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Satun National Museum is located at Satun Thani Road Soi 5, Piman Sub-district, Muang District, Satun Province. It was renovated from Kuden Mansion constructed by Prince Phuminatphakdi or Tonku Baharutdin Binkumae, the former Satun governor, during the reign of King Rama V. This European-colonial building was built with the aim of serving as a resident for King Rama V during southern visit but the king did not come to stay. Later, it was used as the administration office of Satun province and its governor resident. During World War 2 around the year 1941 (2484 B.E.), this building was used as Japan military headquarters. During 1947 and 1963, it was used as the administration office of Muang Satun District. During 1965 and 1966, it was used as the lecture rooms and administration office of Internal Security Operations Command (ISOC).
With historical significance and outstanding architectural pattern, the Fine Arts Department had announced the registration of Kuden Mansion as a national archaeological site on 14 February 1989 (2532 B.E.)
In 1994, the Fine Arts Department had started developing the building of Kuden Mansion to be used as a provincial national museum in order for serving as a place for collecting and displaying the history of the province, as well as tradition, culture, and way of life of Satun people. This policy of establishing the national museum was consistent with the requirement of Satun Province on having a center for collecting, conserving, displaying, and distributing the art and cultural heritage of Satun.
During 1994-1995, the 9th Section of Fine Arts under the Fine Arts Department had renovated Kuden Mansion building. After that, the 10th National Archaeology and Museum Songkhla Office under the Fine Arts Department had hired the outsourcing organization to prepare the permanent exhibition inside the building, as well as renovating the building, managing the outside landscape, and installing the public utility and air condition system.
Her Royal Highness Princess Mahachakri Sirindhorn had presided over the opening ceremony of the museum on 9 June 2000 (2543 B.E.) which is open for public audiences and educational service until now.
In addition, the Kuden Mansion was admired as the outstanding conservative building of 2001 by Siam Architect Association under the Royal Patronage on 12 October 2001 Physical Description: Satun National Museum (Kuden Mansion) is a two-storey building with Thai's Panya style roof. Outline of this building appears a square shape. The first floor is divided into four parts including terrace, central hall, two wing-rooms, and back hall. There are two stairs between the first and second floor located at the central hall and back hall. The second floor is also divided into four parts including front balcony, central hall and two wing-rooms, and back room and roof-deck.
Total area is 1 rai with 3 ngan and 15 square wa. Total exhibitionspace is 689.363 square meters.