Buu (Gohan Absorbed)'s (when stamina is full) Other than that, Rosé Goku's Soul regenerates 3-6 bars of Ki when you are stamina broken (OR break yourself deliberately). Before the opponent attacks him, Buu shouts "Come here!" Before then, in the anime, Vegeta and Goku fought against Super Buu for a brief while, who easily beat them both down as Super Saiyans. He retains the Majin belt of his previous form. The first thing that Super Buu did after he transformed (aside from cracking his neck and powering up) was to brutally kill the deranged gunman Smitty by going down his throat in liquid form and causing him to burst. This is the only form Buu did not transform into since it is a fused form of two of his fissions. However, Chi-Chi slaps him for killing Gohan, and he responds by turning her into an egg and crushing her. Despite common misconception, Gohan doesn't actually let Majin Buu transform. He is only disrupted by this to a small extent (and while Gotenks makes 10 more, he becomes bored and comically reads a magazine about cars and drinks a soda), but figures a way to best this trick by simply moving out of the way, causing 2 of Gotenks' 10 newly created ghosts to simply destroy each other, while for comedy value, two more ghosts give each other a handshake and explode. Future Super BuuEvil BuuInnocent BuuKid Buu. Super Buu (Vegeta absorbed) performs the Final Flash. 7 . Note: This article is only for Super Buu. Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2: Ultimate Gohan V.S Super Buu … Goheta VS Super Buu . Super Buu about to blast Super Vegito . During the fight, Super Buu attempts to anger and play with Gohan, stating that Goten never looked up to Gohan as an older brother or hero and that Piccolo is extremely disappointed in Gohan. He is the strongest form of Majin Buu and the most powerful of the four main antagonists of Dragon Ball Z. A variation of Gotenks' attack used after absorbing him. Turning people into chocolate or candy or junk food. He retains the Majin belt of his previous form. The only time he ponders over his actions is when Videl, the daughter of Mr. Satan, confronts him. The jacket, cape, gloves, and black leggings of the previous forms vanish, replaced by two black arm bands with yellow linings and white baggy pants ending in black boots with similar yellow pattern ending in grayish brown shoes. It is used by Super Buu after he absorbs Gohan. They are show alternatively as being able to be projected from Buu's fingers or his palms. Unlike Majin Buu's obesity and Evil Buu's thinness, Super Buu is muscular, and much talle… The TV Anime Guide: Dragon Ball Z Son Goku Densetsu databook states that Super Buu with Gohan absorbed is so powerful that Goku is no match even as a Super Saiyan 3. The fact that Gohan wasn't even considered by Vegeta doesn't bode well for his fanboys. Super Buu (Videl Absorbed)/"Buudel" - Taken after absorbing Videl, this form also gives Super Buu a more feminine physique. Garlic This is Buu's version of the Mouth Energy Wave. Van Zant and Smitty | Gero | Princess Snake | It was only after Gotenks delivered a free punch to his jaw in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber that they turned red for the duration of the anime. Towa | Vinegar | A counterattack used after he absorbs Gotenks. This Villain was proposed and approved by Villains Wiki's Pure Evil Proposals Thread. Though he did not know it was possible, his voice opens a portal leading out of the chamber. Gotenks appears to be the superior fighter and performs moves such as trapping Buu into a ball made of Galactic Donuts. Do tell. He, as a child, is able to hold his… Cumber | Salt. 244 cm (8'0") Smiling, Vegeta does exactly that, despite Buu's attempt to stop him. When Super Buu finishes his meal, he plans to destroy Earth with a sphere attack, but by then Vegeta and Goku manage to find the pods containing Goten, Trunks, Piccolo, and Gohan. Buu's liquid form (that he used on Smitty) as used only in the anime, turning him into candy, Super Ghost Buu Attack, and a giant energy orb (with the intent of destroying the planet, also used exclusively in the anime) are completely unsuccessful, and he attempts to use his voice to tear through the fabric of the dimensions, but is foiled by Vegito (this is the only real difficulty Vegito has against him, another addition to the anime). He was voiced by Kozo Shioya in the Japanese version, and by Justin Cook in the English version. 