Master Raven easily slices it in half with her sword. On CH it knocksdown. Charges up whenever 1+2 is held down: the move becomes a NH launcher with level 2 charge and an unblockable launcher with max charge. Ch launcher, sometimes crushes jabs, can SS after it, also the recovery of the animation makes it look more – than it is which can trick the opponent. Just something you have to use. Fast pressure tool with a guaranteed follow-up on hit for easy massive damage. Shaheens orbital. Standing 4 is an i12 mid with good range, it’s also safe at -9. Good mid range move, can be hard to get around. Reply. Its i10 light version is one of Akuma’s primary launchers (with meter), while heavy Shoryu deals more damage itself and has full invulnerability 8 frames in. High though, so beware. Good tracking. Can also transition into HBS by pressing 3+4. After the normal hit KND he gets a free d/b+2 follow up. A safe mid launcher that doesn’t launch crouching opponents. Big damage throw. It’s in Japanese, so take from it what you can. Like Kazuya’s WS 2, this move is high risk high reward. Changed from -15F to -5F on hit. She is the fourth character to fight using weapons by default. Long range launcher with good high crush potential thanks to the duck stance. It requires a real break and it is important since Tekken 7s throw system has changed a bit. Note: Gigas is pretty awful in the arcade version. Gives a knockdown and can combo at wall with db1 fc df+1. (i.e Kazuya, limits his other lows but this one is tough for him.). Good range and a solid poke. Low crushes(not instantly) and extremely good for oki. Homing move, 22 damage, +5 on NH and stuns for juggle on CH, best choice for CH fishing, has a 13f standing status on stun that can be followed up with JF pewgf for a full launch (extremely hard but good reward). Solid mid thats +3 on hit and KND on CH into guaranteed stuff. Above The Law In your inbox. HMS transition for guaranteed followup on CH (example HMS+4). Power Bomb: done with WR2+4, but can also be done by Jaguar Step and 1+4/2+3. Time Offset. Safe decent ranged homing move that lead to a knockdown. A safe counter hit launcher with good range. Plus on block running move that transitions into Hunting Bear Stance (HBS) by inputting 3+4 afterward to apply pressure/mixups. Negan Useful for whiff punishing, and after sidestepping. It also hits grounded thus making his ground game atrocious. While standing launcher. 11f punisher, 33 damage. – Shortened the recovery time for both the character and the opponent by … His main whiff punishment tool, a fast mid shoulder that KNDs and wallsplats. Safe mid,mid string that KNDs and wallsplats. It’s also safe due to pushback. +15 frames on block means he can follow it up with an unblockable Duck f+2 or Duck cancel WS+1, 2 for big damage.Since it’s a high it can be ducked, but as a mixup instead of going for the Ext Duck f+2 he can go for Ext Duck 1 which is a mid. Great pressure tool. Homing mid that will cause a knockdown and is safe on block. Staggers on block. Leads to several chain grab paths, the main one of which involves a lot of 50/50 breaks with no animation differences, meaning your opponent has to guess to break out. This move is basically EWGF on steroids. It has slow startup but it wallsplats and is a great way to catch people being very defensive at the wall. 14 frame launcher with great range. First hit tracks left, second right. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Raven Ohtani - Raven Eyes at Discogs. A Lockdown mid form his backsway that -2 on block and forces crouch. Considering this is his fastest launcher means that -16 moves against him can’t be launch punished. 0~+1 on hit. Fast, highcrushing mid with several followups. Good for keeping the opponent in place. Crumples the opponent on hit, giving you a long time to start juggling them. Basically a hellsweep. Goes under some mids, airborne during parts of animation so he can’t get hopkicked out of it. While ws+4 is the fastest, ws+2 has better range, and has the option to continue into the second hit as a frame trap, which launches on counter hit, but is pretty unsafe on block. 13 frame long reaching high that’s +8 on hit. “Shoryuken”. Big launcher from ZEN/CDS that’s relatively safe and makes for some very good mixups : f+4~f ZEN 1+2 cannot be interrupted by anything slower than 13f, which can be mixed up with other ZEN moves. Good tool to use in a Wavedash mix-up. F+4 has 1 more frame of advantage but slightly more pushback (and a KND on CH). Can air grab, performing a spinning power slam (floor breaks). Can wallsplat. Crushes some mids, second hit can be cancelled into BT, last hit is a ch launcher which will catch people that try to punish the first hit. This move is extremely useful against low profile stances (Ling, Eddy etc. A hopkick. As a ws 14 frame punisher, it’s a natural combo that knocks down. 0~+1 OC on hit. Great mid that can lead to CH combo. On CH, she gets an unscaled f2 for a LOT of damage. Only -1 on block, allowing for SS shenanigans on block.Qcf+2 is a mid NH launcher, you can mix this up if they start to duck qcf+1 out of snakedash. Can be used in juggles to get a wall splat and then go for a break, wall grab or jab into ground grab mixup. Unseeable low with good tracking, damage and +4 on hit, allows user to continue pressuring on hit. Tomahawk(WR+2+4): Known as shining wizard, this is a 1+2 break done with WR+2+4. Kazumi struggles having a great low but this one gets the job done. Only -5 so not many options for opponent after they block. The Rage Drive also causes some block damage if the opponent is close to the wall. It comes out i13 which is as fast as an EWGF and whilst some characters can launch punish this for free, for some others it can be tricky if you space the move. MadCow says: August 17, 2019 at 9:05 pm Fixed, let meg know if there are more stuff not up to date. She has a number of good moves from this stance as well. Self-explanatory (Extremely effective whiff punisher, can be used defensively/setting up a wall, and has offensive applications due to plus frames). New character Master Raven has finally made an appearance within Tekken 7: Fated Retribution with the release of update Ver.D in arcades. i10 NCC, CH confirmable, first two hits are safe. High-crushing low that knocks down on hit. Low crush and decent “going-in” tool for drawing yourself a bit closer to the opponent. +4~+5 on hit. Master Raven is a dark-skinned woman of unknown nationality (potentially American, West, Central or South African) with faded scars across her face. Orbital kick that launches on hit. b+2,3). Very punishable if blocked. With an IQ of more than 140, the gutter punk became a member of Mensa and used his intellect to recruit a cult of followers when Stevie Richards brought him to ECW in 1995. Good pushback and wide hitbox. Fairly good range. Quick powerful mid that knocks down on hit and pushes back on block which in turn makes it impossible to punish in the open, 24 Damage. Decent high crushing low poke that leaves you neutral on hit. Gives guaranteed dash up b+1+2 on CH for big damage. One of the only 12f mids in the game, also her main i12 punish with minor pushback. Master Raven (マスターレイヴン, Masutā Reivun) is a female superior of the original Raven, debuted in Tekken 7: Fated Retribution through time release. has a high damaging followup and CH launches if only the first hit is done. Launches on NH, mid, safe and fairly quick. A “trip” from “hell” to “heaven”. Special cancellable. UN Intelligence Agent (Master Rank)Ninja (Master Rank) Good for punishing get up kicks + an opponent against the walls. NCc. Safe mid CH launcher, has a wide hitbox, some high evasion and pushback. Master raven is very unsafe but the risk is worth the reward. Katsuhiro Harada and Michael Murray may have worn “don’t ask me for sh*t” shirts a month or so ago, but that’s not truly their hearts. “Arc blast” is a great 15 frame mid launch. If the last low hits, the mid is guaranteed. Real talk if your opponent blocks this you will get launched. Use with qcf+2 for high risk/reward damaging 50/50s. It is a low mid launcher which jails on block and is safe. Move in combos. Opponent reaction changed on hit. Her attire is covered by pauldrons, gauntlets, a face plate, greaves, a flat blue muffler, and a ninja sword that she utilizes in battle. Enough said. A key special move in Akuma’s combos but not very useful otherwise. A safe fast mid launcher. Superman punch. Your go to while standing punisher, this move gets you good advantage on hit and puts you in RFF which has some of your best moves. Fully tracks to Raven’s left, has great range and is +7 on hit. One of the best 10f punishers in the game. Can be utilized with SS+4 for launching SS mixups, but range is short. Grab animation is the same as a 1+2 grab, meaning you can not tell by sight it’s a giant swing. Low crush, safe, and a powerful mid that can lead into Tail Spin. Yes, it’s the active frames that are changing the start-up. First hit can go under jabs at times. Family If opponent does not roll back tech off the KND, then it gives a free f,F+4. What else is there to say? Has low crush frames, hits grounded. Master Raven is soon to join the cast of Tekken 7: Fated Retribution, but where did the idea of such a character come from? Bob’s best low poke is nothing spectacular, but it leaves him at +2 on hit. Learning it from a Wavedash will fuel your mix-up. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Can be hit confirmable to uf+3, 3+4 that transitions into fly for mixups on block (careful with Jack, he can option select float for a juggle on block). Knockdown on CH. One of the best panic moves in the game. Great string that can lead to CH combo. Since it’s double hitting the second one can be ducked and you can be launched punished. Best utilized if done from snakedash (d, df~n+1). This can also transition into SAV, but I wouldn’t advise it. Ive been tinkering with adjustments to my list, and now that points have dropped, find myself close to a list I think Ill be trying … She is the first female character with a 4C hair texture. Long range, safe, punisher for whiff/block that also functions as a S! RA armor makes it a very good trade tool, and it deals a good chunk of damage even when used as a combo ender. Generic good poke mid which high crushes and can transition into RDS. This is like an improved version of d/b+1. Art of phoenix stance. Also has a mid option. Also known as ‘Sonic Fang’. This is your best launcher since it launches your opponent really high in the air to have time to land RFF 3~4 which leads to really high damage and really good corner carry. Reaches all the way from earth to pluto. It also makes his 1,1,2 safe. Primary whiff punisher. Launches on CH. Other one of the CH fishing tool for him. High hitting mid that allows you to go into HBS after, potentially slipping under any opponent retaliation.

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