The exhibition is divided into 2 parts as follows

The exhibition on the downstairs is divided into 7 parts

EN 01

Rice Trials from the Past
Antiquities, including what are seen to have trials of rice, tools used in rice farming, supposed to be 1000 years of age, duplication of pre-historic paddy field paintings on cave walls and earthenware remains, supposed to be the evidence of Royal Ploughing Ceremony in Ayudhaya period are displayed.

Rice Farming in Thailand
In this part, photographs and models illustrating processes of rice farming activity, including ploughing, indirect seeding and harvesting are depicted.

Monsoon and Farming Seasons
This part illustrates Thailand’s weather map, showing directions of monsoon winds sweeping through Thailand and causing rain in farming season.

From Plough Handle to Plough Tractor
A video about the development of rice farming from the past up to the present time is projected. In addition, it provides a display of equipment and tools used in traditional rice farming activity such as a plough handle, a harrow, Chonglong (a big spoon-like bamboo basketry tool with a long handle used to bail water out), yoke, hayfork and etc. Moreover, photographs of nowadays rice farming using modern technology are also presented.

Variety of Rice Seeds in Thailand
Rice seeds which are popular in plating in Thailand and sample of important rice seeds in Supha Buri are shown in this part. From the part up to the present time, rice seeds have been continuously improved so that each of which can be planted in different ecosystems.

Development of Rice Farming Tools
Tools Thai farmers used in rice farming activities from the past up to the present time which cover cultivation, planting and harvesting are illustrated.

The Carriers of Rice
This part exhibits carriers used to carry rice from the past up to the present time which are divided into 2 types: land carriers and waterway carriers. This reflects the wisdom of farmers’ descendants who innovated labor-saving and energy-saving methods.

The exhibition on the upstairs is divided into 4 parts

EN 02

Customs and Rituals of Rice
This part shows Thai farmer calendar which represents farmers’ lifestyle, customs and beliefs in an annum. Models and video about customs as well as folk songs related to rice farming and leisure recreation of farmers in Suphan Buri are also displayed.

The Kings and Thai Farmers
The royal grace of the kings of Thailand since the past until now has been shown to the formers endlessly. Apart from the Royal Ploughing Ceremony, there are also a lot of multifarious duties related to rice farming as a fortune and moral support for all generations of farmers.

Royal Thought Projects
This part displays the collection of philosophies of His Majesty the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great showing all-out effort and attempt to improve and enhance moral support to Thai farmers, including a number of multifarious duties as well as more than 3,000 royal thought projects such as sufficiency economy project which is a precious guidance of living life in sufficient way.

The Royal Kindness to Thai Farmers
The video of the events as well as tools and things belonged to H.M. King Maha Vajiralongkorn Bodindradebayavarangkun, at the time the Crown Prince of Thailand, using in rice faming activities in Suphan Buri such as a hook with golden handle, the first 9 paddy ears harvested as auspicious inauguration, rice mill and etc.