Khon Khaen National Museum

       Khon Khaen National Museum was building in 1967 to preservation and antiquities exhibit artifacts that as the national cultural treasure in the upper northeast, then between 1968 – 1969 given a budget Purchasing for equipment and construction of buildings. In 1972 the exhibit implementation completed, His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej  and HRH the Crown Prince have presided over the opening of  Khon Kaen National Museum on December 20, 1972
      In 1992, the Fine Art Department's policy  was  to develop and improve Khon Kaen National Museum, was allocated funds for the construction of office buildings and conference rooms totaling 3,000,000 baht, and in 1993 was allocated funds for 985,300. baht to purchase materials and equipment to develop and improve the permanent exhibition in Khon Kaen National Museum could to meet the needs of local community-based approaches to development of the National Museum. The modern policy of  the Fine Arts Department Khon Kaen National Museum has become one of the key resources for local people who are interested to learn about the history, archeology, culture, tradition and cultural heritage to continue to remain on.

The mission
        Khon Kaen National Museum is an agency under the Office of the National Museum of Fine Arts Department of the Ministry of Culture. In the responsibility of the 9th Office of Fine Arts, Khon Kaen that responsible for antiquities 5 area in  Khon Kaen, Maha Sarakham, Udon Thani, Loei. and Nong Khai. The main mission of the organization is as follows.
        1. Survey collects antiques Art objects and ethnographic conservation, preservation of cultural heritage of the nation.
        2. Research stories related to humans and the environment. From the evidence of the ancient artifacts and natural objects.
        3. Offering technical the exhibition include artifacts on permanent and temporary exhibitions. Increase their knowledge and enjoyment to the public of all ages, all levels of education.
        4. Promote knowledge dissemination activities, education services.
        5. The conservation organization, an Non-formal education institution,  Cultural tourist area and community center.
        6. Promote cooperation between the public and private sectors. Collaboratively with the local community, conservation and cultural heritage.
        7. Surveillance, monitoring and implementation of the antiquities under the historic monuments. Artifacts and national laws, regulations and other relevant announcements

Core Services
        1. As Non-formal education institution, a learning center and cultural attraction by the permanent exhibits, temporary exhibitions and exhibition to  increase knowledge and enjoyment to the public of all ages, all levels of education.
        2. Special events, and educational services to promote and disseminate knowledge and culture.
        3. Provide information about evidence related to humans and the environment from the antiquities, artifacts and natural objects that have been collected.

Target group Aimed at providing
        Domestic tourists Foreign tourists primary and secondary students, scholars and the general public.

        1. Lead to visit the exhibition in Thai language and English language brochure available.
        2. Research center (library)
        3. Shop to sell souvenirs, books, drinks, snacks.

Publicity and Public Relations
        1. Visiting the National Museum in Khon Kaen Books in Thai and English language.
        2. Brochures to device Khon Kaen National Museum.
        3. The case of a special event, documentation outreach through various media including newspapers, radio and newsletters.  

Events Cooperation
        Collaboration with government agencies and the private sector in the province, schools in the province and neighboring provinces, Khonkaen University, local Museum, National Museum and other private organizations in the province. If the coordinated cooperation, let courtesy visit,  attend events or activities take place in the assembly.

Annually Project / Activity
        1. Leisure activities on the occasion of Children's Day on the 2nd Saturday of January every year.
        2. Special exhibition on heritage conservation in Thailand on the 2nd of April each year.
        3. The project registration and survey of registered antiquities in defined territory.
        4. Travel exposition featured Khon Khan National Museum to schools and communities in the province and neighboring provinces.
       5. Activities / projects with academic work and visiting service