Phisachaya Kuru Buddha

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Object :
Phisachaya Kuru Buddha
Art style :
Material  :
Size :
11.2 cm. lap wide, 43 cm. high with base
Era age :
ca. 21st-22nd century BE.
Feature :
Phisachaya Kuru Buddha was one of the Buddha's belief in Buddhism, Mahayana, Vajrayana or Buddhra sects which is the most popular, respected, one in China and Tibet as well respected by the "Medicine Buddha" because of when he was come into the world to be a bodhisattva, he had his resolutions that when he attained the enlightenment already when he attained the enlightenment already. These animals suffer the any disease If  hear his name as well  to deliver us from disease, have a perfect body , wisdom, enormous wealth and eventually to attain enlightenment. Believed that who physical and mental illness could be deliver us from the plague By sacrifice of Phisachaya Kuru Buddha sculpture.
In ancient Khmer culture had tremendous respect to Phisachaya Kuru Buddha especially during the century 18th in the reign of King 7th Jayavarman (AD 1741-1760). He had compassion for the citizens as well. So he ordered to create “Phisachaya Kuru Vitol Phrapa Buddha” to be the president sculpture in the temple which was  the pastoral care of the sick place called “Arokayasarn” to cause the without the disease in 102 places. “Phisachaya Kuru Buddha” casted in bronze with art Lopburi (Khmer art in Thailand) in 17th-18th Buddhist  Century, made to Buddha image with Naga hood. He wore a Siraporn headdress with visor and peak pointed cone, the lotus-shaped earring, necklace, armlet, bracelet, and anklet. His face shape, eyebrows quite straight, prominent nose, the eyes open, lips opened wide. op laugh by lifting the corner of lips slightly. His robe clad oblique open the right shoulder performed by edge robe oblique across his chest to the left shoulder, Sangati cloth with the cut tip over the short straight male breasts draped over his shoulder. The show features over the robe-clad shoulder and left arm but as the gap between the arm and the body on both sides. As not to wear the robe. A characteristic that is common in Buddhist art form always in Lopburi arts.
Buddha sitting cross-legged position flat right feet overlaid on the left. Above the serpent Naga 3rd floor, cobra hood spread to cover the buddha with seven-headed, statue of the hand stacked on the thighs in meditation. In his hands, had casket containing medicine or elixir as a symbol of Phisachaya Kuru Buddha. Phisachaya Kuru Buddha Making ae the Buddha with Naga Hood was popular Khmer that revered naga to be ancestor.
History :
Bought from M.C.Phiyapukdinath Supradis.
Venue :
Bangkok  National Museum
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