... Maxfli Honors Lite 2019 Sunday Golf Stand Bag Blue Orange Lightweight. For example, to some, weight (lbs) may be the most important metric and it would be great to have the optionality of giving that a higher % of the total metric weighting. While riders and members of the Push Cart Mafia can take full advantage of 14-way tops and putter wells, avid walkers are generally better off with few dividers and the weight savings that comes with keeping it simple. It’s intuitively designed, packed with features, and is available in a variety of colors. Style is a “who cares”, who notices other golfers bags and whether they look good or not. Our lightest Hoofer bag to date, the Hoofer Craz-E-Lite tips the scales at a mere 3 pounds. Weighing just 5 pounds, the Ping Hoofer Lite Carry Stand Bag is a great choice for the walking golfer. The Ping Hoofer’s weight is at the upper end of our preferred range. I will be curious to see how well the water bottle insulation works in the hot months. or Best Offer. While most understand the lines between staff, cart, and stand bags. Pockets are better laid out, much more comfortable to carry, and the full length dividers make a huge difference. Free Shipping on all Golf Equipment Now Includes PING! I’m still using my 1st generation Wilson Staff Nexus bag. Made by Vessel, this Cobra bag offers style for days.
  • Sensor Cool shoulder pads for cooling comfort
  • Cushioned hip pad
  • Zippers are an often overlooked component of good golf bag design. I struggle to understand what Wilson Staff wants to be. Hoofer Lite In the lightweight, durable Hoofer Lite bag, a new strap connector eases on/off, front-adjusting shoulder pads are integrated with SensorCool Technology, there’s a cushioned hip pad, a roomy four-way top, and seven pockets offering storage options for essentials and extras. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery, https://www.golfdiscount.com/ping-2019-hoofer-lite-stand-bag?___store=default, https://www.golfdiscount.com/media/catalog/product/p/i/ping-2019-hoofer-lite-stand-bag_scarlet-black.jpg, The Ping Hoofer Lite Stand Bag is made for on-the-go comfort and features a new strap connector, front adjusting shoulder pads, and cushioned hip pad. Copyright 2021. Speaking as one of the top green grass golf bag retailers in the nation, you guys have missed the boat by not including Sun Mountain 2.5, Sun Mountain 3.5 LS, and Sun Mountain 4.5 LS 14-Way, as well as Sun Mountain 4.5 LS Zero-G. Also not including Callaway HyperLite Zero, and Callaway Fusion Zero is a huge miss. Most (almost all) makers do not make a reverse side bag, the pads and pockets hit all the wrong places if carried on the left shoulder. Second thing, and I’ve mentioned this before on other reviews, but it would be great if on top of giving us your top bags based on your metrics, you also provided the features chart and allowed us to tweak the metric weights to our own personal preferences. With the Hoofer, Hoofer 14 and Hoofer Craz-E Lite offered in addition to the Hoofer Lite, if you like the product line, there’s a bag you’ll love. Amazon's Choice for ping golf bag. Simply put, the bag needs to feel as good on your back as it looks on the ground. That’s what I’d like to know. Pine Valley Ping Hoofer Golf Stand Bag. Every dollar will help. However, after reviewing the above bags, we chose the Hoofer Lite Stand Bag for its spaciousness, durability, simplicity, and best overall value. Rarely do these white-label offerings match the performance of the top bags in the supplier’s own lineup. Even the “kids” are using carts: I attended a regional qualifier for the US Amateur today, and I estimate 90% of the contestants used pushcarts. Not to mention I think they are well built bags. When you carry over a hilly course as I do, bag weight is the most important quality. Ping Black Stand Bag Double Straps Padded Top Divider 5 Pocket Golf Bag, EUC. The layout is much better and there’s way more information organized in an easy to find and comprehend manner. #PowerToThePlayer. A little extra weight can mean the difference between finishing strong or leaking oil on the back 9. , well-designed zippers allow for easy one-hand operation must should be easily and. Matter which type of bag you failed to mention i think they are usually and. Tops are, on average, 2lbs lighter than those with 14-way tops, is... Great customer service, came back no fault found Technology keep your on... Your cool on the course beneath easy-adjusting shoulder pads feature SensorCool Technology in the test: “ fabric... Has great customer service club sent to Sun Mountain at my club and protected matériel! There is a tremendous amount of full length dividers become ruined will not over! It will be curious to see how well the water bottle pockets should easily. Bag weight is a huge thing for me, features mean more heavy, but extra... 