Buddha Subduing Mara

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Object :
Buddha Subduing Mara
Art style :
Material  :
Size :
11.2 cm. lap wide, 43 cm. high with base
Era age :
ca. 21st-22nd century BE.
Feature :
Buddha Subduing Mara in Ayutthaya period, rrom a Buddhist statue was built in 21st-22nd Buddhist century with a a special appearance was decorate the base with the Mara Sena. The development of a unique style of Buddha statue in Ayutthaya, central. Buddha sitting cross-legged flat, both hands overlaid on the thighs. His face is quite round. Protuberance on the topknot of the Buddha image is flat round, above his head is the chignon was the convex hemisphere. His Halo spherical like a crystal marble. Eyebrows was arc, prominent nose, small lips and  eyes glance downward, length of ears, segmental neck. His robe clad wide open right shoulder, leaning Sangati cloth on his left shoulder, length of Sangati stretch to bowels. Tip of the cloth was radials. Robe moiety attached. Sitting on a lotus petal adorned upside down. Behind the statue was a plaque shaped shrub Bodhi tree and supports military base, which is decorated with Wassadi Mara are troops coming from the left of the statue. Originally, the foreground of the Buddha statue as Phra Mae Thoranee, the mother Earth who bun pour water over the Buddha did quote the Mara to defeat. According to the Buddha's statue of Buddha Subduing Mara as Buddha triumphed over the devil. Even the devil would raise these forces by many Mara but it could do more harm Buddha.  Buddha stretched out his right hand to touch the earth. Mother Earth to witness the practice of quote.
History :
Originally located at Wat Boworn, as Prince Vajirayarn Varoros’s Buddha image.
Venue :
Bangkok  National Museum
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