Phatthamaphani Bodhisattava

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Object :
Phatthamaphani  Bodhisattava
(Avalokitasavara  Bodhisattava)
Art style :
Material :
Size :
63 cm. high
Era age :
ca. 14th century BE.
Feature :
Avalokitasavara Bodhisattava, the upper part of the Buddha. He stood leaning foundered Siraporn Ouaanunkun. The highest peak of Chada less disappeared. His face rounded. His eyebrows arched above as serrated groove, prominent nose, Lips as lobe, eyes glassy low, wearing rosary and neck coronet. His left shoulder sling fabric diagonally and looped over with yajñopavita and adorned with deer heads. His arm right up to Shoulder fractures lost. The left arm remains wearing armlet. Which was similar to that found on ornamental Phra Acustaya sculpture from Juntibanon Arts , Middle of Java. His lower body is damaged and lost.Presumably this is the idol same as Phatthamaphani  Bodhisattava. That mention by Inscription from Wat Wieng in the story of King Dhamaseta who built 3 brick castle to dedicated to the Buddha and 2 Bodhisattvas as Phatthamaphani  Bodhisattava and this Bodhisattava who hold the lotus as he is personnel prayer of intrigue. That intelligence leads to attain Buddhahood. There are two arms,  right hand in blessing. His left hand holds a lotus. as one of Avalokitasavara form that is highly revered In Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism. Which revered in Central Java in That 13th -14th century around as provides evidence showing the association between the kingdom of Srivijaya in the southern peninsula and the royal lane road in central Java.
History :
Found from Wat Wieng, Chaiya District, Surat Thani Province.
Venue :
Bangkok  National Museum
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