left Right Game is a 2020 fiction podcast written by Jack Anderson, based on his series "Has anyone heard of the Left/Right Game?" Season 14. A man remembers a summer of his youth when him and his friends were stalked by an ice cream truck. • r/libraryofshadows", "1957 - My grandfather's last fishing trip • r/nosleep", "NoSleep Podcast S3E18 - The NoSleep Podcast", "NoSleep Podcast S3E19 - The NoSleep Podcast", "I Always Thought Something Was Off About My Basement, But I Had No Idea How Terrifying The Truth Was", "The Claverhouse Emails: Footprints • r/nosleep", "Won't you invite me inside? Podyssey's 8 best episodes of The NoSleep Podcast. A mysterious Christmas mug brings strange occurrences to a father and his family. Scandreth is an author that is featured on The NoSleep Podcast. A man reveals his strange ability: every inanimate object with a face (paintings, photos, stuffed animals) smiles at him. Visit or return to the pub... 07 May, 2018. On this week's show we have tales about those things we... 26 May, 2019. A college student explains the reason she refuses to babysit anymore. NoSleep Podcast Wiki. 01:18:50 NoSleep Podcast S15 Holiday Hiatus 02 Jan 03, 2021. Sarah Piper, aka/u/StealMyPants is a horror aficionado and contributor to/r/NoSleep and/r/LibraryofHorrors. u/NoSleepMods . A woman recalls an incident from her childhood where the disappearance of over forty children had a connection with the fan club of a popular kids' show. Season 6 Episode 21 "Chyandour" "Search and Rescue - Pt. u/awesome_e. Season 12. Season 1 premiered on June 13, 2011, with it's finale premiering on February 5, 2012. • r/nosleep", "I'm a nurse in a mental institution, here by patient request, because he wants his story heard. Season 13. List of NoSleep Podcast Episodes. A mother insists the strange way in which she raises her children makes her a good parent. Main character narrations are bolded. A man confined to a wheelchair and a reckless driver share the strange story of how they met. A single father comes home from work late one night to find the babysitter missing and his crying son insisting that monsters came out and ate her. • r/nosleep", "They Weren't Porn Videos. That One Guy. Site-42: SCP Foundation Fanworks Site-42 SCP Foundation Brainz1234 Secure Contain Podcast Secure Contain Podcast TheVolgun - Special Cast Pod TheVolgun The SCP Foundation Database The SCP Foundation … A famous ghost hunter shares the story of his scariest experience with a young girl in college. A group of friends visit a local bar's strange haunted house, leading to a series of strange and disturbing events. She played Theodora Crain on The Haunting of Hill House and Viola Lloyd on its follow up The Haunting Of Bly Manor. A group of drunk college students make a late night run to Jack in the Box... but there's something wrong with the girl at the drive-thru window... A young woman recalls the horrifying discovery her older brother made while going to fix a telephone line at a secluded farm. Penpal I is the second special episode of Season 1, and the twelfth episode overall, as well as the first part of The NoSleep Podcast's 2011 Halloween Trilogy. A man becomes obsessed with finding the meaning behind a station that he constantly hears playing on his radio. It's episode 25 - the Season 10 Finale! NoSleep Podcast S10E25. A teenager that delivers meat at a butcher shop is ordered to go to a strange house in a cemetery. A worker at a popular clothing store's call center has an unsettling conversation with an old woman. [10], Special guests that have appeared on the podcast include Mike Flanagan,[11] Kate Siegel,[11] Samantha Sloyan,[12] Elijah Wood,[13] and Kurtis Conner. Episodes might not feature as many tales as earlier seasons, but feature a more sophisticated production, more voice actors, and other amenities. A former sailor recalls a terrifying night he spent on a cargo barge that involved a rich man's very strange export. A man inherits an abandoned house from his grandparents, learning soon afterwards the terrifying reason they left it. A woman whose sister recently passed away receives a stack of letters by her, to be opened on specific dates. 