Synonyms: complex, complicated, detailed… Antonyms: no-frills, simple, unfancy… Find the right word. What are synonyms for fancy dress? Antonyms for fancy-dress. Both investiture and investment come from invest, which originally meant only “to clothe” but eventually came to mean “to commit (money) in order to earn a financial return” and, more generally, “to make use of for future benefits or advantages” (as in “invest your time wisely”). baggy adjective. It later came to mean “clothes,” but often with a notion of the exotic or the special, as Shakespeare employed the word in Antony and Cleopatra: She in the habiliments of the goddess Isis that day appear'd. It’s interesting that Shakespeare used garment about twice as often as he used clothes. Fancy Pants: 8 Words for Clothes Raiment. Appareil shares a root with apparatus; both are from the Latin verb apparāre meaning "to make ready, make preparations for." Synonyms for Closet (other words and phrases for Closet). Another word for clothes. Indeed, it was less specifically religious in early use in English, and Shakespeare uses it to describe both religious and non-religious garb. See more. Contexts. Check out words from the year you were born and more! Armed rioters storm Capitol building. It is still occasionally seen these days, but more frequently to mean something closer to “style”: When I am with him in the dim corner of our usual mamak joint, regret and remorse are the mournful raiment of his voice.— David Christy, New Straits Times (Malaysia), 13 January 2018, They are displayed to the max in the production in which Aurora's 100-year slumber is paralleled by Russia's rejection of its traditional Slavic raiment and its ensuing passion for French culture.— Allan Ulrich, The San Francisco Chronicle, 25 January 2018, Raiment is an alteration of arrayment, which comes from the verb array, whose original meaning is “to set or place in order” and later developed the meaning “to dress or decorate especially in splendid or impressive attire.” The noun array came from the original definition of the verb and came to mean “arrangement” or “grouping” as in “A large array of colors.”. Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group. Your hands, come then. 'Nip it in the butt' or 'Nip it in the bud'. Putting clothes on - related words and phrases | Cambridge SMART Vocabulary (US) clothes that need to be washed with special care. I was much troubled by this idea on one occasion when maman and Ghislaine had been to a fancy dress ball. 1 (adjective) in the sense of elaborate. Fancy dress definition, a costume for a ball, masquerade, etc., chosen to please the fancy, usually a costume characteristic of a particular period or place, class of persons, or historical or fictitious character. Antonyms for fancy dress. House impeaches Trump again, insurrection Dress definition, an outer garment for women and girls, consisting of bodice and skirt in one piece. Togs is a British English term meaning “clothes.” Dating only to the mid-1700s, it comes from the use of tog meaning “short coat,” which is an abbreviated form of the slang term togeman (“cloak” or “loose coat”), which derives from toga, the loose outer garment of ancient Rome. See more. an A-line skirt fits closely around the waist and is slightly wider at the bottom. Related words. Biden sworn in as 46th President, impeach a backless dress does not cover the back or shoulders. baggy clothes are very loose on your body. Early English dictionaries included entries for garbo as a borrowing spelled as it would be in Italian: GARBO, grace, handsomnes, finenes, neatenes: also a garbe, a propernes, a comeliness— John Florio, A Worlde of Wordes, 1598. (also a la mode), au courant, chic, cool. Antonyms for Dressing Up. a fancy course in business administration. That the “equipment” meaning came first isn’t surprising considering the word’s history: it comes from the Old French verb abiller, meaning “to prepare” or “to equip,” itself derived from bille, meaning “trimmed wood” or “log.” It seems that in the Middle Ages, being well-dressed meant coming prepared to fight. Synonyms for outfit include dress, garb, costume, suit, attire, clothes, clothing, gear, kit and apparel. The word habiliments has a distinctly archaic flavor, and if it is ever used today as a synonym for clothes it’s done in a jocular tone. ... Black Panther costumes — whether... Apparel. Antonyms for fancy include plain, modest, simple, unfancy, ordinary, unsophisticated, vanilla, basic, cheap and common. Synonyms Synonyms. 