(Which probably means that its old))) wasn’t that interesting? The who do you think I am? (I’m sorry *audience member calls out* don’t be sexist! You… you m-m-mean that The Boss called? my name is Tune and ill be your guide through these halls. Right guys! Somehow, another mat is inside the second mat. ok) but for now he will just say gibberish. The facts of the paragraph are… Ice cream was invented in china, something that is ‘blue’ (got it right there!) And the third plague is: let’s see here… Gnats. i know what your thinking (i think i do at least) but i’m not going to tell you. Yea, that was a short topic. A slight whimper. How fun. Well I’ve come up with a new food type! HAHA WE ARE EVIL *passes out* Wer em I? remember that from pokepals rulers of time and darkness or something like that! How is that any better!?!? Customer: *slides cashier a 20* lets keep this between us — Bob: why didnt he just pay for the chocolate bar? Zooreka is the easiest game to play if you have the slightest bit of mathematical knowledge! MAINE, IN NEW ENGLAND. This web editor is soooo much better than Redkid's webpage builder. Then there's Dan Fogelberg who did "Same Old Lang Syne" Christmas song and there's Tom's of Maine. And THEN You get 100 people to give you @100 each and you don’t pay them back! good job! ️ List Of Cool Instagram Names Just wondering. See ya! The CAFPVLAATAVVLWWDTFLELL won. My parents woke up and two-o-clock. Well stay tuned for them someday. And where are the rich buried? Wanna send ideas?Wanna submit your chunk of text? (This is gonna be slightly offensive) Males, obviously! Also, there was a man who invented the windup radio and the shoe phone charger who died this week.” I know what you’re thinking: there’s no way this actually happened, right? Now that I think about it for a little bit, what IS an exercise balls intended purpose? qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm. But what is you add the word semi to that colon? Ok I’m back, and I’m also less of a man than I was. Works well for me!! Piece of bread! just in case you don’t know, Minecraft is a fun game where you place blocks and stuff and you play with friends and most people who play it are like 10 years old but I not and i still have fun and you can’t judge me because I wanna be an engineer and if I wanna be an engineer then i should probably not waste my time playing games wow that went downhill from benefitting me really quickly. yes // will get all elements recursively after the parent node, in your case, //p – Anzel Oct 25 '14 … Do you know what happened? Have you ever noticed that everyone says that the government is trying to brainwash people? Today the world will be DESTROYED! That was my stuff today. That’s only 1,000 Books! why? Then they conquered the United States. Random fax! now I can give it to this NERD!! The first order of business: Making some new entries into the Rainbow FluffySheep Handbook. Which one would you choose NOW, stereotypical adults!!! My heart is beating. Wow that was probably really boring to read (and to write). (Every commercial is about breaks)*** (fake Bronx accent) do you like twinkies!?!? Its a big big test. Is that even LeGaL?! Although I’m closer to asleep at school. If one of you were to challenge me, I will mount my mighty steed and charge my lance into your face. My mind is literally blown right now. Kshhhhhhh thank you for that lovely message from our sponsor, hooey kablooie. If so you will know what I mean. I just can’t get my head around it (clockwise is my preference). I probably news to add vowels to pronounce it. Isn’t talking to yourself the DEFINITION of crazy? I’m back! I’m board. Hurrah! That’s right, the low low price of nothing! Would you like a knife perhaps? Isn’t that fabulous? !” Whenever someone was sitting there. thee basic humans connections that we need to survive. People want the logo for the company because it looks ‘cool’. I am eternally grateful to all of you who decided to think that this place was worthy of a stopover in your journey throughout the internet and dank memes. I have overcome my boundaries in c++ three times today. To that I would say ‘ah sure your getting closer lad’. this has to be crazy, so I will have to break all the English language rules and the basic knowledge of the average human being. He stareth at it liketh as a donkey stareth at grapes. I’ll leave that question for you guys to figure out! As far as you know, a sub-reddit is just a burger at burger-galaxy (this is the cringiest sci-fi failure youll ever read). “Hey look, I just found this ten dollar bill on the ground! Wow, what a steal. Here are some war transcripts. Yes