Kandhararatha Buddha image

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Object :
Kandhararatha Buddha image
Art style :
Material  :
Gold plated bronze
Size :
73.5 cm. high with base, 23.5 cm. lap wide
Era age :
ca. 25th century BE.
Feature :
Kandhararatha Buddha image was a statue of a plenty. Created as the Buddha image used to pray for rainfall in the  ceremonial rain (Pirunsartra) and the Royal Ploughing Ceremony for propitious to the ceremony inspire rainy season crops fertile soil fertility.
Kandhararatha Buddha created by the stories in  Phra Sutantaphidok Scriptures, Khuttaka denomination, Akanibat allegory as the title Mutcha Chadok allegory told that Once the Lord Buddha hermitage at Chet Wanaram, Anathapindika millionaire’s place  near Sravasti City. Then caused drought and ground parched in Koson region. Bokkoranee pool which as a Buddhist consumption was evaporated until seen mire. Fish have great difficulty With the Ravens came and ate. Then Lord Buddha came for alms, therefore seen He had compassion. After meal, he said for U-Tok Sadok fabric (fabric for bath) to offering. Phra Ananda was said that the pool dried several days ago. He also said to took the fabric so Ananda has been offering. He was Wear the clothing made with the the tip fabric side and brace other tip to cover his shoulder. He stood at edge of the pool ladder, Act to cleansing ablutions. The right hand beckoning rain, the left hand was Waiting for rain. Suddenly the great cloud was set up towards the west and the rain fell in abundance which should be submerged in the flood everywhere with the Buddhist power.
Later time,  the King in Kantararatha Town heard this story, He had veneration and ordered to created Buddha in symptoms to pour water into implied like that called rain. On the year that  drought, which was invited to the statue to worship rain that the rain fell as wish. Later the Buddhists statue symptoms like that and called the image that “Kantararatha Buddha” because of Kantararatha a city prototype originally.
His Majesty King Chulalongkorn, King Rama III ordered to create Kantararatha Buddha as be Royal personality Buddha images cause there was telling that in  royal birth year as drought damaged crops in the fields on early year. When he was born, Immediately the rain according in the Royal Palace untill  flooded as fantastic. His Majesty King Mongkut, King Rama IV, so please give  him to be a ceremonial duties of rain still he was young cause he was the glory of the rain so remarked to take “Kantararatha Buddha” to be Kingchulalongkorn’s Royal personality Buddha images by asting a seated Buddha statue symptoms to called rain as the ancient statue
In 1910, please create “Kantararatha Buddha” in standing  statue according the text with Akanibat allegory by ordered to Mr.Alfonso Tornarelli, Italian  artisan to mold Rainfull Buddha statue standing posture Imitated Indian art in Kantararatha style as a Buddhist art prosper in the north of India in a land where the Greeks had occupied. There was aesthetic beauty of the Greek – Roman, upswept hair was knot without glory. The body was humanely as showing muscles, Striped robe looks like a natural, standing on the lotus base at the steps of BokKoranee Pool. There were 3 floor staircase, pillars and backboard  that decorate with a Mother Earth squeezed bun and Naga man (Naga incarnate) that mean to water and plenty. His right hand raised in manner beck, turn left hand at his waist filled with rainfall. The face looked lifted up above that symptoms  like call the rain.
Kantararatha Buddha was an important historical and artistic traditions in the reign of King Rama V cause shown the popularity of the changing artistic ideal, a realist the virtual nature stores include prosperity for the ceremonial significance of the house permitting the abundance of the kingdom. and citizens.
History :
In 1910, His Majesty King Chulalongkorn, King Rama V ordered to  Mr.Alfonso Tornarelli, Italian  artisan to mold Rainfull Buddha statue standing posture Imitated Indian art like  Kantararatha style in India
Venue :
Bangkok  National Museum
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