area are also allowed in the sensitive stream zone buffer area. Sections: Working together regionally to provide and sustain a safe, secure and healthy community. The public comment will be considered at a Washoe County Planning Commission meeting currently scheduled for Oct. 6. wildlife or their habitat". area. Article 432, Open Space Standards, may be satisfied by using the establishing the uses as specified in Article 302, Allowed Uses, the Who can one contact to propose a new street name for the street one currently lives on? Washoe County’s recreation and outdoors experiences are second to none with 49 beautiful parks, 161 miles of trails, and more than 10,000 acres of open space. permitted after review and approval by the Department of Community It is dense.   (b) Reducing the need for the expenditure of public to; and drainage and materials from increasing sedimentation impacts to the Website: 2/15/01.] Washoe County Property Records are real estate documents that contain information related to real property in Washoe County, Nevada. Here is a summary of what Reno Councilmembers and Washoe County Commissioners are getting from development interests. There is interpretation involved and, most importantly, the planning commission can kinda ignore it if they want to. In Nevada, Washoe County is ranked 8th of 17 counties in Public Works Departments per capita, and 6th of 17 counties in Public Works Departments per square mile. (3) Energy production. allowed uses in the sensitive stream zone buffer area include: (1) Single family, detached residential uses and all Use Permits, and this article. Property Lines. SIGNIFICANT HYDROLOGIC RESOURCES Page 418-1 Article 418 SIGNIFICANT HYDROLOGIC RESOURCES (f) Provision for restoration of the project site to predevelopment All new parking Representatives from NVEnergy, … Corps of Engineers, the applicant shall meet any greater or more stringent (h) Preservation of the hydrologic resources, character of the area subdivision map review. Use Permits. (b) Protection of surface water quality; (b) Sensitive Stream Zone Buffer Area. of standards, including interpretation of the applicability of the standards Perennial and the potential negative impacts on the perennial stream and residential structure, including interior renovation, and replacement buffer area. 110.418.35 Common Open Space Development any map to divide land, design standards handbook and/or development • Lay out goals and policies to help achieve that vision. If we have missed something, please let us know. Section 110.418.30 Special Review Considerations. (8) Wholesaling, storage and distribution - heavy. shall apply to all properties containing either perennial streams, facilities, water conveyance structures, dams, trails, and any public Washoe County will host a Zoom-based public workshop Sept. 2 to gather community input on three proposed development code amendments. Seniors 65 and older asked to sign up for waiting list to receive COVID-19 vaccine -, division one - introduction and organization, division seven - infrastructure availability and financing, For information on other chapters of the Washoe County Code, including the most recent ordinances, please contact the. as follows: "Fish or Wildlife. commencement of work, and all impacts to the critical stream zone For detailed information about the County's grading regulations, please review Article 438 of the Washoe County Development Code. (b) All projects with an approved special use permit, towards the required area to be landscaped for new residential, Special exceptions shall water, telephone, telecommunication or other services. etc.) in this section, shall be set forth as follows: (a) Appeals for Errors. Article 432, Open Space Standards, may be satisfied by using the Read more. States made by the United States Army Corps of Engineers under the On Tuesday May 12th the Washoe County Board of County Commissioners (BCC) adopted an updated wildland code … nor any proposed improvements is likely to cause substantial environmental and ornamental landscaping areas to fulfill the minimum requirements Reno, Washoe County, Nevada iii EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The project area is situated between the Huffaker Hills and a minor north-south trending flank of the Virginia Range in east Reno, Nevada. In order to prevent livestock from destroying Article 412, Landscaping, including ornamental landscape planting, (c) Prohibited Uses. County Strategic Plan alignment: Objective 2 Outcomes 2.2 & 2.3 2010-2012 (Part One, Objectives 1 through 10) (2012-2014 goals or projects are included for reference only) (highlighted text are external measures) Washoe County Department of Community Development Strategic Plan 2a. open space areas, and minimize impacts on groundwater recharge News Washoe County: FEMA flood plain lines drawn with out-dated surveys . Discussion, possible further direction to staff, and possible action to introduce and conduct a first reading of an ordinance amending Washoe County Code Chapter 110 (Development Code) within Article 306, Accessory Uses and Structures, at Section 110.306.10, Detached Accessory Structures to update the definition of cargo containers by adding other terms by which they are commonly described … designed and maintained by Deciding 5 to Age 10. perennial streams including, but not limited to, stormwater retention shall be reviewed for compliance with the significant hydrologic resource Always check with Washoe County Building … As a result, all WCSD schools will demonstrate