Another expense far greater than treatment is called, incarceration, just because there will be no detox beds available. 718-430-7300 or +1 7184307300 phone number is from Bronx, New York. The commission created by Governor Pataki and lawmakers to overhaul health care in the state will recommend the closing of at least six New York City hospitals, including three hospitals in Manhattan, according to a member of the commission who has viewed what is believed to be its final report. Quik Park at Montefiore 225 spots. This hospital let both my parents die. The low-stress way to find your next westchester square medical center job opportunity is on SimplyHired. Now Cabrini is just labeled as another bedpan in bedpan alley. I work for FDNY EMS, stationed at Bellevue. YOUR ARTICLE IS SOMEWHAT AMBIGUOUS ON THIS POINT, RANGING FROM "AT LEAST SIX" OR ONLY SIX. When those co-ops and condos from these purloined properties are completed, sold and inhabited, the tenants may find when they leave their luxury apartments, the city streets will look more like Mad Max and the Pleasure Dome than the backdrop of Sex in the City. Try locating a guerney or wheel chair that is clean and sturdy. I am sorry things did not work out for your parents. Yesterday, we said goobye to St. Vincent's Midtown, "The Little Hospital That Could". The more hospitals, the less waiting time. If those 10,000 people make an average of $30,000 per year, the Berger Commission's $30,000,000 savings will take $30,000, 000.00, out of the economy of the City of New York... Where are the savings? Dr. John Cahill, MD. Care was provided to not only the New Yoker but to tourists and cruise line passengers. Closing is expected to take place in March. Westchester Square Medical Center (new York Westchester Sq Med Ctr) is a provider established in Bronx, New York specializing in general acute care hospital. Show More. Tel: 646-831-7947. NY Westchester Square Hospital has been serving the local Bronx community since … Montefiore Medical Center has been named owner of the bankrupt New York Westchester Square Medical Center in the Bronx, according to a report by … Only select members have been given a copy of the report, while others who worked on the report have been given permission only to look at it, then return it. 81 westchester square medical center jobs available. This institution underwent a complete pysical renovation with a state of the art Operating Room directed by a prominent surgeon, and the Department of Medicine chaired by a world famous physician Dr. Paul Marino the author of the popular "The ICU Book". It would be a shame if you clos down one of the best hospitals in the bronx. Share this conversation. Conveniently located and equipped with large private rooms, soothing environments and the most technologically advanced medical equipment available today, we are committed to delivering pleasant patient experiences and positive medical outcomes. However, I must differ in your assessment of Westchester Square Hospital. As I was out gathering petition signatures to send to the Governor, I was struck by how many people in the area were close to tears when they found out that the hospital that they depended on was slated for closing. They treat you with respect like a human being. Westchester Square) has patient-care space that has been converted into administrative space. Assemblyman Michael Benedetto said he had mixed feelings about the closure, having been born in the hospital. I call all people of good conscience to ask the Commission and the Governor to reverse their decision to close Saint Vincent's Midtown Hospital. Starting March 22nd, New York Westchester Square Medical Center located at 2475 St. Raymond Avenue, Bronx, N.Y. will be owned by Montefiore Medical Center. Mr. Pataki, Mr. Spitzer, and Mayor Bloomberg are expected to receive a briefing on it as late as Monday. Save New York Westchester Square Medical Center. And, odds are, they know the same scams because one of their friends or relatives is vacationing at an upstate a correctional facility upstate for the similar offense. We have 2 fabulous med centers in the area with every medical service that is needed. The other floors have nurses that honestly just could care less. As an employee of the hospital and a service to the community on the NYC EMS 911 Ambulance which had been provided by the hospital, I was asked of days before the actual closure which had taken place this past Friday, August 31, by confused and concerned neighbors if it was to actually occur. Find company research, competitor