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Roi-Et National Museum is initially established by the idea of Prof.Dr.Goh Swasdipanich, former Minister of Education, who wants to have a museum for maintaining and displaying Isan art and handicraft, especially silk and local cloth. During that period, the policy of Fine Arts Department focused on establishing provincial museum, particularly the new one. As a result, these two ideas are merged and become the Roi Et National Museum.
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Roi Et National Museum had been constructed since fiscal year 1993 (2536 B.E.) and completely finished in 1997 with the budget of 40 million baht. It exhibits and collects background and interesting information of Roi Et province in terms of geography, natural resource, archaeology, history, well known people, way of life, tradition, and handicraft art.



Roi-Et National Museum was officially announced as a national museum by Ministry of Education Announcement on the Establishment of Roi-Et National Museum dated 20 September 1994 (2537 B.E.) as stated in the Royal Thai Government Gazette No. 111, Special Section 43 Ngor, Page 11, on 5 October 1994. The grand opening ceremony was held on 20 March 1998 presided over by Her Royal Highness Princess Mahachakkri Sirindhorn.