About us

       In 1965, Archaeology Division excavated archaeological sites in Prachinburi    and neighboring provinces, found  lots of the important antiques that useful to Education History and Archaeology. So The fine arts department had the idea to create Prachinburi National Museum for east Region by objects to founded in 1972  on the are of parcel adjacent to the royal court, Prachinburi National Museum area are 5.3 acres and 78 square wah. The budget for the construction of buildings and exhibits, totaling 7,766,568 baht with the implementation of the project into three phases.
        - Phase 1: between 1975 - 1977, as  filled soil and construction of two storey concrete building height, size 18 x 18 meters wide, with a budget of 2,000,000 baht.
        - Phase 2: between 1979 - 1982, built official residence ans  security houses,  installed system utilities durable 1,543,068 baht budget for the exhibitions.
        - Phase 3: between 1983 - 1985, built more lecture rooms and a function room improve the parking area to spend 4,223,500 baht.
        Prachin Buri National Museum was officially opened on 22 April 1985  by HRH Princess Chakri Sirindhorn presided over the opening ceremony of the museum building.