Buddha image in preaching posture

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Object :
Buddha image in preaching posture
Art style :
Middle period of Dvarawati
Material  :
Size :
51 cm. high, 19.5 cm. wide
Era age :
ca. 13th-14th century BE.
Feature :
Part body of  Buddha image in preaching posture, the face was quite round, His eyebrows arched the few short stretch above buckler his nose, The eyes was glassy downwards. The eyes point upward, small eyes, thick lips, smiling slightly, fuller cheek. The ears are long and saw the side. Childs knit small neatly arranged in a horizontal high cone without glory., wear the robes covers without wrinkles, raised his arms between his chest. Hands side shows preaching posture, left hand has robe  the hands and the man agreed to let the side. Left hands with the robe of the wrist and let the robe fall to the side. The face of Buddha represents the combined of influence between  Buddha Indian Gupta period (10th -11th Buddhist century) with a folk Davarawati by gracefully. Details of the robe tied at the left hand is held in the hand instead of the left hand because his left hand as shown as posture on the right. Also appearing in the stone Buddha formerly the capital city of Cambodia (about 12th-14th Buddhist Century), so the Buddha may be built in the middle of Dvarawati about 13th-14th Buddhist Century
History :
Found from the dungeon of Wat Cherng Tar, Nonthabubi Province.
Venue :
Bangkok  National Museum
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