First Floor

The display sections consist of a room for exhibits geography and geology of Roi Et Province. There is also a room for presenting Roi Et’s information through multimedia computer system.

Geography and Mineral Resources

EN 01

Introduction of Roi Et Province

EN 02

The Governors of Roi Et

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Second Floor

The display sections consist of historical and archaeological evidences of Roi Et Province in terms of considerable antiquities from pre-historical period to Ratanakosin reign which Chinese had been started settling down. The soil-building model as a resident of Chinese people at that time is also made for presentation.

Prehistoric Period

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Khmer or Lavapura Culture

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Ayudhaya and Rattanakosin Culture

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Third Floor

The display section consists of way of life, tradition, art and handicraft as a local wisdom of Roi Et Province or made by national artists born in Roi Et.

Boon Pha Wed Festival

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Local Isan House

EN 08

Textile and the Way of Life

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