Emperor crowned Buddha statue

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Object :
Emperor crowned  Buddha  statue
Art style :
late Ayutthaya period
Material  :
Size :
47 cm. lap wide, 95 cm. high with base
Era age :
ca. 23rd century BE.
Feature :
Emperor crowned  Buddha  statue created  during the Ayutthaya period from late 22 th century by on the motto “Chompoobodi Suit” or Lord Buddha torture Phraya Chompoobodee. The session discusses that Buddha sat gleefully his performances at the Weluwan cathedral. At that time Bimbisara Buddhist worshipers, was threatened by Phraya Phrachabodee who was threatened by Phraya Chompoobodee who had authority to be the fear of kings. He went to the Buddha at Weluwan as relied on. Buddha foreseen by the perception that it would please the Lord pink well. He transformed the Weluwan like heaven. He was created himself to be the Lord who was the Imperial and  ordered  Indra as the envoys to invite Phraya Chompoobodee to meet. He  lose Indra’s power, so he went to Weluwan Cathedral. Lord Buddha tortured him  with various aspects, so he gave everything restored, and  preached to Phraya Chompoobodee. Let's ordination as a priest ordained Buddhist disciples.
This Buddha images emperor was in late Ayutthaya period. His face looks quite long,eyebrows raised, glassy eyes under, heavy lids, decorated with engraved sharp lines. Tips of eyes as long, prominent nose, thin lips, wearing goers King’s costumes in full called “Song Kruang Yai” as crowned, wearing earrings, Neck filter, Sangwan ruff, breastplates, armlets, belt and anklets.  The edge of robe is decorated in striped grille, Buddha sitting cross-legged flat in Subduing Mara
History :
Moved from Wat Benjamabophit National Museum.
Venue :
Bangkok  National Museum
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