21 synonyms for dress up: attire, deck out, deck up, fancy up, fig out, fig up, rig out, tog out, tog up, trick out, trick up, gussy up, overdress, prink… Another way to say Boutique? Synonyms for Boutique (other words and phrases for Boutique). Another word for fashion: clothes, fashion business, clothes industry | Collins English Thesaurus Urban Thesaurus. 2 synonyms for fancy dress: masquerade costume, masquerade. The word vestment is redolent of ceremony. All of these modifying words have Latin roots, and most, like vestment, came to English through French. As usual for Latin-derived words in English, there’s a technical tone to the usage of apparel, which is found in catalogs and categorizations in retail contexts (“women’s apparel”) but is rarely used as a synonym of the workhorse Anglo-Saxon word clothes. Synonyms for wardrobe include clothes, attire, garments, outfit, outfits, trousseau, apparel, clobber, wear and armoire. Th' appurtenance of welcome is fashion and ceremony. Togs is often used with reference to a specific kind of clothes: golf togs, riding togs, beach togs. The root here goes back to Latin, where the word investire meant “to surround” as well as “to clothe.” Unlike the “clothing” senses of these words in English, which came from Latin through French, the “money” uses of invest came from Latin through Italian some three centuries after vestment. Like other archaic terms, it is sometimes used when describing archaic clothing; it adds antique color to descriptions: He wrote for historical publications and produced painstakingly researched, sumptuously illustrated books about regimental raiment from different eras, including ''Uniforms of the American Revolution. You'd better make it a fancy dress affair at once, and then it will be accounted for. Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free! Using raiments to mean “clothes” gives writing a distinctly archaic tone. Garb initially meant “stylish in looks or bearing” in English, a synonym of elegance or grace. Another word for fancy dress. Synonyms for Dressing Up in Free Thesaurus. Synonyms for fashionable. It was packaged in a fancy plastic case with attractive graphics. 2 synonyms for fancy dress: masquerade costume, masquerade. When a word enters one language from another, its development is very often split … clothes that you wear at a fancy dress party, pretending to be a famous person, an animal, a character from a story etc. Fancy dress is clothing that you wear for a party at which everyone tries to look like a famous person or a person from a story, from history, or from a particular profession. One rarely says “I always admired her garb,” or “The children wore their best garb to the party”; garb is nearly always modified to make it refer to a very particular type of clothing: the traditional garb of the herdsmen out on the steppes, additional leg garb included over-the-knee boots, stretch tights with shoes attached and snug pants. It provided the root of the English words garnish, garniture, and garment. apparels, arrays, attires, bedecks, caparisons, costumes, decks (out), does up, 4 (often used ironically) superior in quality or impressive. (ˈdrɛs) Put on clothes. He also used it in the military sense with these lines from Richard II: Despite a superficial resemblance to another word that can mean “clothing,” habit, habiliments is not related to the word that we still use when referring to the outfit that a nun wears. Another word for formalwear. As we have seen so frequently with such pairs of words, one derived from Latin and the other from Old English, garment is the word of choice for official or legal purposes, used in expressions such as garment industry, garment workers, garment manufacturers, etc. In English, apparatus came to mean “equipment” or “organizational structure” and apparel came to mean “clothing of a particular kind.” In French, appareil developed the way that apparatus did in English, meaning “device,” “appliance,” and specifically “telephone” (short for appareil téléphonique)—and there is no parallel “clothing” sense for the word in French. It is overwhelmingly used today to describe religious clothing and is most frequently paired with the word ecclesiastical; other words like liturgical, papal, and royal are also frequently found modifying vestment. adj , -cier, -ciest. Search good taste in clothes and thousands of other words in English definition and synonym dictionary from Reverso. delicates noun. Most words develop abstract meanings from concrete ones, but garb is different: it developed the other way around. best adjective. When we hear the word couture, we immediately think of the very high end of clothing: runway models and clothing as an art form more than a practical necessity.