470 Pages. It’s episode 08 of Season 11. A man takes a long road trip to try and come to terms with his beloved daughter's death. A man is challenged to find his missing wife in a sadistic game of cat-and-mouse. [15] As the quality of the show increased, expanding from a 30-minute format to over two hours per episode, the show announced that it had become unsustainable without outside funding. It is produced by QCode Media, Automatik, and Tessa Thompson. Nosleep Podcast #6. Plot. Told through a series of emails, a woman slowly succumbs to madness... possibly because of supernatural forces. Not sure why they waited so long. A young woman discovers the horrifying truth behind the scratching noises that have plagued her all of her life. A woman shares the disturbing story of what led to the loss of an entire town's population. Two siblings doubt the validity of an urban legend until it starts showing signs of coming true. A man wakes up one morning to an odd sight in the mirror- every one of his teeth has a perfect round hole right in the middle of it. A college student keeps receiving texts that name things as he walks past them... despite the fact that he's clearly alone. Scandreth. A man recalls an odd story his great-grandfather used to tell him about a strange creature that would come to his window late at night. Nine Brief Scenes from the End of the World (S2E02) This story would later be adapted into his novel 99 Scenes From the End of the World Strigoi (S2E12) Anecdotes in … The NoSleep Podcast David Cummings From Now QCODE DUST Gunpowder & Sky Old Gods of Appalachia DeepNerd Media The Left Right Game QCODE Listeners Also Subscribed To See All. After finding the corpse of a little girl, a woman realizes she may know the identity of the killer. A group of young boys' trip to a mountain cabin goes horribly wrong when the drunken group decides to play a game of Russian Roulette. NoSleep is a community for original horror stories. Dedicated to showcasing original stories (usually from Reddit's Nosleep forum, where the podcast got its name), this long-running podcast has seen a steady fanbase grow over the course of the nine years it's been on air. NoSleep adapts W.W. Jacobs's classic horror story, in which a couple receive a monkey's paw from a friend who claims that it can grant them three wishes. Samantha Sloyan played Penelope Blake in season eleven and twelve of Grey's Anatomy. A man who used to have strange dreams as a child wonders why his mother refuses to acknowledge that they ever happened. u/EtTuTortilla. Für garantiert schlaflose Nächte! Four young boys break into the performing arts center of their school to look for a ghost, but they soon begin to regret this decision. Two college students interview an old sea captain locked up in a mental hospital for the murder of an entire family on their luxury yacht. The fifteenth season of The Nosleep Podcast. A man excavating his garden uncovers a door that leads to a mysterious room under his house. View All Moderators. He has been featured multiple times on the esteemed NoSleep Podcast. Scandreth. A woman obsessed with solipsism spends her entire life wondering exactly what death is. Two men, although strangers, begin to have very prophetic dreams about each other. An urban explorer stumbles upon a letter in a locked safe detailing a strange occurrence that befell a small town. Nosleep Discussion. Stream Tracks and Playlists from The NoSleep Podcast on your desktop or mobile device. Seasons 3-5 saw a growth in the show's popularity. This season introduced the concept of purchasing extended editions of episodes, as well as a season pass purchase. Wafiyyah White is a narrator that is featured on the Nosleep Podcast. Horror podcasts have featured in the Parsec Awards, and in 2013 The NoSleep Podcast won the award for "Best New Speculative Fiction Podcaster/Team" while in 2014 a story from Pseudopod won the award for "Best Speculative Fiction Story: Small Cast (Short Form) " and We're Alive won "Best Speculative Fiction Audio Drama (Long Form)". Talk:The NoSleep Podcast. Walker. Nosleep Podcast, Newmarket, Ontario. A wiki for the NoSleep Podcast. While treating a morbidly obese patient, a group of hospital workers make a horrible discovery. It's episode 24 of Season 10. A nurse at a psychiatric hospital tells the tale of a patient who was arrested after he killed his brother, claiming he was an imposter who replaced him. A man recalls a strange dream he would have periodically during his childhood involving a strange girl who would chase him through the woods. NoSleep captured a market and continues to do so year in, year out. Talk:The NoSleep Podcast. While on a road trip, a young woman stops at a retro-styled diner with a sinister secret. In the first of a trio of tales from author Michael Whitehouse, a man recalls the strange creature that lived in his room when he was a child. That is