The National Maritime Museum is the two-storey twin building covering 3,500 square meters. It is located in the Archaeological Site of Noen Wong Camp where was the fortress built against the Vietnamese battle in the reign of King Rama III of Thailand. The inside is divided into 6 rooms on the following.

Showroom and Boatmen’s Lifestyle

EN 01

There is a display of the maritime background in the past, the route of navigation, the ancient port, the product. A junk is modeled including the product condition and how people lived in a boat which was not only a vehicle, but it was like their mobile houses. Moreover, there is a display of valuable objects such as gold pendants decorated with garnet and gold bracelets which were found from the ship wreckage around the Gulf of Thailand.

Recommendation Room of Underwater Archaeological Operation

EN 02

There is a display of the working technique of underwater archaeology; for example, audiences will know about what the underwater archaeology is or how the underwater archaeology differs from the ground archaeology by modeling the actual process of the underwater archaeology including how to use archaeological equipment.

Antique Storehouse

EN 03

It shows how antiques are maintained in the museum. In general, other national museums are not allowed any audiences to visit because an antique storehouse is always inside the building whereas some antiques are shown through a transparent mirror which audiences can look inside.

Showroom of Boat and Boatmen’s Lifestyle

EN 04

There is a display of all kinds of boats in Thailand; for example, it explains a specific boat which is used in various areas. The aforementioned boats are shown as small model with the actual characteristics so that audiences know more about boats in Thailand which some are often heard before, but they do not see them in real.

Room of Best Products from Chanthaburi Province

EN 05

There is a display of Chanthaburi background from the pre-historical period to the historical period when Chanthaburi built the city including the milestone and the background of indigenous people. Moreover, there are also natural tourist attractions, cultural tourist attractions and best products of Chanthaburi Province.

Room of Figures

EN 06

There is a display of King Taksin the Great’s background with regard to the second Burmese conquest of Siam including the route to Chanthaburi Province for militarization. This will praise the royal bravery.