So there may be some new concepts in this article. Like the E65S GBW’s fan cooling system, the Peak’s ventilation system keeps it from overheating even during periods of extended use. The fan system inside this Mahlkonig helps keep its temperatures nice and cool, preserving its longevity and ensuring your drinks are free from that intrusive singed flavor of burnt beans. This makes them suited to 1st crack coffee with lower flow rates. The upside is that with such a fast grind speed, Mahlkonig could lower the RPM speed of the E80 in the future. Reviews (0) The E65S GbW is the next espresso grinding revolution. A bit like a Sette Wi but not built like a toy. This is what we mean when we say “how bad do things get,” The E65S peaked at 44 degrees. Stepless grind adjustment systems, like the E65S GBW’s, allow you the ultimate control to experiment with fineness. Related Products. Rather than having to choose from a specific number of notched settings, your baristas will be able to turn the wheel to just about any fineness. So if you stay across your grind and hopper weight, the GBW function should remain consistent. Many in the industry don’t have the means or inclination to test a grinders worth beyond taste, however here at The Truth, and Bush and Bush coffee systems, we hold the view that the more you understand grinders the better the result you can achieve with them. Old school Burr geometry heralds from a time of second crack coffee and excessive fines. The owners of this website cannot be held liable for any loss, injury or damage caused by your reliance on information obtained from this site. Building on the platform of the already feature-packed E65S, the E65S GbW adds new technologies to increase the consistency of both dosing and grind setting accuracy with Grind-by-Weight and Disc Distance Detection making their debuts. The flow rate of the heated grind particles in the puck ran 15% faster through the espresso machine. Inside the E65S GBW, you’ll find a pair of tough 65mm flat burrs made from specialized steel. 5. Mahlkönig first debuted “Grind By Weight” technology for real-time scale controlled dosing … This will be our first public foray into this arena. Give us a call at 888-978-5224 or contact us through the live chat in the bottom right corner of our store for further assistance. Mahlkönig Vario Home V3. If your rate of turnover is high, you don’t want to have machines that take weeks for new hires to get the hang of. As promised we have done our first grinder review on the new @mahlkonig E65S GBW. This is not a great deviation considering the increase in ground temperature, as there was little deviation in puck density, by association. The E65S is the perfect synergy of proven premium espresso grinding technology and pioneering features, designed to meet the modern demands of coffee professionals around the globe. With a duty cycle of 5on 15off for the E65S, we definitely exceeded its recommended operating parameters. Are the countertops in your business bursting with other appliances? Notably the E65S GBW takes up very little space yet still offers a hopper that when full holds 1.2kg of espresso beans. These concepts are based around our most important metrics here at The Truth, those being roast density and puck density. When we started the temperature of the beans in the hopper were 28 degrees. All this is possible because of the revolutionary Grind by Weight technology which always produces the perfect quantity required and exactly according to your settings. The Truth x Bush and Bush coffee systems. Which is quite impressive, all the while achieving clump-free coffee. One difference between the Peak and the E65S GBW, though, is the size of the burrs. New school grinders like the e65 and e80 will benefit from machines with lower flow rates, and lower pressures. Lower RPMs to prevent the grinder from burning your beans. (Mythos, Mahlkonig peak). As their name suggests, new and old school grinders are classified by their particle distribution philosophies. The Mahlkonig E65S GBW has the flexibility to work in a range of coffee shops, though. Firstly, we checked the grind by weight function under normal load. The e65 will get “cooked” in a fast-paced environment. The E65S GBW is also user-friendly, because it allows you to program up to six different recipes into the menu for easy access. It was founded in Germany in 1924 and was the first manufacturer to introduce on-demand grinding. That being said, we’re offering our Mahlkonig E65S GBW for $2,950. To this end, we use our own investigative methods and calibration tool. If you’d like to see more examples of Mahlkonig grinders, you can take a look at our complete Mahlkonig collection. So if you’re getting a bit lost, you’re not alone. Mahlkonig E65S GBW grinder review! It’s a little-known fact in the industry, that puck density can be used to classify grinders. Mahlkonig E65S The quiet achiever. Ideal speed for a 65mm burr is that of the zenith 65(check out scg review) it's not that fast so coffee does not get hot from b2b2b2 shots. After checking the grinders under normal operating conditions, the next step was to “flog” them and see at what point the grinder loses consistency. You can input the requirements for your most popular drinks, such as single and double shots, into the E65S GBW. Fortunately, the Mahlkonig E65S GBW will never be one of those difficult appliances because it has the option of programmable recipes. It’s important to note, however, that at the time of writing this review (fall 2020), this grinder was only available for pre-order in our store. It is the first espresso grinder ever, that features Grind-by-Weight technology for real-time scale controlled dosing as well as Mahlkönig’s pioneering patented Disc Distance Detection that lets you set the degree of fineness based on the actual distance between the burrs. At this point in time, we do not have any feedback from customers on the Mahlkonig E65S GBW. It is the first espresso grinder ever, that features Grind-by-Weight technology for real-time scale controlled dosing as well as Mahlkönig’s pioneering patented Disc Distance Detection that lets you set the degree of fineness based on the actual distance between the burrs. