Nowadays, the area providing services on permanent exhibition building includes the front exhibition building (downstairs) covering 160 square meters, the front exhibition building (mezzanine) covering 60 square meters and the expanded building covering 400 square meters, 620 square meters in total. In addition, there is also the multi-purpose building which covers 480.5 square meters.

The exhibition in Chiangsaen National Museum is divided into 2 sections as follows:

1. The Major Exhibition Building

EN 01
The exhibition hall on the downstairs displays the settlement background of Chiangsaen, Chiangsaen in pre-historic age, patterns of stucco decoration from Wat Pa Sak and the Lanna-style Buddha images found in Chiangsaen.

EN 02
The exhibition hall on the mezzanine (balcony) displays antiquities found from excavation and archaeological restoration since B.E.2500 (1957) up to the present time in Chiangsaen and other areas in Chiang Rai such as Buddha images, Chedi decorations, inscribed clay plates and bronzewares.

2.  The Expanded Building

The Western Zone of the Expanded Building

EN 03
exhibits stories about stone inscriptions found in Chiang Rai, ceramic wares from kilns the North of Thailand, lifestyles, religions and beliefs of the Lanna.

The Eastern Zone of the Expanded Building

EN 04
showcases ethnic groups in Chiang Rai.

3. The Temporary Building

EN 05
provides special exhibition on the occasion of Preservation Day.