room showing the history of Thailand


Siwamokkhaphiman Royal Hall
Originally established in 1982, has since transformed into an exhibition room showing the history of Thailand "Thailand on  the past,"  Siwamokkhaphiman Royal Hall was built at the first stage of the Front Palace construction, by order of H.R.H. Prince Maha Surasinghanat, the vice king during the reign of King Rama I in 1782. Initially, it was a smaller wooden pavilion without walls, smaller than  the hall in nowadays. Creating a character modeled from “Shooting Royal Pavilion”

“Shooting Royal Pavilion”  was the pavilion behind Ayutthaya palace. The size and layout, the location is the same as when it was first built. Siwamokkhaphiman Royal Hall locate on the front of large pool, on the middle of pool located of Bunyong Rattanasana. By this cause to called Siwamokkhaphiman Royal Hall in another name as “Song Pern Pavilion”

In the reign of King Rama I, Siwamokkhaphiman Royal Hall used to throne hall that was throne glorious white nine-tiered umbrella being a symbol of royalty, for the vice king to meet nobility and the royal charities as Mahachat preaching, that call this hall in another name as “ Songthum royal hall”

    Originally established in 1982, has since transformed into an exhibition room showing the history of Thailand "Thailand on  the past," until the later of  year 2014 had been adjusted that show antiquities in the National Museum.
    The exhibition "Thailand on the past," That exhibitd during the years 1982 – 2015 contains the archaeological exhibition. And artifacts related to the history of Thailand and Thailand in the past on the continent. The exhibition with exhibits, multimedia and map as;

Stone Incriptions
Thai civilizations on the world civilization, respectively upon a time.
Culture in Holocene period
Map of Thailand before 18th Buddhism Century
The City in 18th Buddhism Century
Map to shown position of Sukhothai districts
Phor Khun Sri Indarathit Establishment
The elephant crashing between Phor Khun Ramkumhang and Khun Sarm Chon
The Thai calligraphers in King Ramkhamhaeng’s period.
Casting Buddha images in King Mahadhammaracha’s period.
Sunkhalok Manufacturing
Sukhothai Architecture Artistic
Artillery stationed Brig
Buddha Image in Walking posture
500 Bodhisatavas
King Borom Tri Lokananath
Model of Ayutthaya Island
King U-Thong headquarters to built Ayutthaya
King Naresuon was shooting royal gun across the Sittaung River
King Naresuon was Declaration of Independence
King Naresuon was battled  with Lukwithummoo
King Naresuon was shooting royal gun to Burmese barracks
King Naresuon had elephant duel
Reception France Ambassador at Sanpeth palace.
King Narai
Rachan villagers heroism
Shipbuilding at Chanthaburi
Platforms residence of King Taksin.
Hall of Thonburi palace
Buddha Cabinet
Thung Lardya Battle
Model of barque
National defense
His Majesty King Mongkut, King Rama IV
Model of Train
His Majesty King Chulalongkorn, King Rama V
King Rama V royal duties.
His Majesty King Vajirawut, King Rama VI
King Rama VI royal duties.
King Pokklao, King Rama VII
King Rama VII royal duties.
His Majesty King Anunthamahidol, King Rama VIII
His Majesty King Bhoomiphol Adulyadech, King Rama IX
King Rama IX royal duties.
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