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Many grinder reviews focus on the usability and aesthetics of the grinders. 44 degrees sounds high but is not out of the ordinary for this burr size. Agreed on that retailer. Majesty Coffee’s goal is to provide our customers with the best coffee and espresso equipment for the lowest costs online. Mahlkonig E65S GBW Review (Here’s What Your Business Should Know), The most important features of the Mahlkonig E65S GBW and how they affect you, Which grinder models compare to the E65S GBW. Here at The Truth, whilst we acknowledge these are important qualities, we focus on the burr geometry and the grinders ability to perform under duress. This 15% deviation in run speed, also happened to coincide with potential hopper weight issues. Your baristas won’t need to struggle to remember what an obscure button or symbol means, because the Malhkonig makes it clear. My assumption for only using this GBW technology on the E65S is because the E80 has larger cutters, and the ability to grind 22grams in less than 4 seconds. Whilst higher machine flow rates can be used, they will most likely produce a lower TDS, resulting in a weaker coffee. The hoppers on the Mahlkonig and MDXS are identical in capacity, too. Also, the E65S GBW serves individuals a nice taste experience with a single cup of coffee which makes it deliver a unique coffee for shops. Submit Review. This isn’t the case with the Mahlkonig E65S GBW. ** SOLVED ** Hi All, Does anyone here know what is the password for e65gbW or even e65s assuming they are the same? This change in burr weight can affect the grind consistency. However, it could also be an excellent high-end grinder in the home of an espresso enthusiast. Mahlkonig, the king of grinders, has been manufacturing their famous brand of professional grinders and graters for over 85 years. Both can hold up to 2.6 pounds, allowing you to keep up with long lines of customers without needing to stop for refills too often. If for instance, you use a standard 20grams in 40ml out in 30 seconds, with this grinder I would use the same recipe of 20g in and 40g out, but with a faster run time in the vicinity of 26-28 seconds (faster shots are a characteristic of these new school grinders). Large range but a box shifter with little in the way of customer service. So, like most grinders, when the beans in the hopper reduce, and you can see the inner cone, best to top up your beans. Spout illumination that allows employees to use the grinder in low-light settings. All grinders have a breaking point. This often comes with a cost of over extracted, or heavy flavors from the same fines that generate the pressure. This really expands the horizon of opportunities. Lower temperatures are only usually achieved through larger burrs. You’ll be pleased to know, then, that the Mahlkonig E65S GBW was created to slide in between other machines on packed surfaces. But like most grinder hoppers we assume this is around 150 grams as this is where the grind will begin to shift. What we can tell you is that Mahlkonig grinders make up a large portion of our bestselling grinders. Mahlkonig E65S GbW Commercial Espresso Grinder Mahlkönig is the first choice of baristas from all around the world. Special Price AU$799.00 Here are some other highlights of the Mahlkonig Peak: Nuova Simonelli is probably best known for their gorgeous and high-tech espresso machines beloved by baristas around the world…but that doesn’t mean that this manufacturer doesn’t know a thing or two about grinding. Here at the truth, and Bush and Bush coffee systems, we acknowledging that a coffee can be made with any grinder, however there are circumstances where each grinder can be best utilized. Coffee, Coffee Jobs, Coffee Jobs Melbourne, Melbourne Coffee Worker, Baristas of Melbourne, Melbourne Barista, Melbourne Barista Union, water, water in coffee, coffee, filter coffee, brewing, coffee at home. Regardless, it was a sensible decision by Mahlkonig to perfect the smaller E65S cutters first. Its innovative software is based on state-of-the-art technology and features modern user-friendly icons. And held it despite further heating to the chamber. Mahlkonig has been a top manufacturer in the coffee and espresso grinder industry for almost one hundred years. Mahlkonig E65S GBW The Mahlkonig E65S GBW was created with the ultimate precision in mind. Roasters who roast light with higher roast densities will also benefit from the e65. Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Do you frequently have to train new employees in your establishment? That’s about normal and consistent with the Mazzer super jolly, which has a similar size burr (64mm). That’s very fast; however, this fast grinding comes at a cost which is the accuracy of weighing. You can find the Mahlkonig Peak in our store for $2,375 and our Nuova Simonelli MDXS for $1,327. Some grinders hold up well outside their duty cycle and others fall off a cliff. Aside for making the Mahlkonig user-friendly, using programmed recipes also helps promote consistency in your drinks, because it’s one less area where human error can come into play. **On Pre-Order until January 2021. (for an understanding of duty cycles please see our getting to know your grinder article) To exceed the duty cycle is to use the grinder under greater load than it is engineered to withstand. Reviews (1) The Mahlkonig E65S GBW allows to provide the most accurate & consistent doses ever.

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