[5] Paul Evans of Rolling Stone said "'Animal', 'Daughter' and 'Blood' ... are songs of a kind of ritual passion, tapping into something truly wild. He added, "Like Jim Morrison and Pete Townshend, Vedder makes a forte of his psychological-mythic explorations ... As guitarists Stone Gossard and Mike McCready paint dense and slashing backdrops, he invites us into a drama of experiment and strife. A sample of "Go", the first single released from the album. However, he countered by saying that "Vs. confirms once and for all that there's nothing underground or alternative about [Pearl Jam]. At the 1995 Grammy Awards, "Daughter" received a nomination for Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal and "Go" received a nomination for Best Hard Rock Performance. Become a member today to receive [39], Pearl Jam promoted the album with tours in the United States in the fall of 1993 and the spring of 1994. Pearl Jam – Indifference. Even Flow [Chorus] Pearl Jam released their eleventh studio album, Gigaton, on Monkeywrench Records/ Republic Records on March 27, 2020 in the US. "[8], The album featured a much looser and rawer sound compared to the band's debut album, Ten. was inspired by an incident that happened outside Pearl Jam's rehearsal studio in which Vedder got into an altercation with a group of police officers who hassled a black friend of his but ignored him. Ament added that "toward the end it got fairly intense" and that the band "tried to make it as uncomfortable for [Vedder] as we could. The resulting album, Vs., featured a rawer and more aggressive sound compared with the band's previous release. (Ooh). 1y. Watch as she lies silent for soon night will be gone Oh, I will stare the sun down until my eyes go blind Mmm how much difference does it make? All music is credited to Pearl Jam, actual music composers listed below. Produced by Pearl Jam & Brendan O’Brien. It was the band's first collaboration with producer Brendan O'Brienand i… Upon its release, Vs. set the record for most copies of an album sold during its first week, a record it held for five years. "Crazy Mary" appeared on the 1993 tribute album, Sweet Relief: A Benefit for Victoria Williams, and later on the 2011 Vs. reissue, as a bonus track. How much difference Listen online to Pearl Jam - Indifference (Remastered) and see which albums it appears on. 87. He said, "Vs. is not a carbon copy of Ten; for that alone, [Pearl Jam] get points." Vs. (pronounced versus) is the second studio album by American rock band Pearl Jam, released October 19, 1993 through Epic Records. "[11] Jon Pareles of The New York Times stated that "Pearl Jam uses its new album ... to broaden its music," and added that "most of the album ... projects individual misery as public catharsis. What the hell are they talking about? Vs. sold 950,378 copies in its first five days of release, which set a record for the most copies of an album sold in its first week of release and outperformed all other entries in the Billboard top ten that week combined. Diese Diskografie ist eine Übersicht über die musikalischen Werke der US-amerikanischen Rockband Pearl Jam. There are also different versions of the album that are unrelated to the title. Vs. ist das zweite Studioalbum der US-amerikanischen Rock- und Grungeband Pearl Jam. Three Faces of Me. Industry insiders compared Pearl Jam's tour to the touring habits of Led Zeppelin, in that the band "ignored the press and took its music directly to the fans". Gossard added that most of the songs were arranged once Vedder joined in and started singing, elaborating, "You could tell when the music wanted to change just by the way he was singing. [13] Vedder said that "Rearviewmirror" is about being "in a car, leaving ... a bad situation". Pearl Jam is an American rock band formed in 1990 in Seattle, Washington. I will hold the candle 'til it burns up my arm "[9], David Browne of Entertainment Weekly gave the album a B–. He was having a hard time finishing up the songs; the pressure, and not being comfortable being in such a nice place." [13] "W.M.A." Pearl Jam MP3-Downloads von 7digital Deutschland in höchster Qualität. [56] According to Gossard, "Hard to Imagine" was cut from Vs. because the band already had enough mellow songs for the album. E 66900; Vinyl LP). It was also the band's first album with drummer Dave Abbruzzese, who had joined the band in August 1991 and toured for the album Ten. Your own independence—your own soul—versus everybody else's. McCready stated that it was not that the band "sat down and decided to be funky", but rather it came from the band "exploring different directions and combining our influences". The information regarding accolades attributed to Vs. is adapted in part from Acclaimed Music. [28], Pearl Jam made a conscious decision beginning with the release of Vs. to scale back its commercial efforts. Vedder said that "you write what comes to you ... You try to reflect the mood of the songs. How much difference I was just spinning. According to Ament, the cover was a representation of how the band felt at the time, with Ament stating "we were slaves". Oh, I will make my way through one more day in hell features a portion of a news story concerning Malice Green, a victim of police brutality. Listen online to Pearl Jam - Indifference and see which albums it appears on. How much difference does it make? [26], Rolling Stone staff writer Paul Evans gave Vs. a favorable review, saying, "Few American bands have arrived more clearly talented than this one did with Ten; and Vs. tops even that debut." Rehearsals for Vs. began in February 1993 at Potatohead Studio in Seattle, Washington. Originally, the album was titled Five Against One (The song "Animal" features the lyric "One, two, three, four, five against one ..."). [13] Regarding "Indifference", Vedder said it is about "[trying to] do something to make some other peoples' lives better than they are, even if it means going through hell. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 1993 CD release of Vs. on Discogs. The three-CD Deluxe Edition features both the Legacy Versions of Vs. and Vitalogy with their bonus tracks and a copy of Live at the Orpheum Theater, Boston, April 12, 1994.[32]. Ben Harper e Eddie Vedder (vocalista do Pearl Jam) em um show do ben cantando indifference.. Produced by Josh Evans and Pearl Jam, Gigaton marks the band’s first studio album since 2013's Lightning Bolt. Vs. occupied the number one spot on the Billboard 200 chart for five weeks, the longest duration for a Pearl Jam album. 1. Letkemann, Jessica. How much difference does it make? While not rare, they went out of print quickly and are now hard to find. I still have some regrets about that, even though in the end it was probably better that we played the last two weeks of the tour. "[2], The songs on the album tackle personal as well as social and political concerns. Hey, I won't change direction and I won't change my mind I didn't like that at all. "[3], Vs. included the hit singles "Go", "Daughter", "Animal", and "Dissident", all of which placed on the Mainstream Rock and Modern Rock charts.

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