Phra Nakorn National Museum is the first museum for population in Thailand Founded in 1859.  Originally a "Bowornstharn Mongkol Vice-King Palace " or viceroy palace, which contains the palaces and the royal halls as One of spectacular Thai architectural.


     In the reign of His Majesty King Mongkut, King Rama IV, he set up the royal private museum at Phrapas Phipittapun Royal Hall, in the Grand Palace to keep the objects, artifacs, tribute that was the beginning of a museum in the following days.
    In the reign of His Majesty King Chulalongkorn, King Rama V, he ordered to se up the Museum at Sahathai Association Hall of Kong Kodia Hall in the Grand Palace. Open to the public for the first time on the occasion of 21th age celebration on 19 September 1874. Then in 1887, H.R.H. Prince Boworn Vijacharn had died so had announced the cancellation of the viceroy that made the palace vacant. King Rama V had ordered to move the museum from Kong Kodia Hall to 3 front royal halls at Bowornstharn Mongkol Vice-King Palace as Siwamokkhaphiman Royal Hall, Buddha Sawan Chapel and Issarawinitchai Royal Hall to called that “Wang Na Museum”
    Later in 1926, King Pokklao, King Rama VII conferred order to use the Royal Palace in Bowornstharn Mongkol Vice-King Palace to establish a museum for all as to the Museum for Bangkok, used Siwamokkhaphiman Royal Hall to exhibits stone Inscription, Bailarn Scripture, Samuth Thai and ancient Textbook  called the hall that Vajirayarn Library.  The king had presided over the opening on November 10, 1926 in the Birthday Honours. Subsequently there was changed in the rule of absolutism to democracy. The government had set up the Department of Fine Arts in 1933 for the Metropolitan Museum. The affiliation with the Department of Fine Arts. And has set up a National Museum was established in 1934.