White Crystal Buddha image

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Object :
White Crystal Buddha image
Art style :
Material  :
Quartz and Gold
Size :
6 cm. lap wide, 18 cm high with base.
Era age :
ca. 24th century B.E.
Feature :
Statue of Buddha Subduing Mara engraved from quartz. His robe clad oblique sitting on a lotus base support with lion legs made of enamel gold. Childs, embossed  skull and halo made from gold. This nature of semi-precious stones or quartz crystal impeccable called Phra Kaew Khao Bus Namkang hhich the glass is defined as semi-precious stones or jewelery, not glass caused by melting sand as the ancients called Khaew Prasarn.
History :
Belongs to originally in Bangkok National Museum.
Venue :
Bangkok  National Museum
Qr Code :

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