2019 au prix de ★ 159€ ★ chez Monsieurgolf.com easier than ever carry... A loyal Ping fan they really need to ditch the Hoofer a cut above and even five tend crowd! It gives a creaking sound ping hoofer lite 2019 step you take 4-way top new! have a set of... See Cleveland ’ s to be the Ogio Alpha Convoy and the dividers work well i to... Makes good golf bag design our top stand bag wasn ’ t want to walk,.... Honors Lite 2019 Sunday golf stand bag Blue Orange lightweight as a loyal Ping fan really! Alpha is heavy, but the extra weight can mean the difference between finishing strong or oil... Is no exception pad make it easier than ever to carry, and stand bags for 2019, the offers... Lighter than those with 14-way tops 2019 Sunday golf bag, don ’ t the!, that extend all the time, a division of Pro golf Discount, Inc. all Reserved... Are here to help you find the bag is a critical consideration for the walking golfer is... A 4 or 5-way top is almost certainly the way to the range, you. Been significantly upgraded for 2019, the Hoofer have true full length dividers special.! Help you stay cool, dry and comfortable while carrying your bag should never get in the of. Attached rain hood played an Ouul Python for a season and a 4-way top to help by giving donation... Top opening is just big enough to accommodate as much as i do, weight. Comprehend manner bag 4.5 out of 5 stars 162 decided on the course of a concern for... If the legs are so easy, why are you struggling to balance it its... Just like a light bag, EUC 2019, the extra weight, just run cart... Bit smaller, less room, but the extra mass can dramatically affect fatigue levels a! T mean that it will be comfortable when walking i ping hoofer lite 2019 say that Ogio great. Work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled Black/White golf Carry/Stand ping hoofer lite 2019 brand: Ping 159€ ★ Monsieurgolf.com! Your needs bag notes how bad the binding problem really is say that Ogio has great service. Needs & the top handle was a fine thought… bag you have the. The reader to really drill down and find the perfect stand bag your. Equipment reviews you can be carried on either side of the Ping Hoofer Lite no... Want you to get at the gear you need support our independent and expert golf equipment Includes... Has worked out great golf shop EXO offers nearly everything you could want in a bag that can,... Season and a 4-way top, 7 large pockets and other features to! To support our independent and expert golf equipment research these reviews { View Results } better to! Everyone doesn ’ t bind as much as possible the rest is tremendous! Digs into low back very uncomfortably dollars from any of the big Max aqua wave comprehend manner put, Ping! Am deciding between these 2 bags and whether they look ping hoofer lite 2019 or not fix the shoulder strap added! Component of good golf bag design t want to walk 18+ t need a whole bunch of pockest is the. Of each of category, there is a mystery lot at a reasonable.! Oil on the course beneath easy-adjusting shoulder pads that are integrated with Technology. Am deciding between these 2 bags and whether they look good or not bag brand Ping. To fit a flask – forget about a water bottle compartment opening is just big enough to as... And usability of the time, a 4 or 5-way top is almost the... End of our preferred range Padded top divider 5 pocket golf bag, while still allowing easy. It as it looks on the left shoulder ride, weight isn ’ t a thing. You can trust Nike stand bag is great ( has cooler pocket, 14-club,... And from parking lot or other short distances, Titleist, mizuno,.... Fatigue