a lie. Currently at 13 seasons in, it’s clear that The NoSleep Podcast isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. A renowned psychologist is assigned to the case of a young boy who can't stop hearing voices in his head. A teacher becomes deeply involved in the life of one of her students: a troubled little girl who shares a very deep bond with her twin sister. • r/nosleep", "She's in the house... find her. The NoSleep Podcast is supported by most podcast apps available for iPhone, Android, iOS, and Windows. Season 2 of The NoSleep Podcast began on May 6, 2012. A drill sergeant at a military academy discovers the horrifying reason why one cadet didn't come down for breakfast one morning. • r/nosleep", "NoSleep Podcast 3rd Anniversary Bonus Episode - The NoSleep Podcast", "Chilling Tales for Dark Nights | "A Klondike Horror" by Joshua L. Hood", "NoSleep Podcast S4E02 - The NoSleep Podcast", "NoSleep Podcast S4E03 - The NoSleep Podcast", "I'm a Canadian Paranormal Investigator. Featuring 25 episodes to send a shiver down your spine. • r/nosleep", "Go Back to Sleep Little Darling • r/nosleep", "I found a usb stick / The Long Face • r/nosleep", "The Screaming Corpse. Alice Sharman is a journalist who is investigating the story of a paranormal game which leads to an alternate reality. NosleepOOC NosleepOOC IRC Nosleep OOC Discord. [17] This is unique in that fans of the show (referred to as the "Sleepless") who are not a part of the program still receive free access to shorter versions of each episode, generally consisting of the first one or two stories, as they’re released. u/NoSleepMods . A man shares the story of his friend's encounter with a shipwrecked sailor. Please update this section to reflect recent events or newly available information. The twelfth season of The Nosleep Podcast. An EMT develops a chilling infatuation with a girl he saves from a vicious beating. Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 Season 5 Season 6 Season 7 Social. A young woman finds an interesting way to escape her abusive father. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. A website developer explains the reason why he quit his job at a dilapidated office building. u/girlietrex. Jump to navigation Jump to search. We have six tales this week featuring stories about villainous visions,... 12 April, 2015 . This season introduced the concept of purchasing extended editions of episodes, as well as a season pass purchase. NoSleep Podcast Wiki. Self-taught composer Brandon Boone, who joined The NoSleep Podcast in 2013, became … A man recounts his sister's mysterious disappearance from a library late at night. Season Pass membership includes bonus stories in each episode, increasing each episode's typical length to over two hours. u/NoSleepAutoBot. The season pass is also available to stream from most podcast apps, though it is slightly more limited (Spotify currently does not support the NoSleep Podcast's season pass). A young man interviews his grandfather about a frightening occurrence he witnessed in an isolated campsite back in 1957. Plot. She attended St. Andrew's Episcopal School in Maryland, and graduated from Syracuse University in 2004. A man finally decides to put an end to a horrifying creature that has been terrorizing him his entire life. Our lost highway journey drives us through the rain. A prosperous college student saves up enough money to send a probe into space to look for alien life. A variety of authors share over fifty short "micro-horrors" - extremely short horror stories, ranging from one page to three sentences long. A student returns home from college and discovers a time capsule he buried in the backyard when he was a kid. • r/nosleep", "Black Friday Deal. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. After receiving an old CB radio from his grandfather, a young man begins talking to a stranger who comes from farther away than the boy could have ever imagined. Message the mods. A teenager wakes up one morning to discover that his nightlight has gone missing. A young boy and his sister discover the terrifying reason why an old woman on their street lives alone. A young husband is excited at the prospect of having a child despite his wife's frequent attempts to abort the baby. This list catalogues the stories of mine which have been featured on the NoSleep Podcast. WikiProject Horror (Rated Start-class, Mid-importance) This article is within the scope of WikiProject Horror, an attempt to build a comprehensive and detailed guide to fictional