It's up to you to decide how useful the lecture is. Assessment - CA1: 30% + CA2: 40% + CA3: 30% = 100% - Week 6, Week 10, Week 13. but it's alot of memory work. It is advised to use the lecture slides as framework to know what to study. I took it as an UE as initially, I thought that the course format was simple. Firstly are UEs (and ger pe) on a first come first basis or random allocation? You still need to read the content that are not included in the hints. For tutorials. MPE - Immediate results on whether you get it, UE/GERPE - submit for random allocation, NO IMMEDIATE RESULTS. The important thing is not to stop _____.’ Fill in the blank to complete this quotation by Albert Einstein. Interview. UE Questions. HP8003 Are you ok? Online recorded lectures available. A short post about my NTU's medical checkup, with JM! Each quiz comprise of 2 episodes of documentaries, except the last quiz which comprise of 3 episodes. i think 50% project, 50% exam. Be prepared for heavy reading. 3 sets of MCQ, 2 case studies, and 5 opinions polls spread out across 8 weeks. hi!! Lastly, are language mods hard to get? The essay questions are quite straightforward, and it is good to look at PYP as reference. I still did use my laptop tho and sat really far away. The essay question will be provided in the first lecture and you will have to utilise information from the lecture and your own research. For the essay assignment, you have to do it either in groups of 2 or 3. I will not recommend this module unless you have an interest in the employment landscape in Singapore, and have the time and capacity to cope with the readings and content load. Lecture style: Videos + reading I took it as an UE as initially, I thought that the course format was simple. For the lovestruck Image Credit: 6. Use this essay test as an opportunity to strengthen your memory for those chapters so you do not have to study as hard for them for finals. Class is conducted in a lecture style; once a week for 3 hours. *Note: What I've written here is from our own experiences and the school may change how they conduct the course (e.g. HL8021: Fictions of Love: Film and Literature. 1. In addition, the lecturer does not like to reply questions via emails and expects you to consult him during lecture breaks, so if you have questions, you need to attend the lecture. From Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet to Suzanne Collin’s The Hunger Games, this English Literature … Once you settle your MPE, you can take the remaining time to submit your UEs since it will be random allocation based on the level of demand. Online recorded lectures available. Syllabus 1. You will be learning about the causes, symptoms and treatment aspects of every illness. The Number of Transfer Units (NTU) Method is used to calculate the rate of heat transfer in heat exchangers (especially counter current exchangers) when there is insufficient information to calculate the Log-Mean Temperature Difference (LMTD). Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. More emphasis will be placed on the later half of the course which was not covered in the mid-terms. This blog is dedicated to those who wish to find out about NTU modules. In addition, you get to choose 3 out of 5 short essays and 2 out of 5 long essays. CS8800 Media and Society In The Digital Age [UE] Can clear as GERPE-LA I think. The positive thing about this module is probably that the lecturer provides hints about finals. There is only one lecture per week, no recorded lecture. Readings are relatively heavy for a 3AU module. General Knowledge MCQ – GK Multiple Choice Quiz Questions Answers Part 1 . Settle your MPE first on Star Wars day. A content-heavy module, but interesting if you like to know more about mental illnesses! Mid terms includes MCQ and fill-in-the-blanks. hour lectures, a midterm quiz (implemented this year), and finals (100% MCQ, a few multi-answer MCQ) I think it's a STS for non-SBS students, and SBS students can take it as a UE. In addition, because there are 4 sets of MCQs spread across the 8 weeks, you will have to watch the lectures in pace. New syllabus and we were the guinea pigs. You may bring any paper (printed) materials in. It's open-book as well, and you need to elaborate your answers beyond what is given in the lecture notes. Contents covered include Tripartism, trade unions, maintaining healthy employment relations, the work of MOM, SNEF, NTUC, WDA, etc, psychological contract, and the various laws in Singapore such as Employment Act, Workplace Safety and Health Act. it shld be quite managable to get a B+ if u memorize and understand the … But the exam covers main concepts and not really the in-depth details, so it makes readings less tedious. if you didn’t get it, you can wait during add/drop until they allocate it to you (do check the vacancy tho). Hi, I would like to add a UE during course registration and I have a few possibly dumb questions. NTU Modules/Electives Review by denise. bm ; ue 3 n y - ee8067 ceramics in history, arts, gemstones, environment, and modern life ls ; ue 3 y: n - ee8084 cyber security sts ; ue 3 y: y -ee8085 electrification for the built environment sts ; ue 3 y: n - ee8086 astronomy - stars, galaxies and cosmology sts ; ue 3 y: y - ee8087 According to the professor, lectures are split into 1-hr sessions to allow better absorption of content. motivation, personality and social factors 40% Mid Terms (40 MCQs, Closed book), 60% Finals (2 hours, Closed book, MCQs, Short Structured Questions and Essay) This course is about managing crisis (think: who are the affected parties/how are they affected if Singapore is hit by a Tsunami). In other words, you have to complete 8 essays in 2 hours, so time management is important. Also, the lecturer kinda has a thing for people not using their laptops but only using paper and pen? This module is about the employment relations landscape in Singapore. Examples will be given and you just have to follow. Each question corresponds to one chapter, so you only need to work on one chapter for the test. The content for this module was rather heavy as compared to the other electives that I have taken so far. LK9001 Korean language level 1 NTU Assessment. For instance, how did sexual selection arise, why females prefer certain traits in males and vice versa, why mental disorders still exist despite being disadvantageous, etc. Submitting your UE on Star War day sort of give you some "early advantage" since Add/Drop is more for choosing something else which you didn't get during the first round. However, good news is that it is a pass/fail module. For the finals, it's purely essay questions and they are application-based. However, it is VERY VERY VERY content heavy. There were 2 mid terms with 30 MCQs each and a final exam of 60 MCQs. But since it's open-book, the bell-curve may be steep. In addition, you have to use a software for a part of the essay, which can be quite a hassle. It's a 4000-word essay (or 6000-word if you are in a group of 3). A lot of practice needed to get used to doing the problems cause got a lot different kinds -.- I did all the homework, never get full marks but at least get some marks. Tempted? Well, this is not my type. And do we add them during our course’s specific star wars date or during the add/drop period? Basically the new assessment have students write one essay, this essay will then be reviewed by four random peers (online mod all the way, about 500 ppl, never met one another). For the finals, you have to complete 4 questions (each question has 2 parts) within 2 hours. The lecturer always end the lecture way before time, sometimes even 1.5 hours ahead, so no need to worry about lessons ending too late. A MOOC online module which teaches you about symmetrical elements, qualitatively and quantitatively. However, it is advised to study at least 2 or 3 chapters in case the questions are hard. Lectures are recorded. Hearsay this is a difficult mod in NTU, so I didn't take it in Year 2 and pushed till exchange to take it. If you are shortlisted, you will be informed of the details on the date, papers you will be taking, recommended requirements on the devices and physical environment to sit for the entrance examination separately.

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