information, contact details & financial data for New York Westchester Square Medical Center Inc of Bronx, NY. I find the hospital to be excellent, and the staff to be exceptionally caring, and the atmosphere to be exceptionally family-like, totally rare for a hospital in the metropolitan area. I would like you to consider some of the unpublished effects of the Berger Commission's Prescription for Disaster. What a loss to this city when August 31st comes. Découvrez gratuitement les avis anonymes des employés (avantages et inconvénients) pour mieux choisir votre job. WMCHealth employs more than 12,000 people and has nearly 3,000 attending physicians. $12 2 hours. Those few Sanatorium-based Detox beds will not admit patients in acute withdrawal or intoxicateded patients besides those patients with chronic physical or mental illnesses. Now 2 hours. Facility Type: Provider-Based Off-Campus E.D. If anyone did care, the hospital needs to be viewed by undercovers, to really see what goes on. In the event you commit similar crimes in Times Square and are dim-witted, sloppy, drunk, high, or just plain unlucky enough to be apprehended, your victims will be nice people from out of town or foreigners unable to identify you, and unable testify in court against you, because - they are tourists. Clare's is something worth saving. It is a tragedy and obviously a politically motivated decision to close St. Vincent's Midtown Hospital (2 catholic hospital with Cabrini) in order to satisfy the precarious finance of Roosevelt Hospital who could not compete fairly with St Vincent's Mid Town. New York Westchester Square Medical Center: Basic Information. See salaries, compare reviews, easily apply, and get hired. ER has become the PCP on the local community of which the Blue Collar workers have fled (and they had insurance) replaced by the non-insured. I had an operation at this Hospital when it used to be called St Clare's Hospital and will never forget it. Understaffed Emergency Rooms will be crowded beyond belief. Due to the highly sensitive nature of its work, commission leaders have taken extraordinary measures to guard the secrecy of the report, which will be released to the public on Tuesday. Category: Homework. 2475 St. Raymond Ave. Bronx, NY 10461 Phone: (718) 430-7359 Fax: (718) 430 4359 See Affiliated Facilities Westchester Square Medical Center EMR is a medical group practice located in Bronx, NY that specializes in Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine. 5 Ratings. A spokesman for Parkway, a 251-bed hospital located in Forest Hills, vowed that institution would not "be impacted at all," saying that there was "too much need in this borough for hospital beds.". IF THEY DONT GET ANY STATE ASSISTANCE THEN WHAT TYPE OF FINANCIAL BURDEN DO THEY CAUSE THE STATE. Closing hospitals is not the answer to this complex problem. I was sent from New Jersey by my doctor to Cabrini for surgery and received the very best of care at Cabrini Medical Center in March 2005. Now that the Westchester Square Medical Center has merged with the New York Presbyterian Hospital, their doors will remain open. Mr. Pataki can either accept or reject the report in its entirety. About Ny Westchester Square Medical Center. New York is one of the few states that has elective admissions for Detox paid for by public funds. Westchester Square Medical Center, 2475 St. Raymond Avenue, the Bronx. Seen here is emergency department entrance at New York Westchester Square Medical Center. 70% of these men and women who use Detox services suffer from acute mental illness, HIV, HEP-B&C, Cirrhosis, Diabetes, Hypertension, and Heart Disease. “To now see that we can no longer keep it as the hospital we knew and loved and that was such an important part of the community – it makes me kind of sad.”. In the event this hospital is closed, it will only put extra burden on surrounding hospitals, who already have 6-10 hour waiting time for the average patient that does not come in by ambulance. St Vincent's Midtown is a financially sound hospital who recently obtained a grant from the State of NY who also thought that the financial of the hospital was sound as well. The Joint Commission of Accreditation of Hospital consistenlhy graded this institution with very high scores over the year. The economic miracle of Times Square and it's big hearted, but naiive tourists will be ripe for crime, once again. The staff there was always top-notch, and was always sympathetic to the patient's condition. Mission: Provider of emergency and acute healthcare.The hospital ceased providing all services on march 22, 2013. the closing of Westchester Square Medical Center. Gaining the approval of the two major hospital associations and the health care workers union, SEIU 1199, Mr. Pataki and lawmakers last year created the Commission on Health Care Facilities in the 21st Century and put Stephen Berger, a former executive director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, in charge. Mount Vernon - White Plains - Westchester Medical Center . 