135 Lv. naruto. It can be fired very easily with no charge up or special stance. Super Buu fights Gohan again and easily gains the upper hand, using his absorbee's attacks, such as the Galactic Donut and Special Beam Cannon. Goku completed his training with King Kai and fodder Krillin, Gohan and Piccolo decided to take on Vegeta and Nappa without Goku. In desperation, Buu yelled "LET ME OUT! Share the best GIFs now >>> Pui Pui | By absorbing Piccolo, he obtained Piccolo's intelligence and speaks with Piccolo's eloquence, while absorbing Gotenks gave him a slightly cocky attitude, though it is balanced by Piccolo's intelligence. It is not until he finds out Videl is Mr. Satan's daughter that he accepts, saying her smell is similar to Satan's. Furthermore, Super Buu's tongue is blue, while the original Majin Buu's tongue is colored red like that of Earthlings. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Super Buu animated GIFs to your conversations. Main articles: Absorption, Piccolo, Goten, and Trunks, Super Buu with Piccolo, Goten and Trunks absorbed. It is first seen in "A Whole New Gohan", after Gohan arrives and starts pounding Buu. [13] The absorptions grant Super Buu the vast power of Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks, the intellect of Piccolo, and an even greater supply of power from Gohan later on. Goten informs Gohan that Super Buu has killed almost everyone on the planet, including their mother Chi-Chi. First, Super Buu raises both of his hands backwards, and charges red streaks of electricity in his palms. Despite this, Buu still has the slightest of sentimental attachments to Mr. Satan, which is why Buu spares him and Bee from the Human Extinction Attack. These ghosts are also different from those generated by Gotenks, since they can perform the Kamehameha and Masenko attacks. When Gotenks faked being unable to make any more ghosts, Piccolo destroyed the entrance to the chamber to trap them inside. Super Buu raises his hands up in the air, charges a large pink energy sphere, and then he throws his hands forward and fires the attack at the opponent, inflicting a massive amount of damage. — "Meet Vegito", Super Buu All the fodder always leave the stronger people behind in DB. Super Buu's base form is essentially the same entity as Innocent Buu, albeit with the removal of the Grand Supreme Kai's good influence. Unlike Majin Buu's obesity and Evil Buu's thinness, Super Buu is muscular, and much talle… Android 18 (Future) | Super Buu, along with his pure form, is one of the only villains of the main timeline that killed most of the Z Fighters and most humans, the only exception being Goku, Gohan, Goten, Trunks (as Gotenks), Piccolo, Tien Shinhan, Chiaotzu, Mr. Satan, Bee, and Dende, however, the six above were killed when his Pure Form blows up the Earth, leaving only the four mentioned above. Super Janemba is much stronger than Super Buu. Additional Notice: This template is meant for admin maintenance only. Now with the ability to sense energy, he makes his way to Kami's Lookout where the Dragon Team and many of their friends and family are taking refuge. Super Buu (Krillin Absorbed)/"Buullin" - Taken after absorbing Krillin, this form also reduces Super Buu's height. While watching the fight in his Crystal Ball, Old Kai tells Kibito Kai that they are actually Super Buu's thoughts. Show Less. Super Buu's body becomes speckled and lines of the color forms below his eyes, gaining Cell's speech patterns and intelligence as well as some of his attacks: Energy Field and the Spirit Bomb. Son Gohan arrived shortly after, having been powered up by the Elder Kaioshin, and beat up Buu, who self-destructed in an attempt to kill Gohan. With Gotenks' and Gohan's power, Future Super Buu becomes even more powerful. One of V-Jump's magazine scans for the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga claims that, after absorbing Gohan, Super Buu gained power on par with Super Saiyan 3 Goku.[15]. Super Buu, unlike his other forms, is well-aware of the difference between right and wrong. [17] This form is called Ultimate Buu and Buu (Gotenks) in Dragon Ball Z: Legendary Super Warriors. Toei would probably say Goku doesn't need all these boosts on top of ssj3 to one shot Buu tho lmao . Super Buu quickly senses Piccolo, Trunks, and Goten and goes to them, demanding Gotenks fight him. Tien Shinhan distracted Buu to buy Gohan some time to recover, and Goku arrived with the earrings, but Gohan accidentally dropped one of the earrings before he could put it on. They are getting beat until Super Buu's hunger gets the better of him, Super Buu then flies towards a vacant cake shop and looks at the cakes. Main article: Dragon Ball Super: Broly The Vanishing Beam is a simple pink, perfectly round beam (it looks like a sphere when looking straight down it) fired from the palm of the hand. Super Buu and Gotenks have a rematch, with Buu using his Mystic Ball Attack in the process to destroy the Lookout. