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Mahaweerawong National Museum exhibits value antiquities and artifacts, donated by Prince Mahaweerawong, representing archeology, art history, tradition and culture from pre-historical period to Rattanakosin reign.
In addition, the museum displays the antiquities excavated from archaeological sites such as Ban Prasat in Non Sung District, the archaeological remains excavated and restored in Nakhon Ratchasima Province such as at Muang Sema in Sung Noen District and Ban Don Khwang in Nonthai District, and neighboring provinces. The displays also cover the objects given by people including different patterns of pre-historical Pottery, bronze appliances, bronze drum, stone inscription, Buddha images from different periods, coated Pottery from Lopburi period, chinaware, Isan local arts, as well as historical artifacts such as the sets of royal seat in which King Rama V, King Rama VI, and King Rama IX had used when visiting Nakhon Ratchasima Province.