sir, tis! No, wait I am back. I eat a lot of pie and I love it too. soametime the sky looke BLOOE, but it actually YALLOE. You know those shopping carts at stores that cost a quarter? Why is orange so popular? We will eat all the beef jerky we want! I will proceed to tell you about the entire history of paperclips. Maybe just hydrogen! somedaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, OVer theRAINBOW, WAY UP HI,Oe’r da skie -> @,|3,[,|),£,|=,€,|-|,|,7,|<,|_,/\/\,/\/,[],|*,0-,|~,$,-|-,\_/, \/,\/\/,}{,¥,%. This has become a novel comparable to that of Tolkien, and a diary nearing the classicism of anne frank. Potato forces fought hard (wait actually soft) and launched a SURPRISE POTATO ATTACK! anyone could think up something beautiful, but not everyone could put it into practice. Its taking me too long to type up one batch of large paragraph. Car pedals are so wierd because there is a brake, clutch and gas. When you are watching a movie (on DVD), don't you get pissed off when you see a preview for every movie made EVER and that takes like 90 years of your life and the rest is the ACTUAL MOVIE WHICH YOU WANT TO ACTUALLY SEE? Well i bet in world war two the parents didn’t say to their kids: “hey jimmy?” “Yea, momma?” “Whatcha doin my lad?” “Im peelin me potaytoes and them I’m going to feed the cattle” “jo i mean with your life” “oh right mam! We are not doing this anymore) was a president before Donald (finally) Duck! man its gonna be hard to put this LoTeEv back in chronological order to get it to you reader, but ill try my best. What am I actually doing? im back. I mean like its so small. We played wiffleball at my backyard and in my intestines. Do you personally know ANYONE who uses exercise balls for their intended purpose? im offended! Jumping _____ ate many jars containing marmalade. There have been many important things that have happened during my so-called "break", such as the making of the rare Pepe and the making of my mixtape, which is fire. Makeshift beercan pinhole camera accidentally captures 'longest known exposure' Published Dec 17, 2020 | Jeremy Gray. then i… umm… yea! I’m in London and I’m hangin out! I think its the ladder (it is (the ladder i mean (the latter i mean (wait, is it the latte or the ladder? On to the CAFPVLAATAVVLWWDTFLELL. And Jupiter will disappear too! *scientist*: Just partake in this. (Wait what? (well what else would the walkie-talkie almanac be about!?!?) That was fun! You can spice up the original poem by using this creative and endearing ending instead. You are up to your normal everyday antics when… BOOM! Concise, and to the point has become a popular style of content on the web today. Wanna help write the LONGEST TEXT EVER? WHY JERSEY GARDENS WHY? THIS demos text to numeric!!! We are free, free from everything that’s bad! this in turn, raises happiness (for the kids and for the non-injured if you know what i mean). -~*6-29-13*~- Montana is a boring state! i really hope the former. It’s because it sounds like pie, if half of pi was called Kaek, they would probably celebrate It too. Why do I only have 24,000 words then?? Your name is Alex Poller. Bill, no bee and sick! Well that was easy. So I'm gonna talk about the CAFPVLAATAVVLWWDTFLELL. However, on the other hand, I may be coming back, though, to this forsaken place, where my ideas are dumped around in careless fashion, in a disorderly order which is again disorderly, in my room, on my computer. luckily, the govener of Berwick-Upon-Tweed throws a sugar cube directly into the chicks mouth! bbbbbuuuuuuyyyy! Do you have any information that I didn’t get? Oh I see what’s happening. Isn’t that, like, seven years bad luck or something? (yes, that is what i said, bear with me here) i hereby DECLARE that every piece of American soil must be covered in vineyards. We’ve all heard of ‘E A Sports. Oh well. You could just read this forever. I may come here to write about stuff, of course, boring stuff. Wait.. What? They should have moved the Walmart over to Greenville that would make it less boring. I don’t know what to type! Goodbye. *suddenly feels nauseous* Well *blech* it’s time for a *hurl* commercial break. I remember that i was just about to eat one of my fries when I noticed something mushy and moist and [insert gross color like green or brown] on the end of one of my fries! I’m back! The problem for the hiring cat, a tabby named ‘Fluffball’, is that his large supply isn’t vast enough to outweigh bobs, making it the second largest collection of KittyNibbles in the whole house. someone told me i should do that. Anyway, what did the rich (big) people do to the poor (not big) Egyptians around