Prime Video käyttää evästeitä palveluiden, kuten todennuksen, asetusten säilyttämisen ja sisällön toimittamisen, tarjoamiseen käyttäjille. She doesn't believe it was really an accident and launches a murder investigation. Doris Roberts Mildred Krebs 22 episodes. Of course they have no idea what they're talking about. Rate. Non US format) at DVD. The son of a caviar magnate, who bought a lot of caviar to impress his father but when it goes missing he turns to Steele and Laura for help. Click the link below to see what others say about Remington Steele: Season 4! As Laura and Remington investigate the murder of a radio station's eye-in-the-sky traffic reporter, a pair of popular disk jockeys emerge as prime suspects. Rate. Year: Season 2. I invented him. The fourth season picks up where the third left off--with the disappearance of Remington Steele (Pierce Brosnan). Furthermore, the list of false obituaries placed by Weil Mortuary keeps growing. The Remington Steele Agency is hired to locate a famous TV star who disappeared 30 years earlier, but someone is willing to kill to prevent her from being found. Cassandra Harris 2 episodes. Season 1; Season 2; Season 3; Season 4; Season 5; 2018 7+ Private eye Laura Holt grudgingly accepts a new partner when a mystery man assumes the identity of her fictitious boss, Remington Steele. Laura and Remington are hired by secretary Alessandra Henry to investigate the unreported murder of her boss, a Unidac executive. Laura and Mildred head to the U.K. to look for Mr. Steele who has disappeared looking for his mysterious father. Sign up. Watch Remington Steele S04E05 Forged Steele - Remington Steele on Dailymotion. Next. Watch fullscreen. He leaves to go on an errand and Laura investigates on her own and she has a close call. Movie and TV Anniversaries for October 2017. Not only that, but Vinnie's friend Frank (who can vouch for his whereabouts on the night of the murder) is also mysteriously murdered. Laura and Remington discover that a would-be Russian defector is trying to take Bing for a big score, and they team up with a member of "Moscow Vice" to nail the other Russian and flush out his American accomplice. Later Steele and Laura are grabbed and taken to someone who demands why they didn't do the job he was hired to do. Meanwhile, Laura is being showered with gifts from a secret admirer she mistakenly thinks is Remington. Figuring the private investigators must lead the way, the life-threatening jailbird shows up first at the office and then on Laura's doorstep. A man abducts Laura while she's competing in a triathlon, then he dumps her on the roadside. As an attractive female private eye, Laura becomes the focal point for reporter Windsor Thomas on "L.A. Later a man goes to the office claiming that he and Steele had a bet which Steele lost and what was at stake is the Agency; which he is now coming to take possession. Steele goes to the photographer's studio and is attacked by a man. Audience Reviews for Remington Steele: Season 4 There are no featured audience reviews yet. Clues lead to a San Diego office that is an exact duplicate of the Steele offices in Los Angeles. 7. S2, Ep1. They try to keep his body from being discovered until they can find out why he was killed. Rate. Log in. Mildred decides to play hardball. Laura's upset with him. Starring Stephanie Zimbalist, Pierce … Remington Steele is an American crime drama television series co-created by Robert Butler and Michael Gleason. When he leaves to go on another errand, she sees him with Clarissa, the prostitute they met on an earlier case. Remington, however, feels he must first investigate a long list of suspects, including a disillusioned Primal Shriek therapist. Before they even begin, Detective Zweigenhoff demands they turn Dowd in to the police. Upon returning from their "Honeymoon" Steele and Laura learn that a new INS officer has been assigned to their case, who is a little more by the book. Wearing the wrong number, she is snatched by two hoods and brought to Alan Kendall, who expected Joan and has Laura unceremoniously tossed into the bushes. The mortuary that provided his death certificate to the newspaper closed down two years earlier but someone is intent on creating the impression that Lester is dead. Follow. 8. The great detective Remington Steele? Laura decides the sensitivity encounter is the impetus they need to seriously discuss their rocky relationship. Steele and Laura are called by a woman who found the body of her boss. in season Title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod. Season 4; Season 5; 2018 7+ Private eye Laura Holt grudgingly accepts a new partner when a mystery man assumes the identity of her fictitious boss, Remington Steele. S3, Ep14. S4, Ep2 1 Oct. 1985 A Christmas party at the office ends up being a hostage situation when some Santas pull a gun. When Hastings is killed, Remington is hired by the house staff to take the butler's place and find the killer. Free shipping for many products! And Steele who's in the process of buying something needs some cash fast. Forged With Steele - Season 1 Episode 3 - Morning Star Flail. A terminally ill man deliberately framed himself in a case so that his soon-to-be widow would collect the reward for his capture. When Steele doesn't have any recollection of that, the man shows a note that Steele signed. While the miners keep the trio secluded at a compound in the country, Laura finds the targeted Earl may be Remington's long-lost father.