45/45Q: Eastchester - New Rochelle - Pelham Bay / Top of the Ridge - New Rochelle. Westchester Square Medical Center. Clare's has survived because it is wanted, it's wanted because the staff have committed to it for life. Westchester Square Medical Center EMR is a medical group practice located in Bronx, NY that specializes in Emergency Medicine. © 2002-2021 TWO SL LLC, New York, NY. Photo: Willthacheerleader18, CC BY-SA 4.0. Garages Street. “It has been part of our community for such a long time, and that is why we fought so long and hard to keep it open,” said Benedetto. Westchester Square Medical Center EMR is a medical group practice located in Bronx, NY that specializes in Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine. If you did get caught for drug related offenses and sent to drug court and tried, no longer will the judge's will be able to remand you to treatment. The source said the commission is not recommending shutting down any of the government-owned Health and Hospital Corporation's 11 acute care hospitals, six diagnostic treatment centers, and four long-term care facilities, despite the fact that many members in the system, including Metropolitan Hospital Center, are struggling for volume and running major deficits. The final report represents the culmination of a massive undertaking by the state to come up with a plan to restructure an outmoded and costly hospital and nursing home system that is bloated with inefficiency, saddled with debt, and reluctant to adapt to a competitive environment and new technologies that have changed how people seek health care. Effective March 22, 2013, Montefiore acquired the assets of Westchester Square Medical Center (WSMC), which had been operating under bankruptcy protection for almost seven years. At a press conference, joined by Assemblyman Jose Rivera; … Sign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York City. Parcourir les pages. On the other hand, Benedetto said he was glad to see NYWSMC carry on as a medical facility, if not a hospital. The hospital cannot operate with more workers than patients. WSMC had been unable to obtain financing or certain grants because it has been Chapter 11 bankruptcy for nearly seven years. … Dear Member: We are writing to inform you that on March 13, 2013, New York Westchester Square Medical Center will close. Now 2 hours. 22 min to destination. In most people's own neighborhoods their shoplifting and boosting careers are short-lived. Fax number: available in free hospital report. Filter. I staff members and doctors are the best. The NPI number of Westchester Square Medical Center (new York Westchester Sq Med Ctr) is 1851340608 and was assigned on May 2006. . AND MOST IMPORTANTLY WHAT HAPPENS TO THE THOUSANDS OF HOSPITAL EMPLOYEES AND THEIR FAMILIES. We will probably find over 10,000 people unemployed in the next 24 months. Valet only . Even though my own father succumbed to cancer, I felt he got the same care there as he would have gotten at any prestigious New York hospital, and most of all they treated him with dignity. THAT MATTER CERTAINLY DOESNT SEEM TO BOTHER LOCAL 1199's LABOR LEADER, DENNIS RIVERA. NY Westchester Square Hospital has been serving the local Bronx community since 1929. Don't forgot the contractors and suppliers, the ambulette drivers, food service, medical supply, office supply, linen supply, janitorial supply people and the neighboring businesses who rely on hospital workers. Jacobi Hospital is a trauma center and should not have to deal with general everyday standard surgeries that could and are being performed at NY Westchester Square. People forget fast that Cabrini played a major in 9/11, given it's location adjacent to the Police Academy where Mayor Guiliani was stationed during the disaster. People who are ill should not have to wait this long to be seen. So many people there have spent their entire working life with the hospital. Our health care system requires intensive restructuring. New York Westchester Square Medical Center Inc - Hospitals for Bronx, NY. Causes: General Hospitals, Health. I was a surgical patient at St. Vincent's Midtown in September, as I was ten years ago at St. Vincent's main facility on West 12th St. in Manhattan. 