the time that the pyramids were built? interesting, well i guess i better create it then, because it would be very useful. Unfair! why learn the guitar? It is a maze of perpetual confuseness. Hello. Goodbye. Anyways, I’ve decided to get a pet. I did. I will one day go back and make a dictionary / translation table for ? The ongoing construction makes it look like Chernobyl. AHHAHAH I’m literally dyinggg oh hey circcy! Do you think that it is merely a COINCIDENCE that the first letter in illuminati is i, and I is pronounced ‘eye’? So boring. Copyright (lol jk) Kenneth Iman 2014. Like who was sitting there in their layzboy having diet Pepsi (or popsee to avoid copyright infringement (and that’s when I checked my forehead, and sure enough, there was a mint there)) And then they realise… Hey! I’m coming Harold! sharing our experiences wont be taken over by ai, with people reminicent about the past wanting to support people. Maybe it’s supposed to be dollar$. You guys will soon disappear off the face of the earth. ” ummm actually I was saying that men are fatter because back in the time of the PYRAMIDS if you were fat you were considered wealthy. Merci! Also, herb is pronounced erb. because since the timeline changed that would make sense for you wouldnt it. What about canned tuna! In 2012, while studying for her MA Fine Art degree at the University of Hertfordshire in the U.K., Regina Valkenborgh lined a beer can with photographic paper and built her own pinhole camera. Get the new FluffySheep Astronaut Suit to protect you from your shepherd! Technically, since you’re talking to yourself your also interrupting your self. Life is better with a onsie. someWHERE ohohohohohohover the rainbowwwwww that reminds me, i was doing my normal thing, when BOOM! Yes? I’m back! So, we know that the answer has something to do with being big, but what? Unless… You could land the ISS on it! Maybe it is plotting to make a fart bomb that will be so smelly it smells like rancid milk. She claimed to not know that the picture was of the infamous concentration camp. Hello there, reader! So, what gender is associated with being big! I read on reddit to put 2.3 packets per 7.9 ounces of coke, and a kilogram is 2.2 pounds, so that mean 5.4 packets per kilometre per hour (ppkph) and there is 39 miles in a light nano-second and… AHHHHHHH!!! When joe dies, he leaves his son, who is still just a kitten named bob, the entire bowl of KittyNibbles. My goal is to find balance in order to realize a consistent daily % growth. Ahhh, not a big deal, I will easily get one using software’s that generated automatic usernames. I have a great idea! And not just any old barn-wood planks, mind you, but a board of fine stained oak as the flooring in the White House. Don’t steal my works and post it on another website (actually, your website is probably too high standard for this nonsense). Before I begin on this wonderful journey, i must inform you, the reader, what a subreddit is. What did all the most important people in egypt do when they were not prosecuting the poor? You are squirting your ketchup into your coke when you realise… How much do I put in!?!? and i gotta new conspiracy for u! Instead of a whole family eating a chicken, if they are all vegetarians, then they will probably kill hundreds of plants! :.This is… A new beginning to the LoTeEv on a new phone! Someone related to me is making a huge campfire in our mudroom using only a tealight and matches! Then calculate the values ... with the Python parser, the field name should. Unless they live in a hot country like spain, in which case the featherless ducks are the cool ones. Now the CAFPVLAATAVVLWWDTFLELL was divided into 2 parts: the Derpian League and the Herpsonian Coalition of Leagues and Armies. Today at 2 pm EST I have found the lost and rumored Codex of the CAFPVLAATAVVLWWDTFLELL! wait, let me try something. But I’ll finish it later. I’m on number five, but your on number six. C.R.U.D. It’s my fri end!?!? I will let apple use these names and I only need a 0.00000000000001% share In the company. What could be better. I googled garlic juice last nightand it is REAL! I need to write more to fill my writer quota. Je m’appelle francais! i think since im going to be the president of somewhere someday, i should have great speech here it goes: Hello great people of [name of place]! When was the last time you cried? So actually pillows are what keep me awake at night. There’s also some mud on my keys?? Also, you can ask me any other important questions you might have! I’m back! Bachelor Nation, prepare yourselves. (I mean, if you want). Fishermen used to go slow in boats, so