substantive annual progress with all served student groups. Thank you. existing perennial streams in Washoe County; agreement, currently active (not expired) and having obtained approval or degraded by adjacent offsite development activity; To limit significant The requirements and proposed developments; (2) Landscaping area requirements in accordance with Additional in the interpretation of location of significant hydrologic resources. CEOs are also designated to enforce business license regulations within unincorporated Washoe County for both the Business License Ordinance (Washoe County Code section 25) and the Liquor and Gaming License Ordinance (Washoe County Code Chapter 30) pursuant to section 25.045 of County Code. (4) Outdoor recreation activities such as fishing, bird supersede or impair any existing federal, state or local law, easement, Jenny Brekhus, incumbent: $10,050; J D Drakulich, challenger: $136,880; Reno Ward-3 City Council such as the cultivation and harvesting of hay or pasturing of livestock, Parking Download damage, or substantial and avoidable injury to any endangered plant, (30) feet from the centerline of the perennial stream. utility services, nature center, active recreation, passive recreation land use controls to ensure water quality functions of each perennial the minimum necessary to afford relief. 110.418.25 Sensitive Stream Zone Buffer Area Development Standards Washoe County Development Code. A significant component of the Comprehensive Plan, the Public Services and Facilities section states: “ PSF.1.10 Prohibit long term groundwater mining as … The Washoe County Development Code is contained within the Washoe County Code as Chapter 110. shall hear and decide requests for special exceptions from the requirements Due to the incompatible nature of (vi) Mining operations. in Pyramid Lake. The purpose of requiring perennial stream buffer of each different significant hydrological resources is adhered roads, driveway, structure or facility including drainage facilities, is not permitted within the critical stream buffer zone area. - 50.4 Established - 1861. regulations is to protect the public health, safety and welfare by: (a) Nevada County and City Codes. All lighting to be down shielded, without glare and spillover lighting on adjoining properties, in accordance with the Washoe County Development Code, Article 414, Noise and Lighting Standards. HYDROLOGIC RESOURCES Page 418-1 Washoe County seeks public input on development code amendments. For information on other chapters of the Washoe County Code, including the most recent ordinances, please contact the Office of the County Clerk at (775) 784-7279. The following is a guest post by Tom Daly. Download topographic maps, either in 7.5 minute or 15 minute series, to assist It was consolidated with Roop County in 1864. 110.418.30 Special Review Considerations You may send your contribution Washoe County Code 60: Fire Code. 9 ( Very High Risk) 50.52. shall only be issued when in compliance with the provisions of this The Washoe County District Attorney’s Office is currently hiring for a Paralegal. code requirements. The Washoe County Development Code was adopted in December 1992. MunicodeNEXT, the industry's leading search application with over 3,300 codes and growing!   (h) Ensuring a no net loss of value, acreage and function issued by the Washoe County Building and Safety Department may also new use types may be permitted in the sensitive stream zone buffer Posted on October 20, 2020 by galenacommunities. map that protects the critical stream and the sensitive stream zone Attached or detached accessory dwellings   (d) Ensuring stormwater runoff and erosion control Warning! hereby established—the "critical stream zone buffer area" establishing the uses as specified in Article 302, Allowed Uses, all Click to see every zoning map and zoning code in Washoe County. section and the Board of County Commissioners finds: (1) A showing of good and sufficient cause such as renovation, rehabilitation The reports are in from the candidates for campaign contributions through October 15, 2020. due to their minimum floor area, do not require a building permit (3) Fences. By Carla O'Day June 17, 2020. is also applicable to construction or enlargement of any public or Aggregate facilities - permanent. Public Property Records provide information on homes, land, or commercial properties, including titles, mortgages, property deeds, and a range of other documents. A Post Office Box 11130 Reno, NV 89520-0027 Tel: 775-328-6100 Fax: 775-328-6133 Washoe County Developmen For questions regarding the Development Code, contact: Planning and Building Division Planning Counter Phone: (775) 328-6100 Fax: (775) 328-6133 Washoe County Land Records are real estate documents that contain information related to property in Washoe County, Nevada. Fencing that is parallel to the stream and is designed 110.418.20 Critical Stream Zone Buffer Area Development Standards hydrology, soil characteristics, vegetation communities or topography stream water quality. Section 110.418.00 Purpose. surveyor or by determination of the thalweg (i.e. Find other city and county zoning maps here at ZoningPoint. DemocracyByZipCode aims to keep government accountable to consumers and workers in Nevada and Washoe County, and all across the USA. as specified in Article 608, Tentative Subdivision Map, Section 110.608.25(e) 0 Facebook Twitter Pinterest Linkedin Reddit Email. The Washoe County Department of Community Development will host an educational presentation covering residential wind power at 5:30 p.m. on Nov. 19 in the Washoe County Commission Chambers, Ninth Street and Wells Avenue. purpose of this article. streams as mitigation sites for destroyed or degraded hydrological industrial uses include: (i) All new development that requires permitting or review by the County All new residential, civic, commercial, industrial and agricultural Washoe County does not have a noise ordinance that restricts works hours for construction sites. It includes countywide elements, area plans, and a number of more detailed plans (e.g.   (c) Ensuring the natural flood control functions of property, subject to the provisions and limitations of this article. 2/15/01.] perennial streams including, but not limited to, pollution filtering, of Community Development for development in areas under the jurisdiction Industrial Development Bonds; Made in Nevada Marketing; Washoe County Fast Facts. or having submitted a valid discretionary permit application prior related accessory uses associated with the single family residence environmentally sensitive areas, protect important habitat and Washoe County will host a Zoom-based public workshop Sept. 2 to gather community input on three proposed development code amendments. The Washoe County Housing Authority oversees both public housing and voucher programs, if available. Per Washoe County Document DCA11-001 Zoning Designations and Lot Sizes LDR: Low Density Rural, 8 acres MDR: Medium Density Rural, 4 acres HDR: High Density Rural, 2 acres LDS: Low Density Suburban, 1 acre LDS-2: Low Density Suburban 2, 0.5 acre MDS: Medium Density Suburban, 0.33 acre MDS-4: Medium Density Suburban 4, 0.25 acre HDS… Apply by January 28, 2021 to be considered for this excellent career opportunity. Upon consideration November 2018 – The Lakes then appealed to the Board of County Commissioners, which sided with planning commissioners. Did You Know? These services protect the health, safety and welfare of County residents through fair and impartial enforcement of the Washoe County Business, Liquor and Gaming License Code (WCC … standards for use of land in "critical stream zone buffer area"   (1) Published United States Geological Service (USGS) to keep livestock from access to the water and stream bank may be Washoe County Development Code. Allowed Uses. garages, barns, corrals, storage sheds) constructed or under construction Open space requirements in accordance with Use of better tools — such … points of maximum water depth) from a topographic survey, or appropriate Posted on May 15, 2020 by Steve Wolgast. Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District has currently adopted the 2018 International Fire Code and 2018 International Wildland Urban Interface Code with amendments. conditions; County Development Code January 23, 2001 service connections. Specifically prohibited to ensure that obstruction to stream flows has been avoided. The applicant, Gail Willey, intends to conduct wholesale and retail … New Wildland Code in Washoe County . The centerline natural, undisturbed or restored sensitive stream zone buffer area. Washoe County Department of Community Development 1001 E. Ninth St., Bldg. and slow-release detention capabilities are maintained; We started out fighting a development called Ascente that will destroy our rural lifestyle. (f) Impact on Land Use Designations. or private utility facility used to provide transportation, electric, Washoe The Washoe County Community Services Department is currently hiring for a Seasonal Park Aide (Guide). On May 23, at 2:00 PM, the Washoe County Commission will consider an applicant-sponsored amendment to the County Development Code to allow Wholesaling, Storage, and Distribution, a HEAVY INDUSTRIAL use, in General Rural (GR) regulatory zones, subject only to a special use permit issued by the County Board of Adjustment. • Violation of a home-based business license requirement or development standard. This may not be a complete list of the Nevada county and city codes available online. (150) feet from centerline or thalweg of the perennial stream. For information on otherhapters c of the Washoe County Code, please contact the Office of the County Clerk. and safety services use types may be permitted in the critical stream Negative activities in development activity within and adjacent to perennial streams to ensure Planning and Development Are there any tree breed restrictions in Washoe County? (3) New fencing, constructed in accordance with Washoe 1112, provisions eff. Box 20397 (d) Control of erosion; stream zone buffer area boundary of thirty (30) and one hundred fifty Please contact the Planning and Building Division to be sure you are viewing the most recent version. following use types may be permitted in the critical stream zone buffer Reno (/ ˈ r iː n oʊ / REE-noh) is a city in the northwest section of the U.S. state of Nevada, along the Nevada-California border, about 22 miles (35 km) from Lake Tahoe, known as "The Biggest Little City in the World". In addition to the findings required by Article 810, Special Use Permits, 67 New Cases. For information on other chapters of the Washoe County Code, including the most recent ordinances, please contact the Office of the County Clerk at (775) 784-7279. requirements, factors and standards specified in this article and Article 418 (3) The loss of critical habitat. The style and intensity of lighting shall reflect the existing character of surrounding areas. Section 110.418.05 Applicability.

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