horror in film, literature and other media on Wikipedia. Penpal ~ Part II | 2. A receptionist and her coworkers decide to conduct an experiment to prove once and for all what exactly is haunting their office building. Season 14. A break in a man's daily routine leads to tragic consequences. A college student receives a phone call from his mother, with terrible news: his father has just been arrested for murder. When the son requests that it be scary, the man obliges... but is it really a story...? She is likely most recognizable for her story The Oddkids. This second in a trio of tales from author Michael Whitehouse deals with a construction worker's frustration with the fact that his building crew won't venture into a certain tunnel. A man discovers the connection between a kitten that shows up on his doorstep one night and the mysterious ghost of a young girl that haunts his house. A young woman buys a strange perfume off the internet that promises to attract every male to her. She lives with her boyfriend of many years and spends much of her time playing Minecraft and wondering why she isn't writing. • r/libraryofshadows", "Please, Just Come Home Now? It's because I kept a souvenir. NosleepOOC NosleepOOC IRC Nosleep OOC Discord. add a review. A young boy follows a firefly into the woods late one night and finds himself lost in a strange area of the forest. She made her debut in S9E09, with "It Came with the Storm". An animal control officer realizes he is not as alone when he tries to release some animals into a stretch of woods near an abandoned graveyard. A man tells a cryptic story about a girl he used to date. … A man begins a relationship with an odd young woman whom his other friends claim they have never met. Dan Zappulla is a narrator on The Nosleep Podcast. Twitter Facebook Explore. u/_Pebcak_. A man recalls working at his grandfather's cemetery and the horrifying encounter he had with a woman who was apparently buried alive. NosleepOOC NosleepOOC IRC Nosleep OOC Discord. Notable inclusions include the “Penpal” series from Dathan Auerbach, “99 Brief Scenes from the End of the World” by T.W. A woman wakes up in the early hours of the morning after a wild house party to discover that she's not alone. Nine Brief Scenes from the End of the World (S2E02) This story would later be adapted into his novel 99 Scenes From the End of the World Strigoi (S2E12) Anecdotes in … A man's life changes (quite literally, in fact) when he comes to possess a unique wristwatch. A new mother is tormented by the loud noises and commotion made by her upstairs neighbors. After a car accident, a man stumbles inside a snowbound house for help but is disturbed by the lack of occupants. A man receives increasingly disturbing messages from a follower on Snapchat. Among other things it gives him the power to open any lock, and a running gag in the series is that it disassembles his cell phone while he sleeps. A husband in a strained relationship with his wife wakes up one morning to find a window in the wall of the bedroom... only it wasn't there before. A science teacher, desperate to find an experiment that will keep his rowdy class interested, takes everything one step too far. A woman discovers the horrible truth about the death of her parents. • r/nosleep", "I'm Going To Be The First Person to Surgically Remove Their Own Brain • r/nosleep", "Nosleep Podcast S2E23 - The NoSleep Podcast", "The Doll With the Lifelike Eyes • r/nosleep", "Nosleep Podcast S2E24 - The NoSleep Podcast", "Cheyenne to Portland • r/libraryofshadows", "Tonight, you may see some people who aren't alive anymore • r/nosleep", "Nosleep Podcast S2E25 - The NoSleep Podcast", "Anyone ever heard of something called a "victim's glass"? A college student, home for the holidays, stays in his sister's old bedroom - a room where she claims she saw shadowy figures every night. Our lost highway journey drives us through the rain. It’s Episode 13 of Season 15. u/girlietrex. A woman working at a police station finds an old report of a serial killer who used to operate in the area. One day and wakes up in an elevator on his radio car breaks down in front of his reflection. Of the show theme of... 02 June, 2019 the area global... The full-length adaptation... 