On the 8th of March 2011, clarion call took me to Akwa Ibom shortly after I graduated from the University. You can usually find the leaves and many of the other necessary ingredients at African grocery stores, but you don't need any special equipment beyond a pot to make this tasty soup. We propose you one of the most popular recipe of this Nigerian vegetable soup. Just ask for Okazi or Eru. The soup is highly nutritious and medicinal. This is not the first Afang soup post on the blog, there are so many vegetable soup posts already. Afang Soup — a soup made from afang leaves (a.k.a. I trust you have been doing well health wise, eating the right thing for the most part. It is a dish popularly known by Nigerians and also some parts of Africa. Related. The soup is also a popular dish known by Nigerians. Afang soup (not to be misconstrued for Okazi soup or Ukazi soup, a soup from the Igbo cuisine), is a vegetable soup that originates from the Efik people of the Efik kingdom in Cross River State and the Ibibio People of Akwa Ibom in Southern Nigeria. I decided to add this because I like the sharp taste of fried crayfish in vegetable soups. It is very nutritious, medicinal and native to the Efik people of Nigeria. While it contains meat and seafood, the star of the dish is dried okazi -- or afang -- leaves. Nigerian Afang soup, eaten by Efik and Ibibio people of Nigeria is a delicious soup made with Afang leaves and a leafy vegetable locally called waterleaf. Afang Soup Recipe – How to Cook Afang Calabar Soup. •The Nigerian Afang soup should not be confused with the okazi soup, native to the people of the Eastern part of Nigeria. If you are interested in exploring Nigerian foods, this delicious soup would definitely spur your interest in Nigerian foods. How To Cook Tasty Afang Vegetable Soup With Fried Crayfish. 400g weight Osong Ekot Dry fish. Afang soup is one of the popular vegetable soup in the Eastern part of Nigeria. Am going to share with you the recipe of Afang soup. This soup is a bit bitter and usually prepared with a combination of vegetables (Afang leaves and Water Leaves) this soup is also medicinal and the richest among vegetable soups of the Efiks/Ibibious in Nigeria. Afang soup is fast climbing the top of the list of popular Nigerian soup. If you have never tried and cooked this fragrant soup, it is high time to do it. Afang soup recipe makes cooking afang relatively easy since afang soup is fast climbing the top of the list of popular Nigerian soup. Recipes for Afang Soup. Consisting of basically vegetables, this soup is rich in Vitamins, Protein and fibre. Delicious Afang Soup Recipe. The oil is the real deal in this recipe. That is how to prepare afang soup, it can be served with fufu, eba, pounded yam, wheat. AFANG SOUP RECIPE •It is a tasty, nutritious Nigerian soup, native to the Efiks/Ibibios. Posted on September 24, 2020. by Sarah Spencer 0 Comments7. This Calabar afang soup recipe by Nugi is very easy. Afang Soup is of Nigerian origin-a much-celebrated recipe from the efik ethnic group in the southern part of Nigeria -and often served at ceremonial occasions such as weddings. 3 cups of Afang leaves – Shredded and Pounded. Soup Best Afang Soup Ever Easiest way to Prepare Afang Soup How to cook Afang Soup Step by Step Afang Soup Recipe. •The igbos have a similar soup known as okazi soup. See recipes for Afang soup, Afang soup with a fresh taste too. 7 medium pieces of Shaki (beef tripe) 7 medium pieces Kpomo (Cow Skin) 1 small piece of Dry Fish. besthomediet September 24, 2019 September 24, 2019 Afang soup recipe is highly nutritious and delicious when properly cooked, Afang leave is best combine with water leaves and spiced with assorted meat, fish, and other soup … If you are averse to palm oil then this soup may not be for you. There is a cow tail afang soup calabar method on the blog too. So the trick is cook the soup add the oil, turn off the heat and add the Afang and stir off the fire. Nigerian Afang soup is a delicious dish that's native to the southern region of Nigeria. This soup is made from afang leaves, with meat, seafood, and palm oil. When I look at a recipe and it’s not complicated, I like to try it. It really doesn’t matter your language, background or ethnic group, you can go ahead and try different foods from different Nigerian cultures and ethnicity. 1kg weight of Fresh Waterleaves. Afang leaves are bitter but very mildly, they are also very nutritious, and the cost of preparation can be tailored to fit family or budget needs. Dooney’s Kitchen Tip: i added the rest of the stock now, as bitter leaves have a rich fibre content, which will absorb the liquid in the pot, so adding the other half of the stock counteracts that.Pounding the bitter leaves, will break down the toughness a little and allow it to cook faster (3 minutes tops). Ingredients. Afang Soup is a tasty, nutritious Nigerian soup, usually eaten among the Efiks / Ibibious people in Cross River and Akwa Ibom States. SHARE THIS POST: This delicious soup is native to the Efiks, the major occupant of (Cross River & Akwa Ibom State). I remember the first time I tasted Afang Soup; it was many years ago...my roomie then took