Consciousness moves to the edge of its known world (anywhere on the edge of the sphere, the only “thing” in existence) and projects itself outward – in a perfect reflection of itself – creating two interlocking spheres. 2: Vesica Piscis: The pointed oval between the two circles is known today as the vesica piscis, a name attributed to the 16th century German artist Albert Dürer. Is Vesica Pisces a good symbol for a tattoo? Vesica Pisces is a simple symbol, with nothing too fancy about its design. The Vesica Piscis/ Pisces (from Latin – “fish bladder”, “vessel (mouth) of a fish”): holy figure composed of two same-radius spheres intersecting within each other’s circumference. Apr 14, 2019 - Explore Sujeeta Malik's board "VESICA PISCIS ☀️", followed by 4017 people on Pinterest. Vesica Pisces Wall Art This artwork can turn your art into a haven of tranquility & happiness. vesica piscis The process of Creation continues. In sacred geometry, the relationship between two interconnected spheres which is known as Vesica Piscis can explain polarity. However, this very simplicity is what makes it an excellent option for tattoos, as it can be stylized and used in conjunction with other symbols. Oct 19, 2020 - Explore Jan-Peter Semmel's board "Art on "Vesica Piscis"", followed by 1244 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about sacred geometry, art, geometry. Within the vesica can be found the triangle, the tetrad, the square, the pentacle, and many more polygons, making the vesica a true symbolic womb. Tagged as connection, intersection, mandorla, mandorla tattoo, obsession, Venn diagram, vesica pisces tattoo "This compelling, suspenseful debut, a tough-love riff on guilt, forgiveness and redemption, asks hard questions to which there are no easy answers." Ashley: a pair of angel wings above EunB and Rise’s death dates in roman numerals (IX.III.VII.MMXIV or on the back of her neck [explained on Sound K]; a mandorla or vesica piscis behind her left ear, matching with her cousin Phoebe The Vesica Pisces … It was created with the proper geometric standards for Sacred Geometries seamlessly blends into any type of geometric artwork of your choosing. Apr 9, 2016 - Ancient taijitu (yin yang) in vesica piscis by Maasiai on DeviantArt The vesica pisces was the symbol of the first manifestation, the dyad (reflection) that gaves birth to the entire manifest universe. -Kirkus Starred Review. The Vesica Pisces represents the Pythagorean “measure of the fish” or mystical conjunction of the spiritual world with the physical world and, with one end extended to look like the tail of a fish, was used as a simple “fish” symbol for the early Christian faith. The symbol of the Vesica Pisces is viewed as two overlapping circles that represent the effect of the first act of creation which is the Prime Radiant. LADIES’ CODE’s known tattoos! The Vesica Piscis Eye. A.k.a. See more ideas about sacred geometry, geometry, sacred. Vesica Piscis by Geige Silver - The representation of the number 3, as well as harmony, justice, and perfection.

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