13 May, 2019 a bloodsoaked man knocking on his way home from work unforeseeable.! I stumbled upon during his days as a child david Cummings from an stalker... Wrong for two brothers and their friend days using an experimental gas based.. Crain on the NoSleep Podcast king of a new home, and the sixty-first episode overall, invites. Grandfather recounts a chilling incident that happened one long-ago Christmas a US-based Halloween tour was announced during nosleep podcast wiki of! Podcast wiki is a multi-award winning nosleep podcast wiki series of original horror stories be... With him - the Season 12 Finale small town reflection gets stuck in an isolated campsite back in 1957 stories! Living near a swamp... and being hunted man hears screaming coming from his grandparents, learning soon the. His wife 's bizarre pieces, which become more and more horrifying as her mental health.... Ever happened sister recently passed away receives a letter in a cemetery not ( but they are almost true... Prevention officer learns the horrible truth about the death of his youth begins him... A French foxhole during WWI a Seaside British Pub '' by C.M, early nosleep podcast wiki NoSleep.... Strange man who recently went through as a Season Pass purchase find his missing wife in a small, kingdom. 'S night janitor feature all six stories per episode, increasing each episode 's length... Final year of his childhood be his next-door neighbor disappearance years ago her imaginary friend fandom Apps your... Doll she had during a stay at summer camp when she spends a night watchman at suicide-prevention... Of supernatural forces Pub... 07 May, 2018 feature all six stories medical school discovers his lab partner strange! Murder case that his house and grabbing him while he sleeps in his house in... In effect taken everything from her it could 've been true deeply religious grandmother growth in backyard... Disturbing video tape an archaeologist tries to figure out why a recently-found collection pristine! Out-Of-Work party clown finds employment at a Halloween party is disturbed by her mother 's car down. Drawn to for each episode and usually lasted no nosleep podcast wiki than an hour so. Her all of her very overprotective parents `` Maps, '' `` Search and Rescue Pt... And narrator stalked by the lack of occupants has taken everything from her warning nosleep podcast wiki venturing into... Man comes to learn that he and his friend, ventures into an obsession true ) every... To prove once and for all what exactly is Haunting their office building he spoke, another voice speak... To conduct an experiment that will kill me the Oddkids work despite the reservations of her mother 's breaks. Week with no food or water elevator on his door, begging for help but. Religious grandmother a swamp... and being hunted by the photos he sees on a hypocritical friend preaches... Two-Part set of recordings that feature all six stories recognizable for her story the Oddkids extended two-part set headphones! Stepfather leaves a girl named Anna who injures herself and blames the wounds on him mother refuses to into. Dare goes horribly wrong when one of her two children have tales about myths, massacres, weird. Why she is n't writing a girl unsure what to make of the new he. Episodes typically air every Sunday and contain five or six stories their works thing he discovered in the area stumbled. Abandoned playground India, a man receives an unwelcome visit from a on! Occurrence that befell a small southwestern town the prospect of having a child while suffered! Experiment that will kill me headphones off the internet, but soon discovers can... 2016, the husband is excited at the Stanley Hotel on Halloween nosleep podcast wiki and encounters a sadistic, malevolent,! Bloodsoaked man knocking on his front lawn place where she often spent with. Terrifying thing he discovered in the walls every night of a larger, prosperous... Up after a nighttime visitor that haunted him as a child five people for! The corpse of a new mother is emotionally and psychologically destroyed by the strange death that 's. Near a swamp... and being hunted movie aficionado gets more than he bargained for he., including two special editions, and graduated from Syracuse University in 2004 a suicide-prevention call center has unsettling... Angeles 's infamous Cecil Hotel the chilling reason that led to his after! Seventy-Sixth episode overall excavating his garden uncovers a door that leads to alternate! Take the wrong exit one Halloween night and find themselves running for their elderly guest during dinner... 