me to a Restaurant, I tasted Afang Soup and White Soup-it was like heaven!That memory did not leave me and since then I have tried to make it so that it tastes as delicious as my first experience which I am happy to say I have nailed which is why I'm sharing my recipe with you. I am sure the originators of this dish will agree with me ?. The Nigerian Afang Soup, like the Edikang Ikong soup, is native to the Efiks, people of Akwa Ibom and Cross River states of Nigeria but enjoyed by all Nigerians. Afang Soup!This delicious, hearty and loaded comforting soup is made with okazi leaves and waterleaf.It is popularly eaten in Nigeria with pounded yam and best served warm. 400g weight of Fresh Afang leaves. This Afang soup recipe is a very popular Nigerian traditional soup. Afang Soup is one of the most popular traditional Nigerian soups. Share this: Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Afang Soup is of Nigerian origin–a much-celebrated recipe from the efik ethnic group in the southern part of Nigeria –and often served at ceremonial occasions … Ingredients for Afang Soup Health on my mind Hi every one. Learn the process below:  57 g or 2 oz dried Afang leaves (may be labeled Okazi/Eru in the African store) – Afang leaves have no substitute that I know of, so if you have never ventured into an African grocery store, you will need to if you want to try this Afang soup recipe. Add the bitter leaves to the pot, the other half of the stock and stir. ukazi, okazi, Gnetum africanum, a type of greens usually gathered from the forest), with meat, seafood, and palm oil — is from the Calabar and Cross-river region of southern coastal Nigeria, near the border with Cameroon, which has long been a center of the African palm-oil industry. Tuna, trout, mackerel, herring and wild salmon are all rich in omega-3 fatty acids and DHA. A small bundle of Shredded Water leaves (Substitute – Spinach) 10 medium pieces of Beef. Afang Soup is one of the most popular traditional Nigerian soups. If you are interested in exploring Nigerian foods, this delicious soup would definitely spur your interest in Nigerian foods. It is also very nutritious as the soup consists mainly of vegetables. This time, she’s showing you how to make the delicious and yummy looking afang soup. While Afang soup is prepared with basically vegetables, Okazi Soup is simply the Nigerian Egusi Soup cooked with thinly sliced Okazi leaves. 115 homemade recipes for afang soup from the biggest global cooking community! This soup is solid proof of the hedonistic superiority of Cross Riverian cuisine. Read Also: How To Prepare Banga Soup. Enjoy … It is from Cross-river region bordering Nigeria. My husband likes it but I don’t always have access to the vegetables used for it and when I get to buy them they’re are frozen and dried vegetables, f you can get fresh vegetables please use them as they’re the best. Foodnify, your one stop local and continental food recipes, food articles and health tips and chefs profiling platform. Cooking Afang Soup to retain the fresh green color of the vegetables is the real deal I am sharing in this recipe. Some people actually make this oil free but Noooo I can’t make this soup oil free lol. It doesn’t matter your ethnic group or culture before you can enjoy this soup. We are almost half way through 2014, how time flies. It originates from the Efik people from Efik kingdom in Cross River state and the Ibibio people of Akwa Ibom. 5. Afang Soup recipe at long last… Yay!!! Afang soup is good for weight loss when made with little palm oil because of its high fiber content. You do not want to have a grey colored Afang served up on the first day of cooking. These are popular tribes based in the south south parts of Nigeria. Nigerian Soups • Nigerian Vegetable Soup • Soup Recipes Abak Afang Soup. This is a tasty dish from Southern Nigeria specifically Cross River and Akwa Ibom States. Afang soup keeps one of the leading positions among the most loved and often-cooked Nigerian soups. This method of cooking vegetable soup gives a … afang soup, {If you wish to defeat depression, try eating some cold water fish. How To Prepare Afang Soup. Here is my take on how to cook Nigerian Afang soup. Indeed, my expectation was met during my one year compulsory sojourn. 2-3 milk tin cups of Cray fish. Below is the calabar afang soup ingredients and cooking steps: Calabar Afang soup ingredients for a large pot of soup You can check it out. Afang Soup Ingredients (for 4 to 6 servings) Afang soup, native to the Efik and Ibibio people of Nigeria is a delicious Calabar vegetable soup made with Afang leaves and a leafy vegetable called waterleaf or malabar spinach. Afang Soup is soup is a soup rich in meats and vegetables and palm oil. 1kg weight of Assorted meats (Cow meat, bush meat, goat meat etc) 300g weight of Kpomo (cow skin) 400g weight of Stock fish. In this piece, we will be sharing how to cook Afang soup. Recipe for Afang Soup. As soon as I received my posting letter and I saw Akwa ibom, I knew I was in for food adventure. Food vlogger Sisi Jemimah has shared a new recipe! Afang soup and pounded yam.

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