we can remove the g forces, and we a left with ‘od’. If it is a two, replace noun with Internet related company + fan.) WELL. *Brings the jerky towards his mouth*. because listening to music isnt just about the instruments, the notes, the melody. What was that person inventor of cheese in a bottle person thnminh! I'm once again back. This may be the most random and longest (did I forget to say this is gonna be long?) We eventually conquered all the planets. And I don’t get house decorations nowadays. (That sounds really good! Oh yes, anyway, I’ll have the fruit salad. That was it. HAHA! Get yours now at your local Amazon (which might not be very accessible if you don’t live in South America) for a free trial! What will happen to me if i eat this beef jerky!? The whole ink cartrige rant? Oui, oui. A topicalanche! I have a new… CONSPIRACY! Puup eventually made the paperclip in an hour or so. Question 8: what year was the brand new ford mustang bike? ONLY TIME WILL TELL! 90% the speed of light. Bob might not believe that the two stuck together mats are really Joe, because he isnt sitting on his favourite mat. I am going to do it. -6-24-13- Begin the rant on the mall called Jersey Gardens. with piplup and sunflora and chimchar! That’s right, the ‘Cod’! I still thought you would like to know that. I need a topic. The movies would have been very old, if they were made when she was alive. Because they don’t have pillows. If there are no wires, then they are probably using radiowaves; in which case you should insert your pillow into an untainted lead box. It’s a poem written by yours truly, the something of sheep? Sorry, but you have to admit, men are usually fatter than women! Hello from the distant past! I am now compiling my list of boring states: (in no particular order) WY, ND, SD, MT, SC, ME, PA, RI, CT, NE, IA, KS, MO, MS, AL, ID, and UT. But there’s more! An infinite hallway with doors going down forever. YOU! they also cant talk and they poke holes in the floor, such fri-ends. … Yeap? Instead of just writing a normal sentence I replace all the words with their respective dictionary definition! i might even print it all off and write a novel! What if you bought a shirt from The Dump? Click on the Settings App (Your Almost There!) -~*12-1-13*~- Back I shall be. I KNOW YOU’RE SHININNG FOR ME SITTIE UV SHTARS! Be the 7.8×10^9 customer to order to get a free home with your choice of a happy meal toy! Out, out! Ah I see him behind that planet over there, I’ll just boomerang over to him *shoop* Hey Imposter Boy! *clapclapclapclapclapapplauseapplauseonelonelymaninthebackscreamsbecausehegotlosthewastryingtogettonemotheclownfishmoviebutnowthereisagiantbeeslashwasprightthereandheisreallyscared* Thank you, thank you! it always gives me nightmares! All these great topics falling softly from the sky. As of 7-15-13. so here it is, but be warned. !!! Trump will no longer be president because of his orange skin. Now I’m back though. Guys! Once I beat the world record I’ll be world renowned for being one of the greatest writers alive!everyone will know my name, from abe link to tommy ed. And now a special announcment: this is a shoutout to the Not Very Helpful Secrets Of Things Corporation! Take out the jokers and face cards, and tens are now zeros. Are you in a car right now and you are bored AND its raining? Can't stop talking about Maine. And all the adults were like, “Wow, those are the most useless toys EVER!! Dat be da bomb – Tink about tanking me. your probably thinking… HoW DoEs He HaVe So MuCh FrEe TiMe?!?! It has been almost two damn years since I have updated this massive brick of text. I’m going to try to make words using only the top row of letters. That is some weird stuff. Then he forced his advisor Puup to make a paper-fastener or either get whipped or be forced to drink tomato juice for the rest of his life. i’m sick and tired of citations! So like this was inspired by flamingchicken's LTE and the other wall of text in the book "Pick Me Up". Just imagine it! My lance, ‘the diffuser’, will be hailed across the nation as a Excalibur 2.0, people will come from all over the world to take part in sand splitting competitions, where you have to see how many sand grains you can slice in under a minute. If you fall for that news, you are said to have “ate the onion”. There is a door open at a 45° angle that is 45° Celsius (Its probably in Arizona or something). {and so, his tale lived on forever, being passed on generation to generation, living vividly in the hearts of the people. he was so mad that he didn’t get it all, that he robbed his employers to get the money back. But no! *Opens his mouth*.