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      HRH Prince Ditsawarakuman, Prince Damrong Rajanubhab and HRH Prince Narisara Nuwattiwong gathered the antiques in Lopburi Province to establish Museum at Chandharaphisarn Palace in Narai Maharach Palace. There was the first opening on October 11, 1924 and declared as the museum in 1961.

Information about specific features

       The  unique exhibition in King Narai National Museum
       Considered an exhibition of antiques, art objects in King Narai National Museum are featured that could tell history of Lop Buri from past to nowadays seamlessly with presentation of development from pro-history period (about 3,500 years ago) to history period as Art in Dvarawati, Lop Buri, Ayutthaya, Rattanakosin and lifestyle of people in Lop Buri. Tourists can learn the information in history by story line of the antiques in exhibitions  that reflects improvement in various forms, including religious beliefs, language technology to life, the trade association., culture to other lands including the artistic beauty of sculpture, architecture delivered in a contemporary style.
       Exhibits on the history of the reign of King Narai  is the attention to mary visitors with the important diplomatic duties in politics, iInternational relations, architecture and buildings. That is a historic milestone that tells the history of the reign of King Narai as well.