42: Bronx - Mount Vernon - New Rochelle. Sort by: Distance Price. WMCHealth employs more than 12,000 people and has nearly 3,000 attending physicians. St. Vincent's Midtown hospital was the first AIDS center in New York City, in a time where no one wanted to touch these patients,(in the 80's, ) Cardinal O'Connor used to come on some evening to volunteer taking care of these patients without trying to get any credit for it in a truly compassionate fashion. Thank God they are being closed before they kill other people needlessly, when there are other more efficient hospitals out there. A $20 million grant provided by New York State’s Health Efficiency and Affordability Law financed the purchase. Oh, I recently saw decals that have been put on the doors of the 51st Street side near the hospital chapel that read "Saint Lucy's Residential Facility". A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. In March 2013, Montefiore Medical Center acquired the assets to the former Westchester Square Medical Center (WSMC) which has been bankrupt since 2006, in a $15.3 million bid. I will never forget any of them. PATAKI WHEN HE LEAVES OFFICE. As one of the Greater Cincinnati area’s newer hospitals, West Chester Hospital was designed with our patients’ comfort in mind. How will the Healthcare Commission, the Governor, and the Legislature justify their decision to close St. Vincent's Midtown Hospital to these vulnerable people in our community? Become like NY Presbyterian or Shut Down For Sure. This will add several thousand more people to the list of unemployed hospital workers. Westchester Square Campus: Parking garage located at 1601 Seddon Street is open Monday through Sunday, from 6 a.m. to midnight. The room walls are all scuffed, which applies to all the floors with exception to the sixth floor ICCU. Woodstock Hospital, the Bronx. Montefiore used $15.3 million out of $20 million received from the state last summer to buy the hospital at a Jan. 24 auction approved by the Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York. Best Cities for Jobs 2020 NEW! I am sorry for the lost of your parents, however to discriminate against the hospital because of your personal loss is retarded. The staff were all so friendly and I felt like I was a person and not a number. Closing it will be a devastating loss for medical students and interns from two major NY State medical schools that rely on it as a key Manhattan campus with a uniquely diverse patient population and exposure to an enormous amount of pathology. the closing of Westchester Square Medical Center. St. Vincent's Midtown, formerly St. Clare's was the first hospital on the East Coast of the USA to open it's doors to the victims of HIV and AIDS in any meaningful way, it has survived bankruptcy and following on the multi million Euro renovation at the turn of the millenium presents as a modern hospital, equiped to serve the needs of Midtown Manhattan. THE CURRENT PATAKI ADMINISTRATION, WHICH HAS FAILED TO IMPLIMENT ANY TYPE OFSUBSTANCIALY SIGNIFICANT HEALTHCARE REFORM IN ALL THE YEARS IN OFFICE, NOW DECIDES TO CREATE A COMMISSION TO CLOSE HOSPITALS AND SAVE THE STATE MONEY. I am on the medical staff at St. Vincent's Midtown and disgusted with the arrogant, unilateral decision that has been made to close this and other landmark hospitals throughout the city. There will be skyrocketing crime. Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance is situated 1400 feet southeast of Westchester Square Medical Center. 6' 10" Reserve. If you are already a member, please log in here: Upon further investigation I do not believe I would be interested in purchasing your equipment & furnishings..Thank you! AS THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK WE SHOULD NOT HAVE TO ASK OURSELVES WHY?, WE SHOULD WRITE AND CALL OUR LOCAL CONGRESSMEN, SENATORS, AND ASSEMBLYMEN. The Montefiore Westchester Square Medical Center, located in Bronx, NY, is a health care institution that offers medical and surgical treatment. Burke Rehabilitation Hospital, Inc. Montefiore Medical Center. MEANWHILE, RESIDENTS WHICH LIVE NEAR THESE HOSPITALS WILL MOST LIKELY CONTINUE TO LIVE IN THESE AREAS WITHOUT THE BENEFIT AND SECURITY OF HAVING A HOSPITAL NEAR THEIR HOME, WHEN THEY NEED IT...LONG AFTER PATAKI IS GONE. The spokesman, Fred Stewart, said the hospital would battle any attempt to shut it down. Hospital/Clinic Near New York Westchester Square Medical Cntr. Affiliated Facilities. 