Indharaperi Drum

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Object :
Indharaperi Drum
Art style :
Material  :
Wood and leather
Size :
31.5 cm. wide, 38 cm length
Era age :
ca. 24th century BE.
Feature :
Indharaperi Drum of Boworn Stharn Mongkol Palace to strike for the army signal.There are  3 drums by cascaded size. Each of the drumhead was written  Talisman gold stripes pattern, animals pattern, Talisman shaped lines character of  Khmer. A Khmer Pali inscriptions hymns of praise Buddha preaching god Maximus your victory request from the pin Jake Buddha. Lord Buddha and the god, as well as his spells and witchcraft in the heart, Khmer,  Pali inscriptions hymns of praise Buddha preaching, priesthood, the victory request from individual Buddha, Lord Buddha and the god, As well as the heart of  magic spell. Presumably make up the time of Somdej Phra Bowornchao Sukdipolased , the Vice-King who had government troops in the  reign of King Rama III.
History :
Belongs to originally in Bangkok National Museum
Venue :
Bangkok  National Museum
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