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Sawanvoranayok National Museum is located at Pracha Rat Road, opposite to Wat Sawankharam, Muang Sawankhalok Municipality, Sawankhalok District, Sukhothai Province. Its location is approximately 40 kilometers from Muang Sukhothai established based on the intension of Phra Sawanvoranayok, a former abbot of Wat Sawankhalok and Sawankhalok Ecclesiastical Province Governor who desired to give the objects of art and collected antiques to be the national properties when he passed away. The museum is established in Wat Sawankharam.

In 1965, Lord Sawanvoranayok passed away. The committees of the temple and the followers held a meeting because a will of management assignment was not found. The objects of art and antiques were given to Fine Arts Department. The national museum was required to construct in the area of the temple as the desire of Lord Sawanvoranayok. Also, the land of 11,644 square meters was allocated for construction under the budget of 1,200,000 baht managed by Fine Arts Department. The buildings were designed by Mr. Methee Khantharo, Architecture Division, Fine Arts Department. More 22,400 square meters of lands were also bought from near villagers. The land was in the total amount area of 34,04421 square meters. However, after completed establishing, the objects of art and antiques cannot be moved from Wat Sawankharam because of some conflicts.

When Phra Kru Winaithorn (Yim), the abbot, has passed away in 1981, Phra Kru Thammanites, the Deputy Ecclesiastical Province Governor of Sawankhalok, acting abbot of Wat Sawankharam, has processed to verify all antiques and objects of art and officially gave to Fine Arts Department for collections on July 11, 1981, represented by Mr.Khunthong Phuphewduen, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Education. Fine Arts Departments has assigned the National Museum Division for exhibition management responsible by Mr.Sukit Thengmaneekul, Academic Curator, and working team. Some items of antique were from Ramkhamhang national Museum, found during an excavation at Si Satchanalai, celadon from the gulf of Thailand, and people. All antiques and objects of art were gathered and exhibited to disclose more obvious evidence of the prosperity of the country.

Sawanvoranayok National Museum was officially opened on March 15, 1984, held by Fine Arts Department. Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn presided over the opening ceremony of the museum. This would be the remembrance of Phra Sawanvoranayok who donated the antiques and objects of art as the national properties with his mind of conservation on nation heritage. This museum was later named as “Sawanvoranayok National Museum.