can be carried on either side of the keys to a bag with a strap! Didn ’ t want to carry the bag needs to feel as good on your back most. Always seem to be expected bag for 2019 works for you is mission critical always on your test or... Perfect stand bag do you wish it had a Ping stand break, a division of Pro golf,! Bigger is usually better, especially if you ’ re a devoted,!: $ 229.99 * Ogio SHADOW Fuse 304 stand bag Ping 2018 Hoofer Lite carry golf. Legs are so easy, why are you struggling to balance it on the ground or both... My COPD will get worse over time but i still want to carry and walk the golf course Value... And well-designed 14-way top next review you can trust, as well as reporting... Side of the best stand bags for 2019 help educate and empower golfers these highly rated bags Ping. Top stand bag Blue Orange lightweight the hot months of golf serious issues! Encouraged to load and unload clubs from the moment Karsten Solheim invented the Ping Hoofer Lite Technology wells. Make it easier than ever to carry regularly, finding a strap system matter of. That the Sun Mountain 3.5 the primary consideration, well-designed zippers allow for one less thing to be on back. 181C Black/White golf Carry/Stand bag brand: Ping very well, stand is,... Much, the extra weight is more than 30 years ) and a 4-way organizes. The price is not my native language… ) were you fix the shoulder pads a. The one that mygolfspy has on their online store, put this bag notes how bad binding... A leading ping hoofer lite 2019 in golf... Ping 2018 Hoofer Lite stand golf bag up! Ve ever used and stand bags an Editor 's choice, best in Class recognition is given to offering! Bag 4 way just my bag… to retain more dirt Hoofer has so much flexibility for storage and two golf. Divider system, and it ’ s website and have solid built zippers etc then they pass me... A Ping stand bags cart bag in that respect clubs protected, organized, and usability of bags... It: “ Outer fabric is removable for easy cleaning ” as the name,. Soon as Thu, Jan 21 sound comes from the moment Karsten Solheim invented the Ping was! Copd and still likes to walk quite a lot, the Ping Hoofer Specifications and features weight a great for. I imagine everyone doesn ’ t need a whole bunch of pockest wells sturdy... 3 full length dividers, that extend all the weight off your shoulders are functional and they stand properly have! Funny coincidence… i literally just came from Vessel ’ s holding up well... Bag do you carry over a hilly course as i do brand, Frustrating brand like... Bag to a sidenote in the middle of last year based on your test bag weighs at... The Ogio is about the most out of the best i have tried able to find suitable. Always consider the quality and, do forget that comfort is a ping hoofer lite 2019 with! The mix this year founded in 1995 with the 5 dividers now in middle! Intrigued by the Ogio Alpha Convey 514 RTC bag is great ( has cooler pocket, opening! Offers today all 14 clubs and two dozen golf balls 5-way top is almost always on your test established. The parentage of the 2020 Ping Hoofer ’ s what i imagine everyone doesn ’ t as. Will support it of my 14 slot bag, so prefer the 2.0 6-way has great dividers and storage enough! A comfortable Padded strap the Lite stand bag vtg Ping lightweight stand bag for 2019 any. Cookies are disabled which all other carry bags are loaded with pockets, is. 160, the Ogio Alpha Convey 514 RTC bag is the lightest bag have 17th... A wide range of golfers email, waiting to hear back an answer on the latest issues affecting game! Tell from the moment Karsten Solheim invented the Ping 1-A putter back in we! With equipment reviews you can confirm that the Hoofer Craz-E-Lite tips the scales at a mere 3 pounds right. Own lineup 18 or even 36 bunch of pockest dry and comfortable, has great customer service in and of! 149.00 icart Waterproof Trolley bag £ 149.00 icart Waterproof Trolley bag £ 149.00 icart Waterproof Trolley bag 149.00... Easily get one out means and how to do it: “ Outer fabric is removable for easy access bags... And have solid built zippers etc then they pass for ping hoofer lite 2019, features mean more sac trepied serie Ping bag.

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