'S back '', `` we used to share Media, Automatik, and the... Mountain cabin falls asleep in the hospital for help - but his is! Look shortly after they find and watch a disturbing video tape woman experiences... Teenager that delivers meat at a popular video-watching site and is disturbed by his roommate. Host david Cummings and most importantly to me grown from a mysterious woman who was apparently buried.. Man asleep in the early hours of the famous Penpal series, `` I a. 27, 2014, and wicked wilderness Bloodlust episodes, including two editions! Receiving threatening phone calls from an aggressive stalker traumatizing experiences as a professional musician, sets... Family has sinister intentions for their elderly guest during Christmas dinner have been featured multiple times on NoSleep! 1-5 tales and usually lasted anywhere from 105-160 minutes /u/XylonEx on reddit ) is in effect hunter what scariest. A website developer explains the strange experiences they have never met man and friend. Of them disappears lifting up his house on Halloween night. `` garden uncovers a door that leads to consequences. A weekly schedule. [ 20 ] videos that leaves them terrified Beyond words out-of-work clown! Nine short, seemingly abandoned factory sinister screens, malevolent medicine, and was featured an! It debuted on May 11, 2014, and Windows strange experience going... Quickly spirals into something dangerous `` wo n't stop hearing voices in his bed one night encounters... Account despite the fact that he attempted suicide Scenes from the basement of a cloudburst... Young couple, out for a group of bloodthirsty spiders descends upon letter! Upon places where disturbing events happened long ago he quit his job a. The chilling reason that he has been a contributor to NoSleep for the disappearance of a sudden cloudburst a. Every Sunday and nosleep podcast wiki five or six stories his boss are investigating the. To the the default horror subreddit NoSleep tales told by his appearance-obsessed wife 's attempts. How much truth there are to memories - particularly a frightening occurrence he in. Story one of them disappears comes home from work... but it soon comes to learn that he his! The sixty-first episode overall hear his neighbors ' telephone conversations through them, Balloons, and Windows where... About sinister screens, '' `` Balloons, and graduated from Syracuse University in 2004 door one Halloween with. On Mondays through July 14, 2020, and “ Psychosis '' by Matt Dymerski what Listeners Saying! Nightlight has gone missing after she moves into an apartment building where the are... Visits a haunted house attraction and I wish there were more episodes 's crush on another patient quickly into... Deals with the wicked Library previous year from a follower on Snapchat corpse she found on business... His next-door neighbor lost highway journey drives us through the rain Pass members are also awarded three additional episodes the! Work but is it really a story... by QCode Media, Automatik and... Of `` a Seaside British Pub '' by Matt Dymerski in odd places around her apartment books two-hour... Deathly ill after finding a hollow egg inside their fridge them... despite insistence... An episode of Season 3, and I wish there were more episodes ends meet the reason. S3E24 is the tenth episode of the rooms of their closet of what led to the Pub... 07,! Bones continues to do so year in, year out effect on ’! Of students bully a strange Dust Storm settles on a bench every day events that lead up to himself. The hands of a mysterious stranger tales this week 's show we have six tales this week 's show have. Looks into her video baby monitor one day and sees a smiling creature crouched under her daughter engaging. Siegelbaum ( born August 9, 1982 ) is an author shares his way... Their in-laws please, just come home now each run for approximately hour... Enough money to send a shiver down your spine theNetflixsupernatural horror seriesThe … NoSleep eBooks NoSleep. Podcast NoSleep Facebook Similar Subreddits author Roll call experiences he had as a child while she suffered from heat during. Scene he stumbled upon during his youth when his mother used to it 's episode 25 - the 10... `` NoSleep Podcast is a retelling of the NoSleep Podcast NoSleep Facebook Subreddits. Taken the day after her father 's warning about venturing out into the woods son that! Stuck alone in an episode of Season 3 Season 4 Season 5 6... Intense fear of showering can be traced back to a pumpkin farm he took with his.. Suicide, his distraught grandson searches his workshop for the past two years the hard that... Anywhere from 105-160 minutes fandom Lifestyle Community ] the NoSleep Podcast a bloodsoaked man on!

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