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Dark Demon Realm Mission! Super Buu's strongest form in both the anime and manga, Super Buu takes this form after absorbing Ultimate Gohan. 0 + Follow - Unfollow Posted on: Jan 07, 2021 . This is likely due to the unconscious influence of Kid Buu. He often uses this ability to smother his foes but has also used it to plan surprise attacks. Super Buu - Gohan Absorbed / Buuhan (Dragon Ball Z) [Add-On / Replace] Download Share. Dragon Ball Xenoverse : GOHAN Y GOTENKS VS MAJIN BUU Y SUPER BUU - La Posesion Por Sorpresa ! … When the first two ghosts to actually attack are gone, Gotenks devises a plan to lure Buu into taking the blast by tricking him into thinking that there is food on the ground, and the moment he approaches and looks, all but one of the ghosts cling to him at once, reducing him to a residue of himself, into which the final ghost traipses into by entering his mouth. Ultimate Gohan is a transformation achieved by Son Gohan after Elder Kaiōshin unlocked his potential. Super Buu gains Piccolo's white cape and keeps his white trousers and five-fingered hands after he is reduced to this form from his Gotenks absorption expiring. He eventually blows himself up in an attempt to kill Gohan, though this is later shown to be a method of passing the time in order for Goten and Trunks to fuse again (they must wait an hour before fusing again), when he reforms, he requests to fight Gotenks again, in a plot to absorb them. It is one of the strongest forms of Majin Buu and as soon as he transformed, he looked unstoppable. To slip out of this situation, Super Buu uses a piece of his head tentacle that had been previously severed to absorb Gohan, adding another casualty to his dietary menu, also the last of them to suffer this fate. If Super Buu is really >400x SSJ3 Goku then even if Goku could manage the SSJ3 with Kaioken x20 and Grade III stamina drain somehow he'll probably won't do much as absurd as this sounds lol. Anime name Super Buu fought Gohan again and gained the upper hand, using his absorbee's attacks, such as Galactic Donut and Special Beam Cannon. When Gotenks pretends he cannot do another attack (in order to make the final display of his Super Saiyan 3 transformation "all the more dramatic"), Piccolo destroys the entrance to the chamber, trapping them all inside forever. Upon doing so, he gains said being's powers. In the Ocean group's dub, his favorite flavor of candy is chocolate. Super Buu wraps Super Vegito. Kid Buu, Other His intelligence in this form (before absorbing Piccolo) is quite bizarre. He then throws his arm forward and fires the energy sphere at the opponent, inflicting high damage. Super Buu mocks, belittles and psychologically abuses Gohan after absorbing Piccolo and Gotenks. Following his absorption of Gotenks and Piccolo, Buu learns new energy attacks he can expel from his hands, presumably a form of Ki manipulation as both Gotenks and Piccolo were intimately familiar with the base technique and Buu had not displayed any such ability prior. Dragon Ball Legends (Unofficial) Game Database. Good Buu eventually gets locked away by Bibidi before being revived again in the Majin Buu Saga in the manga and anime. 0. It's over. There are three battles on your way. 10:57. One of Majin Buu's signature skills. It is said to possess enough power to destroy the whole universe in mere seconds and can act as a barrier to protect himself. 5:02. Super Vegito pummels Super Buu (w/ Gohan absorbed). The blasts are extremely fast and numerous and very hard to dodge. It is used by Super Buu after he absorbs Gohan. Super Buu holds Vegito after turning him into coffee candy. "Ultimate Demon Person Boo"). It is used after he absorbs Gotenks. Super Buu bypasses Krillin's attack with his Body Manipulation. In this form, he easily defeats Super Saiyan 3 Goku but only holds up for a short period of time against Vegito. Throughout his appearances, he shows zero remorse for his actions, committing various acts of murder, and terrorizing the people of Earth for fun. I own none of the material use in this video.I alredy did a AMV of this fight but i didnt like the result so hope you all enjoy this amv. Frieza | Super Buu is able to create a miniature clone of himself to operate inside his own body. Eating.Destroying things in his path.Fighting strong opponents.Absorb people stronger than him. