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Object :
Art style :
Early of Ayutthaya
Material  :
jeweled Gold
Size :
13.5 cm. high, 5.7 cm wide
Era age :
ca.20th century B.E.
Feature :
Bracelet jewelry was the upper arm accessory of men and women . This one is for men or royal north prince. This bracelet is one of the royal material This is evidence of the importance of history and archeology found from dungeon of Wat Ratchaburana which Royal Chronicles of Ayutthaya states that His Majesty Phra Borom Rachadhirach II  (Chaw Sam Phraya) ordered to build a temple at the site where had The cremation burial of Chaw Ay Praya and Chaw Yi Phraya, his brothers in 1424. These Gold ornaments was age in the 20th Buddhist century or nearly 600 years ago.
History :
found from dungeon of Wat Ratchaburana, Phra Nakorn Sri Ayutthaya Province.
Venue :
Bangkok  National Museum
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