Educational Supporting Services
Convention visiting group by appointment
Audiovisual Media services by appointment
exhibition lending services by appointment
Photo library by appointment
Library Saturday - Sunday or by appointment.

Service visit to a foreign language By a group of women volunteers

English             Guided tour of art history and Buddhist Thailand.
                       Every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:30 pm.
French             Guided tour of the art and artistry of Thailand.
                       Every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:30 pm.
German            Guided tour of art and culture of Thailand.
                       Every Thursday at 9:30 pm.
Japanese          Guided tour of Thai's culture, Thai wares and the Buddha Sawan Chapel.
                       Every Wednesday and the first two weeks of the month, 9:30 pm
                       Guided tour of the prior art and Thai  art.
                       Every Wednesday,the third and fourth weeks of the month,9:30 pm

Admission Fee    Thais 30 baht         Foreigners 200 baht

** Includes tickets to visit National Museum, National Museum of Royal barge and  the National Gallery

Na Phrathat Road, Grand Palace sub district, Phra Nakorn district, Bangkok. 10200
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Opening hours 9:00 to 16:00 pm. Closed Mondays, Tuesdays and holidays.

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