Khon Kaen National Museum exhibits divided into three parts.


Part 1: The exhibition building on the front, downstairs and upstairs. Exhibits about geography, geology in northeast, archaeological evidence shows the story of the history and archeology and development since prehistoric times, the settlement tradition, social, religious, artistic influence, development of cities and communities in the northeast as well as the development of art in the country.


Part 2: The exhibition building on the back. Exhibits antique, art objects and battlements stone sculptures as well as stories about traditional ways of life, beliefs, folk instruments that reflect the wisdom of the people in northeast

Part 3: The building of  parapets storage and outdoor exhibitions. Exhibits parapets, the parapet stone tablet, remain of sandstone sculpture, sandstone architecture and components that are found in the northeastern part. The details are as follows;

1.  Building Khon Kaen National Museum exhibits all seven parts as
        1.1  Room of Prehistoric Exhibition (1st floor)
        1.2  Room of Historic Exhibition : Dvarawati (1st floor)
        1.3  Room of Historic Exhibition : Lopburi (2nd floor)
        1.4  Room of Historic Exhibition : Lanchang (2nd floor)
        1.5  Room of Historic Exhibition: Rattanakosin and History of Khon Khan  (2nd floor)
        1.6  Exhibit terrace : The sculpture of stone and parapets
        1.7  Room of Arts and culture Northeastern (1st floor , rear on the west)

The division title is presented below.
1.  History and evolution
        1.1 Prehistoric period
             Exhibit on the topic habitation and social life, tools that made of stone, metal and traditional burial cave art archeological importance. Ban Sarng du, Non Nok Tha, Non Chai Ban Non Muang and Ban Chiang Archaeological sites.
        1.2 Historic period
             Room of Historic Exhibition : Dvarawati (1st floor)
Exhibits on architecture, stucco sculpture, inscription, religious beliefs and cultural, stone parapet influences Dvarawati, Dvarawati tablet of Fa Daet Song Yang Town
            Room of Historic Exhibition : Lopburi (2nd floor) exhibits on the topic In northeast Lopburi cities and communities Religion and faith Map of the historical sites, in northeast influenced Khmer culture earthenware Buddha from the elephant to the period, art in Buddhism appliances and examples found in the northeast.
            Room of Historic Exhibition: Rattanakosin and History of Khon Khan  (2nd floor)
Exhibit on the topic of setting of Khon Kaen, Moving of  Khon Kaen, the relationship between Khon Kaen the power of center and the Bangkok.
            Room of Arts and culture Northeastern (1st floor, rear on the west)
            1. The tradition lives on exhibit Thai's Isan- Lao culture, people in northeast, tradition in the northeast festivals and Phook Seaw traditions, Khon Khan the land of dance music,  Larng  and Northeastern Conservatory
          2. Wisdom exhibited in  northeast cloth, tools to produce yarn , religious and traditional beliefs kitchen tools, tools for trapping fish and farming tools.
2. Storage of parapets
    Exhibit parapets, the parapet table, remain of sandstone sculpture and components of  sandstone architecture that found in the north-eastern part and exhibit the battlements of the survey and excavation in the northeast in outdoor exhibit

Antiques, art objects
        Antiquities in Khon Khaen National Museum can be divided by era age into  Prehistoric, Dvaravati, Lop Buri, Lanchang (Laos art), Rattanakosin  periods and ethnographic objects. The number of 508 entries and storage depots 5561 lists.

Items of the exhibits / artifacts collected.
         1. Artifacts including pottery, bone tools and ornaments made of stone, metal, steel, bronze, terracotta, stucco architecture, parapet, Buddha tablet, appliances and currencies.
        2. Artifacts include tools agricultural machinery, fishing tools, weaving tools Daily appliances, clothing and textiles, musical instruments, wooden tools,  basketry, the weapon appliances in ancient religious, ancient documents, the weapons of the former ruler of Khon Kaen.
        3. Replica objects / an artificially by preparation of the registration form to the Bureau  antiquities at the National Museum define and prepare the material was not made registration. Part of the object selected for display.