55: Bronx - Mount Vernon - Yonkers. New westchester square medical center careers are added daily on Your friends and neighbors will strongly suggest you stop embarrassing your family and take your scam to the subways, preferably the Number 1 train because it has the most tourists. i have lived in the are for 25 years, closing the hospital would significantly impact the are, and that would be a huge are with a huge number of people. This institution had a state of the art Dental Clinic for HIV patients and state of the art HIV center to take care of these difficult patients. I cannot speak enough of the medical staff and the Nursing staff as well, their dedication to all of the difficult situations presented to them over the years where they have stepped up to the plate at every instance. See also Phone: (718) 430-7425, Address: 2475 Saint Raymonds Avenue, Bronx, NY 10461-3124. New York State Drops to 29th In Health Ranks, Ban on Trans Fat in Restaurants Is Approved by New York City, NYC Health Board Bans Trans Fats in Restaurants, Health Board Expected To Pass Revised Proposal on Trans Fats, Michigan Man Undergoes Rare Hand Transplant. There will be about 20 or so Hospital-based Detox beds from the Battery to Harlem. Reviews from NY Westchester Square Medical Center employees about NY Westchester Square Medical Center culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security, and more. 3 New York Westchester Square Medical Center reviews. The primary problem is health care cost which is due to 1)increasing insurance premium secondary to injury lawer, 2)more people are apply for medicaid secondary to lack of control over immigration . Mr. Bloomberg is a champion of the system, which is largely controlled by the city with state oversight and is considered to be the safety net of the city's poorest and uninsured. Garages Street. 81 westchester square medical center jobs available. Westchester Square Medical Center. He said Montefiore is committed to preserving as many of the 586 jobs there as possible and will begin working closely with NYWSMC’s labor unions to identify qualified staff eligible for hire by Montefiore. Doctors, Nurses and all staff were excellent. The Registered Agent on file for this company is New York Westchester Square Medical Center and is located at Attn: President 2475 St. Raymond Ave, Bronx, NY 10461. Who is AOC? Fragin said that the courts are not required to explain why a higher bid might not be accepted, and there are no means of recourse at this point. George Pataki was trying to find cost-saving measures. The hospital has been on the chopping block since the … Back when it was called St. Clare's, and today under its new name, this institution offered and continues to offer a truly unique and powerful experience; dozens of graduates of its teaching programs echo the same sentiment: "you learn to practice medicine, hands on, at St Vincent's Midtown." About Montefiore Radiology Westchester Square Campus. 60/61/62 Opened in 1930 as Westchester Square Hospital, closed in 2013, currently houses an emergency room, operating rooms, and offices for Montefiore Medical Center. Parkway Hospital 45 – Forest Hills Queens with an unimpeded view of the Flushing Meadow, Cabrini Hospital 20 –An entire city block in one of the most desirable addresses in the city, Eye Ear and Throat Hospital – Prime Upper Eastside Real Estate, Beth Israel 80 Detox beds will convert to psych beds. Please log in again. It was a great pleasure working at Westchester Square Medical Center, The stuff were fund, Each day at work was a new experience, That's the reason why I stayed there for approximately 13 years Pros Always like to be at work on time, knowing am going to do what I love and get my work done ontime and accurate. The absurd idea that homeless people will access the yet-to-be-developed Outpatient Detox Services is patently absurd. Woodstock Hospital, the Bronx. As a Catholic I would be outraged at any action that prevents the healing of the sick.This Hospital is also in a strategic location in case of a terrorist attack and should be kept open to protect the population around it. At least one hospital in each of three other boroughs, Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx, is slated for closing. 