Nag Buddha Image

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Object :
Nag  Buddha Image
Art style :
Material  :
Size :
36.5 cm. lap wide, 48 cm. high,85 cm. high with base
Era age :
ca. 21st century BE.
Feature :
Nak Buddha sacred objects with special alloy body glow. The texture bronze containing a large amount of gold. For this reason it has been dubbed to Lhuang Phor Nak. (Can removing the body from the base). The halo was a lotus bud made of wood. The head has a slot for relics. His face filled, Low glassy eyes almost closed,  characterize to shown happiness in liberation from passion. The soles of the feet carved Chakra and auspicious pattern. Around the base had the inscriptions in Lanna, Pali, Sansakrit told about Phraya Yutisthira, the ruler of Phayao was created.
 Eka tri nava asa phitavassama sasoka phaka kha phayama mi artitayavara Uttara Phattarana kasattara  soriyameti  phitaka Thara aphinava bhocharachayathisathira ramarachit  saraparamas ravang sa dhammiko samma sambuddha kavatatha yima juttasa sahas sapha phama nasvana nameyang sambuddha phimapakarota
Era for 1398 BC. 3th month to fift evenings on Sunday, Uttara Phattarana Soriyam, the great king who had name as “King Yuthisathirarach” was the “Aphinava” city governor was born in Warrior's Dynasty, great courage and has 10 Virtues of the King, Masterful in Tripitaka scripture as created this gold Buddha (bronze)  weight about 14,000 for establish Buddhism of Lord Buddha.
History of Lhuang Phor Nak
Searched found from the illegally excavated ancient pagodas Wat Pha Dang Lhuang Don Chai Bunnak, nowadays as Wat Bunnak Dongjen sub dristrict, Muang, Phayao Province on 27 August 1917, in the reign of King Rama VI. The police can arrest people illegally excavated along Lamphang Province, and keeping Lhuang Phor Nak and other antiquities in Chiang Rai Province because at that time Phayao up to this province. Then Lhuang Adulayatharanaprechawai, Judge of Chiang Rai Provincial Court as presented to King Rama VII on the trip to the Northern territory in 1926. Then the king gave to enshrined in the Buddha Sawan Chapel, Bangkok National Museum until today.
History :
King Rama VII gave.
Venue :
Bangkok  National Museum
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