Information Room

Information Room is the room providing information and document searching services about art and culture, history, and community service

Satun Background Room

EN 01

Satun Background Room displays the history of Satun in different topics such as geography, geology, pre-historical story, significant incidents of Satun in the past, way of life of Sakai tribal minority, and story of Tarutao Island. Antiquities found in archaeological sites in Satun are also exhibited, as well as the samples of mineral resources of Satun, and the reproduced scenes of significant incidents.

Public Relations Room

EN 02

Public Relations Room sells the books and souvenirs.

Stun Way of Life Room

EN 03

Stun Way of Life Room displays the way of life of Satun people in different contexts including sea people in Lipe Island, making of ancient pottery in Ban Yan Sue of Khuan Don District, and fishermen in Ban Tam Malang. The displays are presented by different media including model of way of life, projector, and sound system.

Temporary Exhibition Room
Temporary Exhibition Room is provided for exhibitions, lectures, and welcoming group of visitors.

Governor House Room

EN 04

Governor House Room displays the biography of Prince Phuminatphakdi, the former governor of Stun who had built Kuden Mansion. The utensils used during the stay of Prince Phuminatphakdi are exhibited in different sections such as bedroom, living room, working room, and dining room, etc.

Stun Local House Room

EN 05

Stun Local House Room displays the models of the residents of Satun people including their way of life in different context such as in the

Kuden Mansion Contemporary Reception Room

EN 06

Kuden Mansion Contemporary Reception Room displays contemporary set of welcoming guests by rearranging it based on the structure of the building.

Thai-Muslim Culture Room

EN 07

Thai-Muslim Culture Room displays the showcases of models of Thai-Muslim people’s plays, traditional religious Por Nor school, La-mad performing as a worship of the Allah's kindness, Khitan rite, and Nikah wedding ceremony.

Roof-deck and Cafeteria
Roof-deck and Cafeteria is provided for selling snacks and drinks.