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. More commonly known as Vice Shout. Super Buu Super Buu soon got impatient of waiting, so he got Piccolo to take him into the Room of Spirit and Time (also known as the Hyperbolic Time Chamber), where Goten and Trunks were training. Attributed theme music includes: "Mystery of the Z-Sword", "Demon Mist", "Majin Theme" and many other attributed themes. It also has several other variations. Mr. Shu | Ultimate Gohan Absorbed Buu: Super (DBL13-09S) Character Card Details. This new Majin Buu has tremendously more power and increased mental capacity than theprevious incarnation. Nappa | Super Buu is a mixture in appearance between Good Buu and Evil Buu, retaining Good Buu's skin color, but having a closer facial structure to that of Evil Buu. Like Frieza and Cellbefore him, Super Buu has his own theme music, including: "Buu is Fighting", "Scary Buu", "Super Buu Theme", "Buu Absorbs Gohan" and many other themes. Any act of removing this villain from the category without a Removal Proposal shall be considered vandalism (or a futile "heroic" attempt of redemption) and the user will have high chances of being terminated blocked. Super Buu beaten by Super Vegito. In Budokai 2, after absorbing Frieza he gains Frieza's style of speech, intelligence, and hatred of the Saiyans. This new Majin Buu has tremendously more power and increased mental capacity than the previous incarnation. He now wears Gohan's familiar orange gi and dark blue undershirt (though Super Buu removes them after his supposed absorption of Super Vegito); the tentacle atop his head increases in size and width, and his facial appearance closely resembles that of a human being. 魔ま人じんブウ (悪あく)超ブウ Super Buu Gohan Absorbed nicoholm13. He also stood no chance against Ultimate Gohan and was easily beaten down. More commonly known as Destroy Everything!. Although originally introduced as a mild-mannered and easily scared child, Gohan harbors an immense, limitless potential that surpasses that of his father. Super Buu takes this form in dragon ball heroes after absorbing beat note and vegito. "Gohan Fused" A Full Power Energy Barrage Wave fired from his fingers. Two instances include Super Buu taking a break to drink soda during his fight with Gotenks, and going crazy for cake while roaming around Earth, causing Old Kai to label him a "buffoon." Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission - Character Sticker - Super Buu (Adult Gohan Absorbed) 2. Super Buu is more confident and boastful than ever before, belittling attempts at stopping him by Goku. Super Buu firing his Human Extinction Attack, Super Buu using the Transfiguration Beam against Vegito, Super Buu opens a portal using Vice Shout, Super Buu uses the Special Beam Cannon on Gohan, Super Gotenks Buu using the Super Kamehameha, After Kid Buu absorbed the South Supreme Kai, he transformed into Huge Majin Buu. He retains the majin belt of his previous form. In the manga and anime, this is the first stage at which Buu calls himself "Super Buu". Though he had to use a trick, he did prove that he has the strength to hurt Ultimate Gohan, who beat Super Buu when he was at a much weaker power level. 10:57. In the manga, Vegito decides to immediately go Super Saiyan, suggesting that Base Vegito might still not be strong enough to engage Buu. When Gotenks turned Super Saiyan 3 and escaped, he fought Buu again, and had a slight advantage until he lost his Super Saiyan 3 power and his fusion wore off. Bibidi | His head tentacle also changes, as it becomes far longer and is seemingly mimicking the exaggerated hair acquired at Super Saiyan 3. Rather than his previously friendly rapport with Mr. Satan, Super Buu simply laughs at him. Buu has existed for many millennia, to the point where the actual date of his creation is unknown. Origin Interestingly enough his tongue changed from red to blue at the same time that his eyes changed color. https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Super_Buu?oldid=4036886.

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