2 talking about this. Patrick Rocchio can be reach via e-mail at or by phone at (718) 742-3393. Phone: (718) 430-7425, Address: 2475 Saint Raymonds Avenue, Bronx, NY 10461-3124. It was so conveniently located in Hell's Kitchen, and always saved me a trip to Roosevelt Hospital, which had a tendency to ignore us when we went there. New York Westchester Square Medical Center is a non-profit acute care hospital based at 2475 Street Raymond Avenue in Bronx, NY. 7' 1" 1550 Blondell Ave (1695 Eastchester Rd) 295 spots. The $20 million was part of $72.9 million in New York State Health Care Efficiency and Afford ability Law (HEAL) grants, partially federally funded, to 10 city hospitals and nursing homes announced by Governor Cuomo on June 15, 2012 through the state Department of Health and the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York. WHICH GET ABSOLUTLY NO STATE FUNDING OR FEDERAL ASSISTANCE, WHAT SO EVER. this hosp has a lot of history , the ony hosp that opened it ares for all the pts that were found to have HIV and every other hosp turned its head this is the only hosp that takes in most of the homless and cares for them , better then any other hosp does . Dr. Steven Safyer, president and chief executive officer of Montefiore, said the plan is to have a full-service emergency department, an ambulatory surgery center and, over time, comprehensive primary and specialty care services. All the members of the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation, the public hospital system in the city, appeared to have avoided the chopping block, at least for now. On this day, as one passed the hospital, now only to see windows being boarded up and doors locked and secured are only left with a horrible situation of where they would go next for their treatment. 52: Bronx - Mount Vernon - Bronxville. Those persons on parole and probation will lose those rare chances to straighten up and fly right, being summarily violated and returned to jails and prison after their urines test dirty. GOV. Also known as the HEAL NY Program, the law was passed in 2004 and has provided nearly $3 … Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance, also referred to as BAAD, is a New York performing and visual art workshop space and performance venue located in The Bronx. In the crowds of Times Square you can hide from your dealers, shylocks, your local precinct cops, the warrant squad, angry wives, girlfriends and people you've ripped off and robbed in your own neighborhood. Ny Westchester Square Medical Center is a group practice with 1 location. At the very least, it needed an overhaul, and I am not particularly sorry to see it go. PLEASE HELP US IF YOU CAN. 3. It's very easy to rob and run. Hospital name: New York Westchester Square Medical Center Address: 2475 Street Raymond Avenue, Bronx, NY, USA Directions: available in free hospital report. WHAT GIVES THE STATE THE RIGHT TO CLOSE DOWN A PRIVATE BUSINESSES, ESPECIALLY ONES THAT BENNEFIT THE COMMUNITY. We need community hospitals like Westchester Square to provide a choice to those who want it. The facility is accredited and provides emergency services. I owe a great part of my medical education and my entire internship education to St. Vincent's Midtown. The Commission's decision to closing a Hospital for the sake of producing economies of scale does not answer the needs of the community in this precise location. For the commission, targeting the public hospital system may not have been politically tenable. Dear Member: We are writing to inform you that on March 13, 2013, New York Westchester Square Medical Center will close. Montefiore Medical Center is anticipated to acquire bankrupt New York Westchester Square Medical Center when the Bronx community hospital puts itself on the auction block next month for $14 million. Anyway, this is a real loss to the West Side! The Berger Commission, a state health panel, recommended last fall that the hospital close. 7' 1" 1550 Blondell Ave (1695 Eastchester Rd) 295 spots. Including the initial World Trade Bombing and with Sept 11 01. All for the sake of a handful of real estate speculators? The merge, along with a grant from the State Health Department, helped prevent the hospital?s closure. I certainly hope that the community will fight for this good cause to keep this wonderful institution open. The commission source said the hospital could be allowed to continue ambulatory service. Westchester Square Medical Center, 2475 St. Raymond Avenue, the Bronx. The member said all of the hospitals targeted were fighting for their financial survival and were not deemed by the commission to be a vital presence in their communities because of the lack of occupancy and their proximity to other hospitals serving similar functions. It is a shame to see the demise of such a wonderful institution. 1601 Seddon St 150 spots. They have taken good care fo me wihile in the hospital.